Install Telegram on Windows and MacOS  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Telegram is one of the instant messaging applications that has become the most popular, due to their benefits and security terms. For users, it is very important to ensure the protection of the information they share there, and this platform includes quite efficient policies on the matter.

Added to that, incorporates a series of functionalities that meet the demands of all users. It should be noted that it does not matter from which device you enter, since you can access from any of them.

In this sense, here we will teach you step by step How to install Telegram on Windows PC and macOS for free, easy and fast ?. In addition, we will indicate the main differences that are obtained when using the Mobile app or the desktop version.

Learn step by step how to install Telegram on your computer with MacOS or Windows 10 PC

Learn step by step how to install Telegram on your computer with MacOS or Windows 10 PC

As we mentioned, Telegram It can be used in its mobile version or from its version for computers. It is possible to download it easily on both your macOS PC and Windows.

Follow the procedure below to do so:

On windows

  • Go to the following link:
  • Tap on Download for Windows.
  • Go to where you have the application (usually stored in the Downloads folder). Proceed to install.
  • You can now access the desktop version Telegram for Windows.
  • Write your phone number. You will receive a code on your mobile, which you will have to place on your PC.
  • Confirm.

On macOS

  • Enter the App Store of your Mac. You can also do it by following the link:
  • Download the app by pressing the button Download for macOS on the website, or in Obtain from the app store.
  • A window will open where you have to click on Install.
  • You can now enter Telegram desktop from your computer.
  • Enter the phone number that you have for your account Telegram. You will receive a code.
  • Write the code sent and ready.

What are the differences between using the Mobile app and the Telegram Messenger desktop app?

What are the differences between using the mobile app and the desktop of Telegram Messenger?

Most of today’s applications are cross-platform. This means that they are available to download and use on different types of devices. Telegram is no exception. You can have access from your PC, thanks to its desktop version. However, it is common for you to have the doubt of What are the differences with respect to the mobile app?

Before talking in depth about the subject, it must be clarified that many users prefer to opt for the desktop versions due to the convenience, accessibility, and other aspects. When it comes to functionalities, Telegram offers almost the same options in both cases. This occurs because the options are unified. Only now you will have an interface adapted to the desktop environment. Then, on the left side you can see a column with your conversations.

When you enter any of them, the chat that will be located in the center of the screen, as you are usually used to. But there is a detail that you may be missing, because it is not available in its desktop version. Its about multi-account support and private chat function. Despite those shortcomings, everything else is available.

That way, you can create and manage groups, save GIFs and stickers, archive conversations, enjoy search within chats, etc. Added to that, you can configure your profile, put the app in dark mode and configure how your chats look. Regarding more advanced options, there are two integrations you can do with Windows. On the one hand, you can configure an option to open the app when you start the system or include Telegram within the Send to menu of the right click.

Another of the most representative advantages that you can use Telegram on several devices at the same time, but independently, is that can be used as a personal cloud.The functionality of sending messages to yourself makes a lot of sense, since you will have the possibility to share files, photos, documents, etc., from your mobile to open them from your PC or vice versa. In summary, we share you below what you can do and what not with the desktop version of Telegram.

Thus, you can better distinguish the most obvious differences:

What can you do

  • to register a new account.
  • Log in in an account already created.
  • Send files of all kinds: photos, GIFs, stickers, videos, etc.
  • Send messages formatted.
  • Share voice notes.
  • Messages silent.
  • Send music or any file on the PC.
  • Share surveys.
  • Program messages.
  • Send contacts.
  • Establish reminders.
  • Write you to yourself.
  • Calls voice.
  • Consult, create and participate in channels and groups.
  • Edit contacts.
  • Send bot content.
  • Use folders of chats.
  • Personalize the interface.
  • Set options advanced.
  • Resend, reply and delete messages.

What can’t you do

  • Send pictures with camera.
  • Use two accounts at once.
  • Send messages secrets.
  • Share your location.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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