HYPERLINKS in WORD  What are they? + How to Insert them ▷ 2020

Hyperlinks are a novel way that gives the user a quick channel to access a website that is mentioned. These are intended to increase visits to a site, gain positions in Google and much more. For what is considered in the meantime, an important factor when establishing a marketing strategy.

According to the destiny of this one we will see what will happen, that is, if this is a page, the browser will open and the portal to be displayed will be loaded. If, on the other hand, it is a Word document, the browser will open and we will obtain a session in said program to be able to see it or save it if we need it.

If you want to know how to insert it in your documents, we will tell you in the following lines. Please note that the process was carried out in Word 2013. However, in later versions it is very similar, you only have to see the icons in the images below.

What is a hyperlink and what is it for in Microsoft Word?

Hyperlink, hyperlink, links or links, are those connections that exist between one space and another in the digital world, either on a server, on an intranet or on the Internet.

In this case, if it is inserted in a Word document, clicking on it will automatically take us to the destination location that was added. As we can see, who reads your document from a computer must have an Internet connection to visit the site.

It consists of two parts, the first is the email address and the second is the added text of the link. An example of this would be: the URL www.facebook.com and the text “Login to Facebook”. It should be noted that these do not necessarily have to share a context, it is enough that it is in tune with some term that is referred to.

What are all the types of hyperlinks that can be inserted in Word?

Then, We will see what are the types of hyperlinks that can be inserted and implemented in our Microsoft Word documents:

Hyperlink to a place in the same document

Usually it is a link to other text located within the same document that is being read. This is widely used by authors to help the reader find some important information without getting lost in it. It can also be used in the glossaries or indexes of each writing.

Hyperlink to e-mail

The hyperlink to an email is an excellent way not to lose the interest of a reader or potential customer of a product or service. If it is a document that sells a course, for example, and the author manages to cause interest in the reader, you can leave a hyperlink that, when pressed, contact information appears to an e-mail so that the sale can be made immediately.

Hyperlink to a file

From a Word document there is also the possibility of creating a link to other external documents. These might be Microsoft Office package files, images, videos, PDFs, web addresses, among other wide range of compatible formats. It is even possible to create a link to a document that has not been created, that is, a link to create a document.

Steps to insert a Hyperlink into a Microsoft Word document

Knowing the types of existing links, we are in a position to insert one into our Word according to the specific function that we need.

The first thing to do is:

  • Select the word or phrase that will become the hyperlink.
  • Then you must locate yourself in the menu in the section “Insert”.
  • Select the command “Links” to display the options. There you will see the 3 types of links that you can create in the document.
  • Click on the option “Link”.


  • A dialog box will open for you to insert the link. What you selected will be at the top of this window where it says “Text”. At the bottom will be the section of “Address”, This is where you must transcribe the address that will be linked to the text.

Insert hyperlinks

  • To finish press “To accept” and the hyperlink will be successfully created in the text.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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