I Don’t Listen to Others on Discord  Solution Guide ▷ 2020

In recent months, Discord has become one of the most used applications by virtual gamersas it includes a series of characteristics that help the communication between connected users.

However, If you are an inexperienced user, you may get the problem that you cannot hear the other members who are online. This can be remedied by first identifying the cause and then following a certain procedure.

In this post, we want to help you find the solution to the problem: “I don’t listen to others on Discord”. We share you What are the main causes and how to solve the error? In addition to that, we will share some useful tips to improve the user experience.

Learn the causes of why you do not listen to others on Discord and how to solve them step by step

Learn the causes of why you do not listen to others on Discord and how to solve them step by step

Are you having trouble communicating with other Discord users? Can’t you hear anything? This is a very common problem that some people often encounter when using the application. There are different methods to solve them, but first you must identify the cause.

Below we will mention the main reasons why you cannot listen to others and what you should do in each case:

Discord First Settings Issues

Prior to run any other configuration within the app, you need to check if the first settings are correct. In this way, if you manage to make them disappear, you will save a lot of time.

Check the mute and mute settings:

  • You have to check if you have muted / deafened your friends or even yourself. to know, check the microphone or headphones icon. If it appears crossed out, it is because you effectively silenced yourself or others.
  • There is also the option that the server administrator has muted you or deafened. If that’s the case, contact him to revoke the action.

Take a look at the channel and role permissions:

An important point, is to wonder if you present this problem on a single server or on all. If you find it in a specific location, you should probably contact the server administrators.

In order to ensure that you have the necessary voice-enabled channel or role permissions:

Volume settings:

You may have a hard time listening to others because you have changed individual volume settings.

So what you should do is:

  • On the desktop or browser, click on a user’s icon to change their volume with the slider.
  • On mobile, when on call or voice channel, select a user’s icon to change their volume settings.

Desktop problems

If you are having problems on the desktop version, you can follow the steps below to solve the sound problems:

  • Check that Discord it is compatible with your computer.
  • Make sure that your pc is up to date.
  • Check if Discord is also up to date.
  • If you are using headphones / webcam / set, check that the input port is properly connected.
  • Read the app’s permissions to make sure the microphone and camera are enabled.
  • If you use a Windows PC, check if the drivers or software of the sound / audio devices are correctly updated.

Added to that, there is another series of secondary steps that can help you to try to solve the sound problem in the Discord desktop version. To do this, first open voice and video settings on the gear icon, located in the lower left corner of the app.

Once there, check the following aspects:

  • In input mode, make sure the option of Push to talk by mistake.
  • Check out if he selected device is he Right.
  • Go to Volume Settings for input and output and make sure they have volume.
  • Try to reset the settings via button “Reset voice settings” which is at the end of everything.
  • Find yourself in the section Quality of service and try to leave the option of “Enable quality of service with high priority packages” not selected.

Finally, there are a series of advanced steps for the desktop app that you can also apply in case the previous ones do not work:

  • Reboot the device.
  • Try reinstalling the app completely.
  • Connect headphones / webcam / set in all ports, in case there is any change.
  • Run a virus scan on your computer and delete the record if you find any.
  • Try with the beta of Discord.
  • Communicate with the app support team.

Browser problems

Browser problems using Discord

It is also possible to enjoy this application via web browser. If you have problems with the audio using the app in a browser such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox, You can implement the following steps to resolve the issues.

Let’s see:

  • Check that the browser and its version are compatible with Discord.
  • Check out if you granted the permissions required to use the microphone and camera by the browser.
  • Check the steps indicated in the section Desktop Users apply to your device and operating system, such as: check if the headphones / webcam / set are connected correctly, check the drivers, check that the computer is updated, etc.

If you tried these first steps and nothing has changed, the next procedure to follow is open the tab corresponding to Voice and video using the gear icon in the lower right corner.

Once inside, check:

  • If you did not activate by mistake the option of Press to talk.
  • Volume settings input and output.
  • Change input device from the section corresponding to the specific device you want to use.
  • Reset voice settings with the help of the corresponding option at the bottom of the page.

Also if none of that worked you can contact Discord directly for technical assistance.

Mobile problems

Most common use the app from your mobile.

In case you are having problems listening to others from your mobile, try to apply these first steps:

  • Check if you operating system version It is compatible with the application.
  • Check if you have the latest update operating system.
  • Make sure of what Discord this one too updated.
  • Check the app permissions for Discord and that you have access to camera and microphone.
  • Turn off battery saver mode of the mobile.
  • Make the change from WiFi connection to data or vice versa, to see if there is any change.
  • See the volume settings of your device.

If none of that is enough, it’s time to try secondary steps for mobile users. For that, click on your avatar to open the User settings. Then, locate the option Voice and video on the list.

Once there, see the following aspects:

  • Check the input mode, making sure you didn’t select in push to talk by accident.
  • Check the volume settings for input and output modes.
  • Toggle between the following settings, to see if there is difference in voice / audio quality: automatic sensitivity, echo cancellation, noise reduction, automatic gain control.

Also, if you use Android try the steps below:

  • Change he Communication audio mode, to Call.
  • Try changing Low Latency Hardware Acceleration, alternating between the following modes: Let the operating system decide, Force the use of OpenSL ES or Force the cancellation of OpenSL ES.

In case none of that fixes the problem, there is the option to inform the team dedicated to Discord support to explain the inconvenience, your device type, app version, and other details.

Tips to get the most out of the Discord tool and use it like a pro

Tips to get the most out of the Discord tool and use it like a pro

Discord is the perfect ally for all users who they want to constantly interact and enjoy very interesting features. This app was especially popular in the world of gamers, because it allows them to play and talk at the same time. It should be noted that there are a number of tips you can apply to get the most out of it to the platform.

Therefore, we will share the main ones:

Join other servers

The operation of the app is based on the different servers available. Each of them works as a Different IRC, with its certain administrators, bots, channels and people. In this sense, one of the most recommended steps if you want to enjoy Discord, is explore server options that you like and join them.

To give you an idea, you can check on pages like:

  • Discord.me
  • Discordservers.com
  • Discordea.net

Build your own server

If you prefer design your own server, Discord allows you to do it without major problems. In this way, it is possible that you manage your own environment and make it an ideal place to communicate and organize with friends and acquaintances, because you can invite them to join.

If you want to design your own server, apply the steps below:

  • Go to the left side column where are the servers you are connected to. There, click on the + icon.
  • Press the option corresponding to Create Server.
  • Choose a name and the different settings what you want.

Once this process is finished, You will be provided with an invitation link to share with your acquaintances and join them to your server.

Take advantage of Slowmode

One of the most interesting configurations you will come across is the Slowmode. In a simple way, it is a bar where you indicate a certain period of time. This time refers to the number of messages that can send users during that interval. It can benefit you if you want to keep the organization on the server or if you want the conversation not to saturate with information.

Use the voice chat and call options

Another setting that may be interesting is voice chat. You can configure a channel so that the members communicate by audio instead of writing. The way to differentiate these types of chats, it’s because they include the speaker icon next to the channel name.

Thanks to that, you can convert to Discord in a perfect ally while you play different games with your companions, since you will be able to propose live strategies. Likewise, they can make video conferences to communicate with other people by video without having to go to other apps such as Skype.

Take advantage of bots

The last tip that we bring you is probably one of the most used and applied by users who use Discord. This app includes a bot system very interesting that can be added in the channels of your server to add different automatisms. To give you a better idea, they are like the bots found in Telegram or in Slack and can be found on websites like Bots on Discord, Carbonite or Discord Bot List.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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