Import and Export Contacts in Gmail  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

According to the number of communication tools that we handle, we will have many contacts included in each of them. In many cases, we do not have all the people added in WhatsApp and in Outlook. Or on Facebook and Gmail, to name just two examples.

How about having a complete agenda of the contacts you have in the different applications you use? This is usually very useful, as it allows you to review the list on any device and also have a backup, advantageous in cases of emergency. But, you will not only have the contact number saved, but also the email address, social networks and other extra details.

In the course of today, We will learn the simple way to import and export contacts using your Gmail account as a base. This is how we will start another of the great functions that this email has.

Learn step by step how to export the contacts from your Gmail account to other platforms quickly and easily

To make the process of updating the contacts we have in the different accounts or communication platforms more agile, the best way is to export them. If you do not know how to do it, keep reading that here we will explain it to you easily and simply.

To my android

The main thing before performing this procedure, is make sure that the data is well copied and that you have access to your Gmail account from your mobile. To complete the task you must do the following:

  • On your mobile phone, tap “Settings” and then in “Accounts”.
  • Find the account of “Google” and you will see your email address.

Accounts and backups section on Android

  • Now choose Gmail and check the option “Synchronize contacts”.

Select mail to sync contacts on Android

  • Choose “Synchronize now” and wait a few minutes for the data to be linked.

Synchronize accounts on Android

  • And that’s it, so you will have transferred your contacts to your Android phone.

To my whatsapp

One of the most practical applications that we have on our mobile is WhatsApp, but sometimes it happens that we cannot synchronize the contacts or see the ones we have saved in the email. The way to link them is as follows:

  • On your mobile, you go to “Settings” and you look for the option “Accounts”.
  • Will appear to you “Google” and you will see the accounts added to the phone.
  • Now, select Gmail and click on the function “Synchronize contacts”.
  • Mark “Synchronize now” and wait a few minutes for the data to be linked.

Send new messages on WhatsApp

  • Now we go to the WhatsApp application to see the contacts exported from Gmail.
  • Go to the message icon at the bottom and once you enter look for the three vertical points.
  • A window will appear and you tap on “To update”.

Update new contacts on WhatsApp

  • There they would be synchronizing all the Gmail contacts with WhatsApp.

To Outlook

To export contacts from Gmail to Outlook it is important to note that you must use the Microsoft mail service application. In the following steps you will see how to do it.

  • After logging into your Gmail account, click “Contacts”.

Gmail contacts section

  • In the left sidebar, click “To export”.
  • A pop-up window is displayed, in the option “Export as”, you are going to select “Outlook CSV”.
  • A file will be downloaded to your computer.

Save contacts from Gmail to Outlook

  • In the Outlook application open “File” and then “Export-import”.
  • Mark “Import from another program or file” and then click “Next”.
  • Now select “Comma Separated Values” and “Next”.
  • Show the message “Import file”, there you will find the document that you saved from Gmail.

Import contacts into Outlook

  • Touch select the way you want duplicate contacts to be managed and check “Next”.
  • In the destination folder, select “Contacts” and then “Next”.
  • In the window that follows, click “Finalize”.

To another Gmail account

By having more than one Gmail account, we would like pass some or all of the previous mail contacts. That is possible to do, for this it is enough to do the following:

  • Login to your Gmail account and click “Contacts”.
  • In the left sidebar, look for the option “To export”.

Export contacts to another Gmail account

  • In the new window, select “Export as” and mark below “Gmail CSV”.
  • Choose the destination where the file will be saved.
  • Now we go to the other Gmail account, we enter and search “Contacts”.

Import contacts into Gmail

  • Looking for “To import” and select the file that you downloaded on your computer and click again on “To import”.
  • This way the contacts will be saved in the new Gmail account.

We show you the steps you must follow to import contacts from other platforms to your Gmail account quickly and easily

In this section we will do the opposite of what was explained above. We are going to bring the contacts from other applications to save them in our Gmail account. With this, apart from being able to use them in the same direction, we will create a backup copy.

From my contact list on Android

ADJUST WITH IMAGES ////////// We’ll show you how transfer the contacts saved in the phonebook of your mobile to the Gmail email that you have configured, a highly recommended option in case of losing the equipment or presenting a fault. Do it as follows:

  • In our team, we enter the section “Contacts” and we look in the lower part for the icon of the three vertical points.

Contacts on Android

  • A menu is extended from where we will select “Import Export”.
  • We’re going to “Manage contacts”.

Manage contacts on Android

  • Afterwards, we played on “Export to storage”.
  • A pop-up window displays the file name and extension, among other information. We mark in “To export”.
  • For the contacts to be saved in the Gmail account, we select the linked address and then in “To accept”.

Move contacts on Android

  • After this first part has finished, we go to “Settings” and then to “Accounts”.
  • Once inside, we select “Synchronize all contacts.”
  • In this way they will have already been saved in the Gmail account.

From Outlook

Perhaps you had an account created in Outlook in which there are several contacts that you are interested in transferring to Gmail, because you rarely enter the other server. What we want is to import them and we achieve it by carrying out the steps that are here:

  • Login to your Outlook account.
  • Go to section “Contacts” and then to “All contacts.”
  • At the top, tap “Manage”.
  • Now click on “Export contacts”.

Export contacts from Outlook

  • A new tab will open and there you will mark in “To export”, which will download a file named “Contacts.CSV”.
  • Now you go to your Gmail account, enter with your credentials and search “Contacts”.
  • In the left menu, you search “To import”.

Select contact files in Gmail

  • Click on “Select File”, load the file and then “To import”.
  • When the sequence is finished, you will have recorded your contacts from Outlook to Gmail.

From another Gmail account

Managing contacts between Gmail accounts makes it easy to send messages, This is because it is one of the most used messaging platforms in the world. In this particular we are going to import the emails from another address.

  • You enter your Gmail account from which you want to import the contacts.
  • You are looking for the section “Contacts” and later “To export”.
  • A file is about to be saved “.Csv” that we must have on hand.

Export contacts to another Gmail account

  • We go to the other account where we want to add the agenda.
  • Click on “Contacts” followed by “To import”.
  • When checking import, the function of “Upload file”.

Select contact file to import into Gmail

  • We load the document and click on “To import”.
  • In a few minutes we will have all the selected contacts at hand.

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