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Without a doubt, one of the most relevant versions of Microsoft’s operating system, it’s windows 8. Since, it brought with it a great transformation that produced a notable change compared to its predecessors and well, compared to what users were used to seeing. That way, captured the attention of countless people who still prefer it today.

This, basically, is because it is an operating system that reveals faster and more efficient than others, in addition to providing optimal performance regardless of hardware performance and even supports a good level of customization so that users adjust the experience to their requirements. Further, has high compatibility with external devices.

Thanks to such compatibility, users can improve the functionality of Windows 8 by connecting and using different types of hardware in conjunction with your PC. However, when doing so, it is necessary to install the corresponding driver for each device and that is one of the main doubts of many people. So, in this post, we will teach you how to perform this installation easily.

What are device drivers and what are these programs for?

What are device drivers and what are these programs for?

Also known as “Controllers”, drivers are programs that are installed on a certain computer in order for it to run as an intermediary software between the hardware or device and the operating system used. Which are composed of lines of code that have specific functions directed to a particular component. Well, they take care of bringing a message to the system so that its recognition work has been carried out and thus, it can establish communication with the device.

Therefore, in Windows 8, the drivers serve as mediators between Microsoft Windows and the hardware components connected to the PC. So, they are essential elements for the OS to be able to recognize these components that are added to the computer, in a relevant way. Therefore, these drivers are necessary for devices such as: sound, network, scanners, printers, graphics cards, motherboard, etc..

Thus, in view of the fact that these programs are essential to recognize the devices that are connected to the machine in order to use them optimally, if they are not installed, the equipment will fail with total security. Whether with poor performance, slow speed, screen freezing, suspension of other programs, etc. Even, if you install a controller that is incompatible, it will not have the ability to send the necessary instructions so that the hardware that you want to incorporate into your equipment can operate as it should.

Learn step by step how to install a device driver to control hardware in Windows 8

Because all devices require a driver to work with the PC, it’s important to know how it has to be installed to be able to do it correctly and thanks to this, having the power to control the hardware directly from Windows 8.

Consequently, since Microsoft Windows includes drivers for numerous devices (displays, keyboards, printers, etc.), in most cases it is necessary to carry out the installation manually with the help of the OS. Therefore, after connecting the hardware device to your PC, you must carry out the steps that we explain below and once you complete this procedure, you will automatically be able to work with your new hardware without any limitation.

Here, each step to follow:

Learn step by step how to install a device driver to control hardware in Windows 8

  • First of all, you have to make sure log in as administrator in the operating system. Otherwise, it will not be possible to install the driver.
  • After that, place the mouse in the lower right corner of the screen and move it to the top to click on “Search”. If you are using a touch device, you have to slide your finger from the right edge of the screen to later click on “Search”.
  • Next, in the search box, proceed to write “administrator” and among the results obtained, choose the option that indicates “Device administrator”.
  • Once you do the above, you will find a list with several categories of hardware and, depending on the device you have connected, it will be accurate choose the corresponding category by double clicking or pressing twice. For example, choose “Display adapters” if you want to install a video card driver.
  • When you get all the hardware belonging to the chosen category, you have to find the one you have connected to the PC and double click on its name or press there twice.
  • After this, click or tap “Controller” and proceed to select the option that says “Update driver …” to press the OK button.
  • By last, It only remains to follow all the instructions that they indicate. Also, if necessary, enter the administrator password when the system requests it, in order to confirm the action.

Windows 8 cannot install the new driver How to fix this error?

Windows 8 cannot install the new driver How to fix this error?

Sometimes you may Windows display a notification about a certain driver is unsigned and that, for that reason, cannot be installed in the operating system. This is basically because W8 and any version only accept a driver that has been digitally signed or includes a digital signature.

Well, as an electronic security brand, said signature assures the OS that the controller is truly reliable and through this, you have the possibility to verify your identity through a certificate issuing company. In this way, Microsoft Windows you can be convinced that the driver belongs to a specific software publisher and has not been modified.

Due, if the user tries to install a driver that has been modified or, it is not digitally signed; the system will throw an error and will not allow it to access the OS to support the functionality of your hardware. Therefore, to solve the error and be able to do the installation, it is necessary to stop the process and download a digitally signed driver from the device manufacturer’s official website, for much more security.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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