Insert Titles in Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

East text processor has become the main tool for most users when having to prepare a report. And here you can find a large number of tools that will help you achieve results very good at writing.

One of the most important things when carrying out a writing is the titles, since these will always be present in any text. It is because of that Word has a specific tool for them, which will allow you to use them according to your needs.

In this way, here we are going to teach you what are the main steps to insert titles in your Word documents in an easy and fast way. To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

What are the main types of titles that we can insert in Word?

Microsoft Word has different tools that will allow you add titles to your essays, this will help you create much more professional and attractive text for the reader. To insert this element into your worksheet You can do it in two ways, either by using the “Insert” or the tool “Format”.

This means that currently there are two types of title styles on the platform that you will be able to use, each of them it will depend on the situation in which you want to use them.

That is why here we present each of these types:

Using the Insert Title tool

Using the Insert Title tool

The first option available is Insert, in this case you will have three types of default titles, in this case numbered labels such as “Equation 1 “,” Illustrations 1 “,” Table 1 “, or you can create your own label according to your needs.

This type of title is used mainly when you want to present some image, some data table or a mathematical or chemical formula and that they usually go marked with a number. Is very common to read a book or report both digital and physical and see that everyone the objects added in it like pictures, tables, equations or any other are marked with a number which is increasing as they appear.

This means that this type of title is used to carry a sequence of each of the objects that are added to the text. In case you have to delete some of them, example Illustration 4, you will be able modify the enumeration of all the others in an easy and fast way. In addition, you can accompany “Illustration 4” with some extra phrase or word.

Using the title formats

Using the title formats

The other tool that can be used to carry out the text titles Its the the formats found in the section “Styles”. In this case you will find five completely different types of titles what are you going to be able to apply throughout your text.

In this case these formats are applied to indicate the main title of a text or chapter. That is, if your writing consists of several chapters then you can use each one of them throughout it. In this case you will get a text of a different size to the rest of the worksheet with a new style and color, this with the aim that stand out and can be quickly captured.

Therefore, with the title formats you will be able to present your articles or chapters during writing, while with the Insert tool you will be able present the different objects that are added to the text as they are pictures, equations, data tables, graphs, among others.

Steps to insert titles in Microsoft Word documents fast and easy

Taking into account what they are the types of titles that can insert into Word worksheet, here we are going to explain what are the main steps that you must do to apply each of them.

In this way, follow each of the methods that we will explain below in detail:


The first method that we present to you is about using the “Insert title”, as we explained above, this is mainly used for present some kind of object that is added to the text how is one illustration, table, graph, equation, among others.

Therefore, follow each of these steps to be able to apply this tool in your texts:

  • Once you have entered Microsoft Word you must go to the ribbon, there select the tab “Reference”.
  • Now you will find the section of “Titles”, here you must click on the icon “Insert title”.


  • Then a window will appear in the middle of your screen where you will find different options, as you can see a Title and below the option “Label”, which you can scroll to see the options available, in this case you can see the items of “Table”, “Equation” and “Illustration”.


  • Here you must select those you want to use, either because you are going to add an image, a mathematical or chemical formula or a data table. In the case you want add a graph, you can also create your own label which you can call “Graphics” for this you must click on “New label” and automatically a mini window where you must insert the name of “Graph”.


  • Once you have the selected label, in the part of Title you will be able add something extra, in this case, “Illustration 1” so you can write “Illustration 1 landscape in summer” this will allow you to explain a little more than treats or means the image or object that you are adding to the text. When you have added the corresponding text, the following will be to click on “To accept” for that element to apply to the text.


  • This way you can start add this tool in each of your texts and thus have a greater order when adding any type of extra element to your writing.


Apply format

As we mentioned earlier, the other method to be able to adding titles is through the format, in this case these are used as main title of the text or to start a chapter of the same.

Therefore, to apply this tool to your text you must perform the following steps:

  • The first thing will be to enter the Word worksheet.
  • When you are there you must write title of what you are going to write.
  • Once you have written it, the next thing to do is select it and go to the tab “Start” and there to the section of “Styles”.

Apply format

  • There you will find the five options available to apply the title to your text, in case you want to see more options you can scroll window clicking on the arrow located in the lower right corner. There you will see other categories such as “Quotes”, “Subtitles”, “Reference”, “Paragraphs” among other.

Apply format

  • Once you have selected your text you must apply title option what you like the most, here you can try each one of it and so you can check which of the five is more according to what you are looking for. To select the one that you like the most you just have to click on the icon.

Apply format

  • In this way you will have the title of your writing. A form of power improve the presentation of the text and make it much more professional.

Apply format

Remove title

If you have created a title and you didn’t like it or you wrote something wrong, then it will be necessary delete it from the text. This process is very simple, it is done just as when any text in the paragraph is deleted. Therefore, in this case you should only select the title you have created and press the “Delete” key in this way you can erase everything you don’t like.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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