Interact with Instagram Followers  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Create links with the people who lend you a little of their time every time you do publications, is a reward that should not be underestimated. Generating empathy can significantly influence the growth of your brand.

The duration of the emotional ties that you build with your Instagram followersThey depend on your commitment to being genuinely close to them. Considering them as real people, rather than just digital users, is important.

We recommend some actions you can take to interact in an affective and positive way with your Instagram followers.

Why is it important to have a good interaction with all your Instagram followers?

Why is it important to have a good interaction with all your Instagram followers?

Responding to comments on posts helps to create a bond with followers, with the exchange of opinions and impressions. That can translate into strong interest in content, and in turn, the probability of attracting new followers. The commitment to the followers, expressed through the consistency and quality of the content to publish, and paying attention to their comments, is not only rewarded with brand loyalty by people.

The Instagram algorithm, when realizing that the interactions are being recurrent through the publications made, it grants preferences when placing the posts. And that is extremely convenient for enhance brand presence up to the limit. Normally the visibility of the publications will only reach the 10% of the established audienceExcept for specific cases or gifts of the algorithm that you enjoy constantly striving.

So, the interactions have a power of perception, strategy and profit, quite strong. Because at the end of the day, if you recognize the potential that you can take advantage of, focusing on the particular niche that is compatible with your brand, the recurrence of interactions is capable of causing a much more convenient result than having thousands of followers.

Learn step by step how to interact correctly with your followers

Learn step by step how to interact correctly with your followers

Sometimes creative indecisions or blocking ideas prevent our work from achieving the objectives we set for ourselves. But on social media, there are tools to evaluate the elements that impede the growth of our accounts and make the appropriate decisions to interact correctly with our followers.

Here are some things you can do to increase engagement on your posts:

Generate debate

One of the characteristics of social networks is the ability to comment on any topic. A good way to achieve an effective interaction is to take an event, express your opinion about it, and then bring it up for discussion with your followers. It can even be a good option to generate a debate on a really important social issue, and reach conclusions with feedback of opinions.

Use the stickers created to generate interaction

Use the stickers created to generate interaction

In Instagram stories there are several options to generate interaction with the audience, and they also work to refresh published content. Interactive stickers like the question box, questionnaires, surveys, or share music, they are extremely convenient to strengthen the connection with users through a storie. Thus, you are trying to exchange opinions and perspectives on specific topics, or even on the products and content offered.

Optimize what you want to express

Overextending the point you want to reach when giving indications about a sweepstakes, or giving opinions on various topics, it can be inconvenient. The attention in social networks is characterized by being fleeting so, preferably, the best is summarize what you want to express to give to your followers a perception of security and also deliver the message effectively.

Create creative giveaways

Do dynamic activities, with contests and promotions. A more direct and effective way to keep statistics in good condition is through interactive giveaways that offer quality prizes and engage fans with the brand. Invite your followers to be part of your creativity, emotional with desired rewards. Keep in mind that you can include interesting facts as part of the dynamic, and even inspire them to publish their own content.

Know them

Plan a time in your agenda to be interested in the creative preferences of your followers. It is not about investigating his entire life, or necessarily playing a role of friendship. You simply have to develop a compatibility between your experiences, ideas and reflections with theirs.

Treat them closely

Treat users with friendly approaches And trustworthy. This could be even a differential factor in your brand, since they will value you more than accounts that do not normally interact with their audience. To the reply to comments, people will notice a commitment on your part, to interact and pay attention to the things they have to say.

Monitor your activity constantly

Measure the impact and reach of your posts, it will allow you to add new elements or modify some things that did not work in the tactics to optimize the interactions with your audience.

Analyze which posts did the best, see the number of comments and the percentage of likes, or how many new followers you got and how many you lost. Do not miss out on the beneficial possibility it offers Instagram to measure success or failure. ORUsing this option will definitely influence the creation of your dynamics and the strengthening of your publications.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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