Install Minecraft on Raspberry Pi  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

One of the The most common uses given to them is to convert your Raspberry Pi into a video game console, one of the most popular and used in it is Minecraft.

Is about a very famous game that is known for its Lego-like platform and construction, and which you can install in your mini PC thanks to its compact size and its power that is enough for these boards.

So if you want to start enjoy this excellent title on your Raspberry Pi, so here we are going to explain how can you install it in an easy and fast way.

What are the requirements to install Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi? Necessary materials and services

Before mentioning what are the main requirements that you must have on hand to install Minecraft on your microcomputer, it is important to mention that the version to be installed is a unofficial development, which has been developed by the workers of Mojang, so you may have some different details to the original version.

In this way, this game development is based mainly on the Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which is available for Android and iOS, so you may notice that it is not the same game that you usually install on your computer, in this case you will only be able to make constructions in free mode and not play a standard game, so the game will have its limitations. Despite all this, it continues to become an excellent alternative to enjoy this title on your Raspberry Pi.

That is why before starting this procedure it will be necessary that you meet some requirements that will allow you to install it without complications and in a very simple way:

  • A plate Raspberry Pi, preferably it is recommended to use the model Pi 3 or Pi 4.
  • A HDMI cable, box, 3 A power supply at least one micro SD card for the installation of the sRaspbian operating system, preferably class 10 as it will make everything go much faster.
  • So optional and to improve performance, you can activate overclocking, for this it is necessary to refrigerate the plate, for this you can buy a all-in-one cooling pack.
  • If you don’t have the Raspberry Pi connected to the Internet, then you will have to download the latest version of Minecraft: Pi Edition. Now if you have it connected to the network, then this will be done during the installation process.

When you have all these requirements at hand, then you just have to start with the installation procedure to enjoy this excellent title on your mini PC.

Learn step by step to install Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian from scratch and without errors

Learn step by step to install Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian from scratch and without errors

Having everything mentioned above ready, now you will have to start with the Minecraft installation process on Raspberry Pi, for this it is necessary that you have your board configured to start and that you are in the desk of Raspbian operating system, which will already have to be installed. When you have all this ready, you will only have to follow each of the steps that we are going to indicate below.

The first thing you should do is access the terminal and download Minecraft: Pi Edition:

  • [cpp]wget[/cpp]

When the complete download has been completed, the following will be to unzip it:

  • [cpp]tar -zxvf minecraft-pi-0.1.1.tar.gz[/cpp]

The following will be to execute it:

  • [cpp]cd mcpi./minecraft-pi[/cpp]

After this you will have installed Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi. However, here you will have to take other steps to complete all this.

Hacking Minecraft: Pi Edition

As it is a version that has been developed mainly for learning, it has API access so that you can program your own variations. So, here is going to create the / minecraft-tests / testing directory to do a little what we want and not lose data.

To do this, enter the following in the terminal:

  • [cpp]mkdir minecraft-pruebas[/cpp]

Now you are going to copy all the content of the Python libraries:

  • [cpp]cp -r mcpi/api/python/mcpi minecraft-pruebas/minecraft[/cpp]

Later you will have to create a new file so as not to break anything:

  • [cpp]nano minecraft-pruebas/[/cpp]

After this you will have to import the minecraft library and then create an object that connects with the game.

The first test can be done by sending something to the chat:

[py]import minecraft.minecraft as minecraft

mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create()
postToChat(‘Hola mundo!’)[/py]

Here you go to save everything you carry and from the terminal you go to open the file you created in the previous steps.

Keep in mind that here it is essential to have an open game in the background so that the changes can be seen, likewise you will be able to use the Tab key to move from one window to another.

  • [cpp]python minecraft-pruebas/[/cpp]

If you look at the game window you can see how the little code is going to take effect.

In order to see the full potential that this has, you can create a hack, the automatic bridge:

#Created by
#Raspberry Pi, Minecraft – Puente automatico

#importamos el modulo desde el directorio de Minecraft
import minecraft.minecraft as minecraft
#importamos el módulo de bloques de Minecraft
import minecraft.block as block
#importamos time para poder usar los retrasos
import time

#funcion para situar a los jugadores
def roundVec3(vec3):
return minecraft.Vec3(int(vec3.x), int(vec3.y), int(vec3.z))

if __name__ == "__main__":


#Conectar con minecraft creando el objeto minecraft
# – necesitamos que minecraft esté con una partida abierta
mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create()

#Mostrar un mensaje en la ventana del chat
postToChat("Hola Minecraft – Puente automatico activo")
mc.postToChat("Creado por – Adaptado por")

