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The comments function in programs Microsoft they are an excellent idea for do a quick review of the document, give some indication or a brief explanation of a specific section of a work.

In the case of Excel, if you wish insert simple comments and notesYou just have to perform a series of quick steps and voila. In this way, you can keep notes on your document on hand for your personal use or share them with other people who work with the same spreadsheet.

Throughout this post, we will tell you everything related to how to use comments to document your excel sheet and get the most out of it.

What is the usefulness of comments and notes in Excel and why should you use them?

The use of comments it is much more common in Word than in ExcelHowever, the benefits of using this resource with practically the same in both cases.

Some of the main utilities of comments and notes in Excel are:

  • Allow add clarification, data or reminder.
  • They don’t take up space to your document.
  • They improve teamwork.
  • They serve to document changes in the file without altering it.
  • Is very easy to do.
  • The comments can be customized or modified.

These are just some points in favor of the use of comments or notes within Excel. Remember that if you make correct use of them, you can have your annotations without altering the document organization.

What are the differences between a note and a comment in Excel?

Differences between a note and a comment in Excel

Although on the whole it might seem the same, really notes and comments in Excel are different. This is most easily evident when we delve into the functionality of each.

Specifically in Office 365, the functionality of both is:

  • Notes: as their name indicates, they serve to take notes or annotations regarding the data reflected in the document. Also, they don’t have the box answer so they are ideal for make clarifications or other details within the spreadsheet.
  • Comments: in new versions of Office, comments are threaded and allow users to have discussions or interact with others about the data. They include a answer box and, when others respond, the conversation with all comments connected.

It should be noted that in older versions of Excel notes were taken as comments, but these did not include response box.

To create a note in Excel you have to:

  • Click on New note in the context menu.
  • You can also enter Notes / New note in the tab Check.

Learn step by step how to use comments in your Excel spreadsheets

Comments are a perfect option to maintain active communication with other users who work on the same spreadsheet in Excel. Within them, you can add a comment and a indicator in the corner of a cell.

In this way, when you hover over it, the commentary. There are different ways to use them and vary depending on what you need and the OS that you have.

We will explain it to you in detail below:

Insert comments to create conversations

Insert comments to create conversations

First of all, you should know that all users with edit access to your file have the power to edit the comments.

In the case of Windows, the way to insert threaded comments to create conversations is as follows:

  • Right click on the cell and then click on New comment.
  • Writes whatever you wish.
  • Select the button To post, or press Ctrl + Enter.
  • Yes Other users they have something that add, they must right click on the cell and choose the option of Reply to comment.

To do it on macOS, you must:

  • Right click on cell and then choose the option New comment.
  • Write your comment.
  • Press the button To post, or the combination of Command + Enter.
  • For those who want to answer, they must right-click on the cell and select Reply to comment.

On the other hand, there is Other actions that can be performed in comments both in Windows like in Mac.

These are:

  • To edit a threaded comment or reply: you have to place the cursor over the cell, then about the text of the comment and click Edit. You can only edit comments that you have created yourself.
  • To remove a threaded comment: make right click on cell and then press Delete comment.
  • To delete an answer: place the cursor over the cell, then on the text and click on Remove.
  • To mark the comment thread as resolved: hover over the cell and choose the option Resolve thread. Keep in mind that the comment will remain visible, but no further additions can be made unless you repeat open.

Insert simple notes

To insert simple notes in Windows Excel you have to:

  • Right click on cell.
  • Then press on Insert note, or also by Shift + F2.
  • Writes your annotation.
  • click out of the cell.

To edit a note, you must right-click on the cell and press Edit note. For its part, to delete it, right click and choose Delete note. On macOS, you cannot insert simple notes within Excel.

Copy notes or comments to other cells and worksheets

Copy notes or comments to other cells and worksheets

To copy notes or comments on Windows or MacOS, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • Select the cell or cells that have the comments to copy.
  • Press Ctrl + C (on Windows) or Command + C (on mac).
  • Inside the tab Start, click the arrow under Paste, and then select Special glue.
  • In Special glue click on Comments and, immediately afterwards, in To accept.
  • To cancel the moving edge, select another cell or press ESC.
  • On Mac, select the destination cell and then press Command + V.

Other than that, there are some details what you should keep in mind for avoid errors in the process. One of them is avoid pressing Enter after clicking OK, because I know will copy the content of the cell in the paste area in addition to the comment.

Also, you should know that Copied comments will replace comments that already exist in the destination area.

Show or hide comment and note indicators

Show or hide comment and note indicators

Other functionality very interesting within the notes or comments, is to choose if you want show or hide indicators. By default, Excel displays an indicator when a cell has a note or comment. However, you can change these settings to specify whether or not you want it to be displayed.

To do it in the case of Windows you have to go to the tab Archive and then enter Choices.

Within the Advanced category, just below Show you can choose between:

  • Hide comments and flags throughout the book: below cells with comments, Show, select No comments or indicators.
  • See indicators but show comments only when the cursor rests on the cell: below the cells with comments, Show and then click on Only indicators and comments when activating.
  • To always show comments and indicators: Under the cells with comments, Show, click Comments and indicators. In Office 365, these settings apply to notes, but not to threaded comments.

For MacOS, the configuration is different. You must first enter Excel / Preferences / View (In creation). Within the dialog box See, in the section of comments – show.

You can choose between:

  • Hide comments and flags throughout the book: clicking on No comments or indicators.
  • View indicators and show comments when the cursor is placed on the cell: press on the Indicators and comments only option on activation.
  • Always show comments and indicators: press on Comments and indicators.

Change the default name of a note or comment

Change the default name of a note or comment

Finally, there is the possibility of modify the default name assigned to a note in Excel. In the case of comments, the program tag with the name of the person who is currently logged in with your account and cannot be changed.

Consequently, to change the name of a note in Windows you have to:

  • Click on the tab Archive and then on Choices.
  • Within category general, under Customize your copy of Microsoft Office, type a name inside the box Username.

As additional information, you should know that if the Username section is empty, Excel assigns automatically your username as the picture value Username, so you will use it for the label.

Also, even though note tags cannot be deleted, if possible erase them. The same applies for computers macOS.

Consequently, to change the default name of comments in macOS here you have to:

  • Go to Excel / Preferences / General.
  • Within the dialog box corresponding to general, specifically in Personalize, proceed to write a name inside the box Username.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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