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Routers have become one of the most important devices for most users today, being used mainly by large companies worldwide, as well as by natural people who acquire it for receive an internet service. It will basically depend on the characteristics that the device offers, such as speed, safety and scope of coverage.

Although these devices already have a series of elements and characteristics to provide excellent service, we can also install a different firmware than the one the router already has.

It will allow you to get a higher speed and better performance. According to this, here we explain a little more about how install the DD-WRT firmware.

What is DD-WRT firmware and why is it good to have it working on your router? Benefits

What is DD-WRT firmware and why is it good to have it working on your router?  Benefits

The DD-WRT firmware is a wireless router and access point which works mainly for the Linux operating system. In addition, it is compatible with a large number of commercially available router, which helps you have an edge over the competition.

The main objective of this tool is to be able replace firmware that is already factory installed on the router, in order to be able to add new features and functions that were not in the previous firmware and that will help you improve the service of the equipment, thus obtaining better performance.

With this in mind, then We explain what the main benefits of this tool are:

Their compatibility

One of the main benefits of DD-WRT is that it is compatible with most router available in the market, where it covers almost all brands and models currently available.

Lots of options and functions

We can say that DD-WRT is one of the tools that offers more options to its users, where you will find a extensive menu of items that can be configured, being very useful for those who want exploit your device to the maximum.

Supports DDNS

It also gives you the possibility to change DNS automaticallyIt also offers you different options that you can carry out.

OpenVPN support

One of the most preferred options by its users, and that is that it gives you the possibility of connect to a custom VPN and in that way begin to provide a greater network connection protection. An element that stands out before the community.

Block websites or create WiFi networks

Another benefit that we find is that it will give you the possibility of block websites by words or create some wireless networks for guests. It also offers a support for Qos, and many other interesting options.

How does the DD-WRT improve on other firmware for WiFi routers?

DD-WRT It has been gaining popularity in recent years, and this has been due to its large number of functions, as well as its great compatibility with almost all equipment on the market. He himself has been developed based on Linux where it offers a great variety of elements that allow you to customize and control almost all the connection aspects.

It is important to mention that its functions may vary depending on the router model with which it is used, but with each of them it offers a capacity for establish a fast and secure connection without presenting failures or signal drops.

Even with some models it allows enable the option to use the computer in bridge mode allowing so expand the signal of the same reaching places where it did not reach before or its coverage was very low.

It also gives the possibility of create rules in order to manage connection that will be used in each of the devices, either in smartphones, computers, tablet or any other device with a network connection. In addition, it offers a easy installation and execution compared to other firmwares that you will find available.

Steps to install the DD-WRT in your router to make it faster and more efficient

As we already mentioned above, installation is very simple and quick to achieve, for this you simply have to make sure you have the correct software and follow each of the steps that we will explain below:

Download the correct version of DD-WRT

  • In order to execute all this process correctly it is important that the software that we are going to install is correct, for this we must download it directly from the official site.
  • At the top of the site we can find the link “Download” where we click.

Download the correct version of DD-WRT

  • In the new window that appears on the screen we will find a list with all the router models currently available, there we look for ours. Keep in mind that for facilitate search you can write the brand of your device and that way all the models of it will appear.

Download the correct version of DD-WRT

  • Once you have found the model of your device in the list, the next thing will be to click on it. There they will appear to you some instructions, as well as available downloads. Note that this will vary depending on the model you have selected.

Download the correct version of DD-WRT

Install firmware

Mainly installing DD-WRT takes place from own device management. Therefore, you must enter directly to the equipment settings, to do this follow these steps:

  • The first will be enter your preferred browser and there access the gateway and login with your access credentials.
  • When you have successfully entered the device system, look for the section of “Upgrade”. From here it will be where the installation of the tool is carried out so that it is the router itself who adds it to him.

Install firmware

  • In this case the update only requires two steps, the first of it will be load firmware for preparation, this process usually takes about 5 minutes for what install properly. When the installation is complete the system will reboot and automatically the equipment will load with the new firmware.
  • Now, it must of install the second file of the tool, for this it is necessary enter configuration again within the section of administration. Here you must select the option “Reset the configuration values”.

Install firmware

  • After that wait about 5 minutes while finishing Install all items and the computer restarts again. After rebooting the device it will already have the latest version of DD-WRT.

Will I have to install the firmware again to update it? How to do it?

In case you need update your firmware because one has already come out new version and you want to have all the elements that this offers, then it will be necessary for you to carry out the steps that we will teach you below:

  • the first thing will be to go back to the official DD-WRT page and there you look again the model of your device and install the latest version make it available to you.
  • When it has been downloaded, you must enter the router system and go to the section “Upgrade” where you will upload the new file. In this case the system itself will take care of updating it automatically.
  • In the case that you do not want to be losing the configuration every time you update it, you must select the option of “Keep settings”, This will prevent you from having to restore it each time you do this step.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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