#Obtener la posicion de los jugadores
lastPlayerPos = mc.player.getPos()

while (True):

#Obtener la posición de los jugadores
playerPos = mc.player.getPos()

#Encontrar la diferencia entre la posicion de los jugadores y la última posicion
movementX = lastPlayerPos.x – playerPos.x
movementZ = lastPlayerPos.z – playerPos.z

#Si el jugador se mueve más de 0.2 en cualquier dirección en horizontal (x, z)
if ((movementX < -0.2) or (movementX > 0.2) or (movementZ < -0.2) or (movementZ > 0.2)):

#Proyecta la direccion de los jugadores hacia la siguiente casilla
nextPlayerPos = playerPos
# mantiene el movimiento de los jugadores hacia el siguiente bloque si es encontrado
while ((int(playerPos.x) == int(nextPlayerPos.x)) and (int(playerPos.z) == int(nextPlayerPos.z))):
nextPlayerPos = minecraft.Vec3(nextPlayerPos.x – movementX, nextPlayerPos.y, nextPlayerPos.z – movementZ)

#Si el siguiente bloque es aire, lo sustituye por uno de diamante
blockBelowPos = roundVec3(nextPlayerPos)
#resuelve las posiciones si fuesen negativas
if blockBelowPos.z < 0: blockBelowPos.z = blockBelowPos.z – 1
if blockBelowPos.x < 0: blockBelowPos.x = blockBelowPos.x – 1
y = blockBelowPos.y – 1
if mc.getBlock(blockBelowPos) == block.AIR:
mc.setBlock(blockBelowPos.x, blockBelowPos.y, blockBelowPos.z, block.DIAMOND_BLOCK)

#Guarda la última posición de los jugadores
lastPlayerPos = playerPos


List of the best PC games that I can install on a Raspberry Pi without performance problems

List of the best PC games that I can install on a Raspberry Pi without performance problems

One of the most common uses of this microcomputer by users is to convert it into a video game console, and is that the Raspberry Pi They offer a lot at the level of games so it can become a very good tool for it.

Especially today with the arrival of his last model the Raspberry Pi 4, which is much more powerful for this type of activity. According to all this, here we are going to teach you which are the best PC games that you can start enjoying in your mini pc without problems of performance or compatibility.

To do this, follow the list that we will show you below:



Doom it is one of the games with source code publicly available for fans to use. This is how this source code has been ported to Linux and ARM devices as are you Raspberry board. This is a classic that you could previously enjoy only on your PC, but now you can start using these microcomputers.

Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy excellent games for one player and Death march. A way to be able to have a good time of entertainment and in a very easy way. It should be mentioned that the compatibility of the game may differ according to the Doom version you install, several of these versions are available for different Raspberry Pi models.

Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

It is a very popular game, which you have probably already played or heard. It consists of an adventure game where two troglodytes they have to fight prehistoric monsters like dinosaurs and others to survive and save their loved ones.

A game with a lot of entertainment and battles for which you must prove that you are the best. Best of all, you can choose different paths at the end of some of the phases, so you can go for different scenarios all completely different. You will also have the opportunity to have a large number of weapons that will be very useful at the time of face your enemies.

Sunset Riders

Sunset Riders

A very exciting game that will surely make your days much more entertaining. It all consists of two cowboys They have to capture or kill all the most wanted men in the Wild West, so you will have to identify very well who your enemies are to avoid making mistakes. They will be able to enjoy places where they will meet friends, ride a horse or advance by a train until you get to where the enemy is, which you will have to defeat and capture.

In this case it is important to mention that there are no special weapons, but you’re going to have to throw the dynamite they throw at you, you can run on top of the cattle stampedes in the west, and carry out many other actions that will help you To be victorious. Keep in mind that this is a fairly long game where you are going to have to go through a lot of adventures.

Super Pang

Super Pang

Super Pang It is a classic, so the vast majority of people already know it and have had great moments in it. These are balls that are almost always complicated and that you will be able to control with a single button, the shoot button. It should be mentioned that Super Pang It is considered a very addictive and very simple game.

Also exist two game modes, as is the screen that travels the world or the dots. Keep in mind that the way to travel the world using several maps is one of the most complicated, if you like tough adventures then you can lean to this mode.

Beneath a Steel Sky

Beneath a Steel Sky

Beneath a Steel Sky It consists of a futuristic game with which you will be able to enjoy great moments, so it is basically an adventure game that is focused mainly on history. You will be able to enjoy it not only from your PC, but also from your microcomputer easily. A way to enjoy one of the best games ever where you will be able to live totally unique experiences and adventures, where you will have to prove that you are the best of all.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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