Increase Audience on Facebook Live  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Take a look at the things you should consider to increase your audience with Facebook Live Y reach more users to improve your engagement on social media. Keep reading and you will know what it is about.

Pay attention to the tips that will help you increase the number of viewers when you make your live shows on Facebook and with this you make your brand grow much faster.

But this is not all, We’ll also give you some tips to get the most out of Facebook Live and get money with your transmissions. If you want to become a true expert, don’t miss out on any details.

Learn step by step how to increase your audience on Facebook Live and improve the reach of your live videos

Learn step by step how to increase your audience on Facebook Live and improve the reach of your live videos

Look below how to increase your audience every time you perform live on Facebook Live.

For this you must take into account the following tips:

Promote broadcasts

It is important that Facebook users know in advance what you are going to broadcast. This means that you should minimize as much as possible that viewers who join do so because they have received a notification what are you broadcasting live in those moments and they didn’t know.

To achieve this you must take into account different aspects. For example, it is important that you be active with your publications so that every day you upload stories that warn others that you will do a live through Facebook Live on a certain day. In addition, you must intervene in the publications of other users informing that you will perform live. You don’t have to forget that your friends are also an important part of this promotion chain, so it will be necessary for them to disclose your direct in their stories and posts.

Schedule broadcasts

Knowing what you are going to say and do in the broadcasts is the best idea that you can have to be successful on Facebook Live. For this, it will be necessary that you make a kind of script in which you have programmed the times and topics that you will deal with live. In this way you’re going to avoid empty spaces that cause viewers to disperse and abandon the broadcast. On the other hand, you will give your audience a professional aspect of yourself, which will generate more followers to join the next live broadcasts.

It is not only important promote your transmissions through Facebook, but it is also convenient to do it on all social networks to which you have scope. You should not forget that the users of each of the platforms -in general- are different and seek to exceed their expectations in different ways.

Therefore, if you manage to get your broadcast to deal with several interesting topics and focus the live show on each of those communities, it will be convenient that you disclose your Facebook Live in each social network. In this way you will get the followers you have in them to join your FB account and increase the viewers in the live. On the other hand, you will reinforce your personal brand, Since you will become more known among your new followers and they will also recommend you to their friends so that they can see your Facebook streams.

Customize Facebook Live tools

Customize Facebook Live tools

A good way to promote your content is that make the correct configuration of the options offered by the platform. This means that you should make the most of all the functions. For example, it is important that you place an attractive title and a description of your live shows.

You will also need to update the tools so that participants can comment and have the option to share the link of your videos with other users. Way you will be able to keep your audience active and make more and more people join your broadcasts.

Deliver a quality product

If you want to increase engagement consistently delivering high quality live streams to them will be important. For it you must take into account the setting, lighting, image and sound that you will use in your live shows. An efficient combination of these elements will result in an excellent broadcast, which is highly valued by viewers.

Interact with your audience

It is convenient that you make viewers feel important, so it is recommended that you read their comments during the broadcast and respond to them by naming their username. With this you will achieve empathy and generate that participation is increasing. You also have to consider make some calls to action so that your followers stay active and do not get bored of being passive within the broadcast.

For this you will be able to consult them ideas, have them choose the time of a new broadcast and select a topic for your next Facebook Live. Another idea that you can carry out to interact with your audience is to carry out live broadcasts with questions and answers. With this strategy you will know not only what the viewers think of your brand, but it will also help you to focus the new live shows on the topics of interest.

Share your screen

Share your screen

Another interesting idea that you can do during live broadcasts is to invite one of your followers to share your screen. To do this, you must press, within the list of viewers what you will find in the right column, the name of an account. Then, send them a notification so that it is accepted and they can exchange live any topic they want.

Create broadcasts with themed “How to”

You can use Facebook Live to tell your viewers how to do some homework. It is important to use this alternative when there are special dates that are coming up on the calendar. For example, for Christmas you can teach your followers how to prepare low-calorie meals.

Show live information about important news

Some external events are likely to affect your personal brand or profit. For this reason, you can use these situations to your advantage by making live broadcasts showing what happens and how it impacts your products or services. You can also carry out this strategy to comment on what happened in brands of other influencers or companies.

Organize contests

Another good idea to increase viewers on your Facebook Live is to run contests for your audience to win specific prizes. You should think that it is not only necessary that they be products that you can offer as a reward, but you can also give discount coupons in your store or in recognized companies and that are related to the theme of your profile.

Use recognized streaming software

It is important that you give your audience not only good sound and excellent picture quality, but also You must ensure that the visibility on the screen of the spectators is the best possible. For this you can use the native Facebook tool, Creator Studio.

But if you want to go one step further and stand out from other streamers, it will be convenient that you use appropriate software. There are several that we can recommend, but among the most prominent are the Open Broadcaster Studio (better known as OBS Studio) and the Streamlabs. You can download them by entering Y, respectively. With these tools you will be able to edit online any graphic aspect of the transmission, which will generate the environment you need.

Discover how to make the most of having a large audience on Facebook Live to boost your brand and improve your income

Discover how to make the most of having a large audience on Facebook Live to boost your brand and improve your income

To earn a living with Facebook Live you should make the most of the platform to enhance your personal brand.

If you want to know how to do it, then pay attention to the following tips:

Invite influencers

To make yourself known in a short time, you can invite people who are already recognized in the community to share your screen in the live streams. It is important that you promote your live by indicating that you will be with a Facebook celebrity. In this way you will get the followers of the influencer to start participating in your live broadcasts.

As your audience grows, your chances of monetizing streams will improve. Do not forget that You must have at least 10 thousand followers, get 30 thousand 60-second reproductions in the last 2 months and comply with Facebook policies for your account to be accepted to display advertisements.

Make product reviews

A good idea you have to make a profit from live broadcasts is to test products that are delivered by companies with which you signed a previous contract. Within the live shows you will show the benefits of the articles and teach viewers how to use them and the advantages that they will obtain when buying a product of the brand.

Show indirect advertising

Show indirect advertising

Another path you can choose is to passively display company brand signs. This means that you can place behind you or somewhere strategic on the screen, images that represent the design of a product or a special brand. With this action, you will achieve that the service or item you want to sell enters the viewer’s subconscious, which is the first step in the sales process.

Interview users in your company

You should not only choose outside organizations to earn money through advertising, but also you can promote your own business premises or your products. A good way to do this is to conduct user interviews in a space prepared to highlight the advantages and benefits of your venture. In this way, you will be able to generate expectations among the followers of the live video, which will help you maximize profits.

Encourage them to give you stars

The spectators they can send you the amount they want of stars during transmission. These badges are a kind of donation that you can collect after 30 days of receiving them, as long as you belong to the Level UP program. For € 1 a follower will get 100 stars to donate.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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