INSTAGRAM SHOPPING  What is it and how is it used? + Tricks ▷ 2020

All companies know that a large number of clients are found on social media that belong to the market niche they are targeting. Because of this it is necessary create strategies to increase sales.

A good idea is to use native tools that are available in just a few steps. This is the case of Instagram Shopping, which is a function of Instagram that allows you to sell products.

If you want to know what this is about, you can find it in the following paragraphs. We will explain the steps to activate Instagram Shopping and the best tricks that you should take advantage of this function.

What is Instagram Shopping and what is this tool for?

It is a tool offered by the social network and that is aimed at companies so that they can publish products or services by adding a price. This allows users to visit your website through the browser of Instagram. In this way you can know in detail the products before making the online purchase and enter the payment method.

Companies benefit because they can more effectively reach the target market, open a new sales channel and therefore increase their income. While users are also favored because they can buy from the social network.

What are the best tools and functions we have on Instagram Shopping?

What are the best tools and functions we have on Instagram Shopping?

The main function you will have in Instagram Shopping is that you can offer the products directly to the consumer, without any kind of intermediary. This is a good option for companies to increase sales and make their products better known., because it is not necessary for the user to follow the online store to appear in their stories the commercial publication.

You will have the possibility to add one or more photographs with its price and information, which you can do in the way that suits you best, according to SEO positioning. This will also help you get more visits to your account. Instagram and be more popular. Finally, when the transaction is carried out outside the social network, allows to increase the positioning in the SERP of the company blog, since it is in this place where the commercial operation is completed.

Learn step by step how to activate Instagram Shopping in your business account

To activate Instagram Shopping in your business account you must first have one. That is, you must convert your personal account in a sales account.

When you have finished with these steps you must follow this guide to obtain an online store:

  • The first thing you should do is verify that you have latest version installed of the Instagram application.
  • Then you will have to have a fan page on Facebook. This will be necessary for you to do to integrate the list of products in the store. You should not forget that you will also have to have a your company website Y have made at least 9 posts in your account Instagram.
  • When you have all this ready you will have to open the application and go to Settings.
  • Look for the option products and click on it.
  • Choose Product catalog.
  • Login the products you have available.
  • To end, tag the products you need, upload images and share the post.

Instagram Shopping tips to make the most of this feature and sell more

Instagram Shopping tips to make the most of this feature and sell more

Pay attention to the following Instagram Shopping tricks because they will help you make the most of this tool and thus achieve higher sales:

Constantly update the catalog on Facebook

As we told you before, the catalog of your items is stored in Facebook and it can be related to Instagram. To be successful in the online store you will need the list of products to be updated. That is all the items that appear in that list are what you actually have in stock.

Use fashion and latest trends

You should not forget that users of social networks, and especially of Instagram, they have a great consumer profile so it will be necessary that you are updated on the latest trends that exist in the market. This will help you have more sales and offer the products that the customers you will find on the social network are really looking for.

Tag your posts

This is a fundamental tool that you must use in each of the stories that you upload to your feed. Do not forget that you will need to tag both the most popular accounts and your most loyal followers. With this you will be able to obtain greater visibility on the network and have more economic benefits.

Use stickers

Instagram allows you to use eye-catching stickers that you can include in your stories. Thus, try to establish a commercial strategy so that these graphs are interesting to the clients.

This will help you get more traffic, as you can use the Facebook algorithm to find the audience that is most interested in your products.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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