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HTML files (Hypertext Markup Language), are used mostly on static pages of different websites. They are used to integrate some formatting attributes and in turn to place or design different design specifications in the content of the web page.

There are different applications that can be used to open, create or edit HTML filesThese can be web browsers, more specialized programs or simply Windows Notepad or MAC TextEdit

To learn more, in this tutorial we are going to explain you step by step how you can open and create your own HTML file, as well as we will tell you what they are? And what function do they fulfill?

What is .HTML files and what are they used for?

files with .HTML extension

An HTML file is basically a web page, in which you can enter if you use any browser that allows access to them. These files contain a written code known as: Hypertext Market Language or Hypertext Markup Language HTML.

What is a file extension and what does it do?

html code example in text file
This code is used to format the pages, display text, images and even links to different websites.

Before continuing, it is important to know what an extension is and what it does in operating systems. These extensions are very varied and can work in different programs as long as you are compatible with them.

The extension of a file is made up of the set of three or four characters. These are in the final part that constitutes the name of the file as for example; .html, .docx, .txt. These tell the system and experienced users what type of file it is and, in turn, tell the operating system which programs can open them.

Commonly a default program is associated for each file extension, where just by clicking on the file it will start automatically and in turn will allow the user to observe and edit it if desired. A clear example of this is Word and other word processors, since depending on which one you have installed and you have indicated as default, it will be the one that starts when the file is opened.

When the program that allows it to work the file extension is no longer on the computer, the associated file cannot be opened many times.

How to open and run .HTML files on smartphones or computers?

There are different methods that can be applied on Smartphone and computers to open or run an .HTML file. Obviously it will also depend on what the purpose is. That is, if you only want to view the information in the file or modify its code and therefore its content.

On Windows PC

In Windows the alternatives are simple and very broad, although in this case we will not talk about alternate programs, since we will explain a variety of these later.

To start an HTML file in Windows you have to do the following:

  • Find the file that you are interested in executing.
  • If he meets the HTML extension will appear with the browser icon that you have programmed as default. (In this case Chrome).
  • You can click on the file to start it, if it is the first time you do it, it will tell you the system you want to use. Indicate the browser of your choice.
  • A page will open with the information contained in the file.

html file displayed by chrome

Another method to open an HTML file is to use the file’s storage path as a link page:

  • As shown in the previous image, the path of the HTML file that we have created is the following: C / Users / Zoneo / Desktop / hello.HTML You can copy and paste this route into your browser and it will automatically open it.
  • Remember to use the file location path, You can see this by looking at its properties.

On Mac computers

In MAC systems the process is identical to that presented in Windows, It is necessary to have a fully functional browser on the computer and start the file, you can also choose to use the same TextEdit to open them.

The steps to use TextEdit with .HTML are as follows:

  • Locates the file you want to open.
  • Choose as you wish run it.
  • In this case you choose use TextEdit.

Another method is as follows:

  • Home TextEdit.
  • You locate the option “File or file” to open items stored on your computer.
  • You look for the file that you want to open and execute it.

Finally, using any browser:

  • Enter the file path where the web links or search bar are written.

On Android mobile phones

In Android the process is unique. Since you can see HTML files only by the browsers available for the operating system. For this you only have to place the file’s storage address in the web bar of your browser.

Sd card seen from the browser

For example: the file you want to open is called “Post.html”, in the web address bar of your browser you will write file: ///sdcard/post.html. Where sdcard is the storage address of the item of interest. Followed by the name of the same. In different Android devices there is a file manager that allows you to open HTML documents, if your Smartphone contains it you can try it.

On iPhone devices with iOS

On iPhone computers with iOS operating systems the procedure is identical to the one previously explained, there is no difference. It is essential that you know the exact location of the file and its name, and then place all this data within the browser that interests you in order to view it.

Like the previous case, if your device contains a text editor or file manager HTML extension compliant try to use it for this.

Notably there are apps for Android and iOS that can edit them, but keep in mind that many of these generate failures, errors or do not work correctly. So if you decide to try one, do not be surprised that it causes you inconvenience.

Create .HTML file by Notepad or TextEdit

This process is ideal for less experienced users who want to know little by little, how this extension works and how the commands are written inside the file.

To create the file you must do the following:

  • Opens Notepad or TextEdit on your Windows or MAC computer.
  • Enter a simple content to practice. It can be a few words.
  • Choose the option “Save as”.
  • Indicate a route where you want to store the file.
  • Now the most important step, where it says “Name” you are going to place the one with which the content will be identified. Followed by that you will place the extension .HTML and you will press “Save”.

create html file in notepad or textedit

  • The file will have been created. After this you should see the route indicated with the icon of your default browser for that moment.

html file created by notepad

Notepad or TextEdit are very basic for an experienced user in the HTML code, as there are very limited tools. But it is a great way to understand how it works.

If you want to make a more structured text and with different formats you can investigate the different codes used to insert texts or images into an .HTML file

List of the best alternative applications and programs to open and edit a document with an .HTML extension

There are a wide variety of programs that can edit and open files with an .HTML extension. They can work on different operating systems such as MAC or Windows, Among them we can name the following.

Microsoft Edge


This is the browser that comes by default in Windows operating systems. Like many this allows its users to view HTML files seamlessly.

Mozilla Firefox

Like Edge, in Firefox you can see .HTML files without problems. This browser is available for both MAC and Windows, which allows it to be used in more systems.

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

It is the browser created by the Google company and as well as the previous ones, you can see the content of any .HTML file stored on your computer. It is available for different operating systems.

Google Chrome

Apple safari

Safari is the default browser for MAC operating systems, in the also You can view any .HTML content that you have saved on your computer.


Microsoft Notepad (Notepad)

memo pad

We previously talked about this program and as we said makes it easy for you to see .HTML files, although in a simpler way. It is a good tool for users who are just starting out. But it is not recommended to be used in case of being an experienced user due to the limitations it contains.


TextEdit mac

Like the notepad, this program performs all the functions indicated above. The only and biggest difference is that it belongs to the Apple company, being only available for their operating systems. Similarly, it is very limited, but this does not prevent you from using it.



It is a program available for Windows, which allows you to replace the classic notepad, in addition to being able to be used for different tasks in the programming of web pages, especially those that work with the .HTML extension. Which makes it an excellent program to view and edit these types of files.

Altova StyleVision


It is a program that allows you to edit and create HTML files, If you are interested, you can try its trial version and if you like it, you can buy the complete program to be able to use it with more and better functions.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

One of the best tools that currently exist for those who are interested in quality programming. Designed for very experienced users due to the wide variety of tools and options you have to create content for HTML-based web pages. It is paid and you can try it with a free version, and if you like to buy it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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