INSTALL Telegram Stickers on Whatsapp  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Stickers are one of the funniest features of Telegram, that decentralized messaging service that little by little has been gaining space on the devices of millions of users around the world. By 2018, it already had more than 200 million followers each month, and this year the number is expected to rise to more than 500 million.

WhatsApp, which for years has ruled the universe of digital messaging, has wanted to do the same and since its last update they have allowed the use of stickers in their conversations. However, the variety of these is nowhere near being comparable to Telegram, but there is a way to borrow the packages from it to use in the “Wasap“.

In this article We are going to teach you how to download Telegram stickers to create packages that you can use on WhatsApp. Thanks to this, your conversations will be more fun and you will make your friends laugh with them.

Steps to download Telegram stickers and use them on WhatsApp from your Android or iOS

Using a Telegram sticker on your WhatsApp is a simple process It will not take more than 10 minutes, although it does require you to have certain knowledge for it. You are going to acquire these knowledge right now with us.

Download the packages from Telegram

If you want to use exactly the same stickers that you have in Telegram on your WhatsApp, what you should do is download the packages from it. You will need the help of one of the many bots on the platform, whose name is @stickerdounloadbot.

To enter it, simply type your username in the application’s search bar or simply click on the link so that you go directly to this.

Now you will have to provide the bot with the URL of the sticker pack you want to have in your Wasap. To do this you must enter the desktop or web version of Telegram ( and select the package and click “Share Sticker”.

Once you do this you will see the link corresponding to the pack in the chat. Upon obtaining it, you simply have to go to the bot, click on “Start” and just send it the address of the files you want to download.

In a few minutes you will receive the pack in zip version of the images in three different formats; Webp, PNG Y JPGE. For what we want to do, you will have to download the Webp version.

Download Stickers from Telegram

Download the App Personal Stickers for Whatsapp

Now you will have to download the application Personal Stickers for Whatsapp, which is available both in iTunes or Apple Store, and in Google Play Store. This is the easiest step of all since you do not have to do anything that you have not done in the past when installing another application. Once you have it, you will simply have to give it permissions to access the multimedia content of your mobile and that’s it.

Add the sticker packages you want

Once you have the sticker packs for WhatsApp, you will simply have to add them to the app. Doing this is extremely simple, you just have to enter the application “Personal Stickers for Whatsapp” and it will automatically recognize compatible images. Now you just have to touch “Add” in the pack you want and you can use them on WhatsApp normally.

Was it clear to you? Hopefully so, because the reality is that it is an extremely simple process that will take practically no time at all. Now what next? Do you want to be able to create your own stickers to use on WhatsApp? Well, we also have the answer to this and let us tell you that it is as simple as using Telegram.

How to create a WhatsApp sticker from your own photo?

As you may have noticed, with the application Personal Stickers for Whatsapp you can add all the stickers you want in the fastest way possible. But this is not the only one that exists. If you want to create your own stickers, we are going to teach you how to do it in two very simple ways.

Using Photoshop

Adobe PS is one of your best allies if you want to create a professional level image for your stickers. What you have to do is take the photo or drawing that you want to turn into a sticker and open it in the software. Now you will have to create a new image by clicking on “File”> “New” and establish dimensions of approximately 300×300 pixels.

Once this is done, you simply have to cut the section of the original image that you want to turn into a sticker, and paste it on the new canvas that you just created. You adjust the size so that it fits perfectly and then you cut the background to get a transparent image. To do the latter you simply have to position yourself on layer 0 that corresponds to the background, use the tool “Magic wand” to select it, and run the command “Ctrl + x”.

Finally, what you have to do is simply save the image in .webp format so that it can be read by the application. Further, to create a pack you will have to make a minimum of 3 images, so you have to repeat this process at least a couple more times.

Then you know what to do. Simply put them in a folder and save this in the internal storage of your mobile to add them to the “Wasap” using the app Personal Stickers for Whatsapp. Easy as breathing and fast as losing money in a casino.

Using a mobile application


If you find that using Photoshop is a very cumbersome process, you have the option of using a mobile application to do this work in a simpler way. In Apple Store and Google Play Store there are many, but we will teach you how to do it using the app Sticker Studio. This has a very simple operation.

What you should do once you have it downloaded and installed is open it. From it you will be able to see all the images that are in your gallery, and you simply have to select the one you want to turn into a sticker.

Then you will have to outline the section of the image you want to use and you can add text and other elements to make it more original.

Once the creation is finished, you just have to click on the symbol of the “green tick” at the bottom of the screen and voila. Before you can add everything to WhatsApp, you will have to have at least 3 images, so again you will have to repeat this process in at least two more photos.

This app has the advantage that it allows you to add the stickers directly from it without having to use another tool to do so. So that once you have the finished folder you just have to enter it from Sticker Studio and touch the WhatsApp logo to be added to this.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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