Improve Accessibility for the Blind  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Do you want to have greater accessibility for blind people with Android? Well, there are many applications that provide this service. Most of these already come by default on mobile devices.

Allow use voice, braille displays and text readers for a better user experience. They also offer timely suggestions for exploring the corners of the city or other daily choices.

With them no ocular limitation has to exclude them of daily activities. Rather, they open the door to entertainment or skills that they may have lost. Inclusive some offer some independence that users surely appreciate.

Steps to improve accessibility for the blind on Android

Steps to improve accessibility for the blind on Android

There are applications with extremely useful resources for those who have lost their vision Is this your case? or Are you trying to help a family member or friend?

Then it is convenient to pay attention to the accessibility tools for blind people in Android essential:

With Storytel

Those with visual limitations they can still enjoy a good book thanks to Storytel. In this application there are hundreds of prerecorded audiobooks available in multiple languages. All you have to do is create an account to access a multitude of literary classics.

Not to mention the large number of new editorial proposals:

  • The user must start with check in.
  • Enough with put some of your data such as email, name and other information.
  • Behind this we get a free trial 14 days during which we will decide whether to stay or not.
  • We must enter a payment method to access the content before or after the test.

The app itself has many useful features. For example, give audiobook recommendations depending on the preferences previously selected. It is also possible to download them for listen to them offline.

With Voice Access

Between everyone, Voice Access is a must-have application for the blind. This is because Allows you to access almost any device function using only voice commands. On the other hand, it is easy to enable on smart devices, just follow these steps. You may need assistance the first time for a person with very low vision.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Device “Settings”.
  • To select “Accessibility” and choose “Voice Access”.
  • Press to flip the switch.
  • Then it will appear to you a tutorial that tells you how to set your voice and learn basic commands.

Logically, this service is not only limited to basic navigation commands. Further, accepts adjustments through interactive gestures and has a very robust text editing. And if you want to have a wider range of actions to perform, just include google assistant.

It’s just a matter of saying “Ok Google” and continue with the desired request. Or if you want to stop it you just say “Stop listening”. It is currently available for free in Spanish and requires a version of Android 5.0 or higher. All in all, it can be used when making calls, locking the screen, browsing the Internet and more.

List of the best apps for blind or visually impaired people on Android

List of the best apps for people who are blind or visually impaired on Android

Along with these, there are 5 other accessibility apps for blind people on Android that are essential. They have truly revolutionized the environment for those with eye problems.

That is why they deserve to be highlighted and enabled on your mobile:

Google Talkback

The now famous screen reader is a very useful tool for those who have lost their sight. It has an extensive database that recognizes and emits the corresponding sound for each word. That makes it easier to interact with media on the device. Thus reading menus, apps and describing actions. One of the most notable technical aspects is that does not consume many resources.

With that in mind, those with vision problems will be able to use it for long periods of time. Fortunately, comes inside the Android accessibility package, so it updates automatically. It should be noted that for protection does not read credit cards, passwords, or bank details. This security measure is a plus point that is appreciated. Equally add vibes every time an action is performed. They also add touch exploration to describe details of the selected content.


If the intention is to use braille, BrailleBack it should be the first option to consider. The difference with respect to others is that facilitates the integration of a braille display. It should only be connected via bluetooth to start manipulating the equipment.

In addition, it is used in conjunction with the screen reader to be able to take advantage of the hearing. This way, visually impaired people who are familiar with the system can easily insert text. This added to being able to move through the device interface by entering the apps. Such service of Google is free, only one compatible device is needed.

Be my eyes

For its part, Be My Eyes (be my eyes) is a good alternative for those who, because of blindness, need extra help. By means of the mobile camera a volunteer helps to recognize objects or give descriptions of all kinds. Thus, through audio both can communicate and resolve the concern that arises. Of course, the most suitable user is chosen depending on the region or time zone.

Something interesting is that Hans Jorgen Wiberg himself, (who has an increasingly narrow field of vision) is the developer of the application. There is a whole community of volunteers available in more than 180 languages and 15 countries. The best thing is that it can be downloaded for free at Google Play Store or in the App Store. And in fact, it already has over 1 million downloads for being so easy to use. It can be used at any time of the day. They claim to fulfill orders in less than 30 seconds. There is also no duration limit to video calls.

Lazarillo App

And if giving autonomy is about, guide has the upper hand. This app is one of the more comprehensive guides for blind people. Using GPS location they are indicating by voice the most suitable route to travel. In the exploration mode, the user around him will be indicated.

On the other hand, it allows you to choose a previously planned point-to-point route. It is feasible to use it as it is in Spanish and English. Which in turn has allowed it to have great reach in different parts of the world. Above all, it is worth it downloaded free of charge from the Play Store.


Finally, we have Mapp4all, perfect when you want to visit a particular site. It is focused on disseminating how well equipped establishments are in terms of accessibility. With this, it will be known in advance if the place meets the needs of the blind or not. They have information on cinemas, ATMs, subways, hotels, shops, parking and more. From the application you can select how well the closest places are rated.

Or put a specific location to which you will go. Mapp4all collects data from thousands of users. That is why those who wish can share your experience of the sites. You can even find and follow people with the same needs. Whatever the city, it is very likely that you have a better understanding of where to go with Mapp4all. Do you feel that these accessibility apps for the blind with Android can help you? So don’t limit yourself download them and see which one gives you more comfort.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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