Instagram Contests  What are they? + How to organize them ▷ 2020

Many of the publications we see in the early days of Instagram are shares or posts from raffles and contests. It turns out that everyone in this world likes to win and in the networks it is not an exception, that is why they are one tool to increase follower count and make a brand, product or company known.

If you want position your brand on a social network As popular as this one, you have to learn about digital marketing strategies, it is important to produce content aimed at attracting the attention of potential clients or consumers of what we offer.

At the end of this article You will know everything about how to increase the followers on your Instagram business accounts through sweepstakes and contests.

What is an Instagram contest and what is this strategy for?

What is an Instagram contest and what is this strategy for?

A contest is that publication that, carried out in a friendly and clear, will announce an account and what it offers. The effect of this post will affect the profiles that participate, generating more followers and new audiences. It is good to keep a wide horizon to welcome customers who generate other sales and will renew your buying and selling methods.

It is a tool used by community managers or the person in charge of social networks of a company, thought together with its executives, since it will be raffled or competed for something in exchange, “An award” of this brand. For example, if you have a commercial business of clothing, you could raffle a purchase order, or a garment that is fashionable.

If you offer something from your company, you will get something from other users, in this case clicks, visits and reactions to your content, mentions of the publication in its stories, and new followers. It is necessary that you learn from the competition and improve your version, you will achieve it by analyzing and observing the accounts of your adversaries, for this you must follow them.

What are the main benefits of conducting giveaways through this social network?

What are the main benefits of conducting giveaways through this social network?

One of the main benefits is that generate new users as followers, if you make a giveaway post in an eye-catching way that has a current design and words that “Hook up” or call for participation open from whoever wants to win, you can assume that you will soon receive New customers.

Another benefit is drip effect of reactions that will follow the sweepstakes post. That is, these users who react and participate in the giveaway will become followers and will keep clicking on the next publications. That is, you will get more “likes” on your account and each account will be more likely to interact with your company’s content.

And last but not least is to generate a good customer base for a product launch new and increase brand sales. If the company has a good marketing, this strategy in networks is going to be a great lure in the objective of achieving possible sales as well as to increase the percentage of loyalty.

What must we take into account to carry out a giveaway on Instagram?

What must we take into account to carry out a giveaway on Instagram?

It is important meet our followers and to be able to determine or think about your tastes as accurately as possible, as well as knowing the perfect time to make your postThis has to do with being able to predict when the majority will connect. Collecting this data we will know when to upload it and how to design it.

What to raffle? This is where the sales ability and creativity. If your company does not have a mass interest product, such as the food clothes, electronic devices, or you just don’t want to raffle a product of yours. We can be sure that if we go with the trends of important dates we will never fail. For example, him Valentine’s Day you can raffle a basket of chocolates or a coupon valid for a dinner in a well-known restaurant.

In the Description of the content, you are going to write clear text, using visible and legible fonts. Here you need to concisely determine the participation conditions. That is, the restrictions of the raffle or contest, the rules, the date of the same and the publication of winners. At this time the use of hashtags is good and ask to share the post on stories, tagging the company account.

5 Instagram contest ideas that will increase your followers

Always use custom images, that is, an image created by your brand, with your logo and showing what you want to get around and that everything is in the scope of legal terms of contests and giveaways that Instagram proposes. Many times you will include other renowned entities or people in this type of strategy, so it is necessary that everything be treated seriously and formally.

Let’s look at some ideas below:

  • It’s good boost posting with some instagramer from your city or country, a singer or an artist with a large following and reaching the media. For this you must make a prior contract, whether formal or informal.
  • Anchor the contest next to some festivity As the example of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s or Father’s Day, Saint Patrick, Christmas or New Year. Always looking for dates that are known or important worldwide, so you can reach new audiences.
  • Raise the stakes by drawing discount coupons. It can be from your local or from other businesses that they agree to hold it. For example, a 20% coupon discount on the next visit to a well-known hairdresser or the same in a fast food place.
  • Circumventing an electronic artifact or technological device. Here begins the executive part where your company should make a pre-purchase and personalize the equipment with logos or colors that identify the brand.
  • Create a contest by voting, this is pushing a kind of rivalry between users that they make a publication or a photo about what the brand decides and send it to the company profile. Then he faces two users and are put to a public vote on the stories of the same account.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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