INTERNET SCAMS  +101 Types you should know ▷ 2020

Prior to open anything strange that arrives in your email inbox, we recommend that you read this post in its entirety, since throughout its content you will find a lot of useful information about internet scams.

The Network of networks helps us for many things, including buying products, hiring services, looking for work and more, but it is also a fertile ground where lately the number of crimes has grown based on their unscrupulous use.

That is why we consider it important that you pay attention to the following content, where we inform you of the ways and ways in which you can be a new victim of digital scammers, and what to do if it becomes one.

What are Internet Scams and what is this type of digital fraud?

What are the main tools that scammers use to carding?

It is a punishable action categorized within the Cybercrime, which in some jurisprudence is usually named as electronic scam, while in the jargon of the web we usually refer to it as online fraud, in all cases referring to the use of a computer medium such as the Internet in the commission of the crime.

To be precise, the Internet scam consists of the improper use of the Internet to profit from deception. Thus, it is clear that the online scammer or scammer always acts with the intention of obtaining financial benefits, and may even cause patrimonial damage to as many users as you have Internet.

What types of scams and scams are there on the Internet and how can we identify them?

When you know the types of scams that occur on the Internet, in addition to the various methods What online scammers and con artists use, you are better prepared to avoid being a new victim of these criminals.

That is why we advise you to pay due attention to the following, since the information should be part of your anti-fraud shield:

Scam Health

We put it first because it is too much present, since some unscrupulous are attempting to profit improperly from the current emergency situation that is lived all over the world.

In addition to requesting the payment for masks to fake e-shop accounts, which the victim will never receive, they have tried to scam by offering medical products that it is more than certain they never reach the hands of those who have paid for them, so the money will be lost.


Frauds through this type of attack are possible due to a certain vulnerability of the SIM cards from mobile phones. Among the harmful actions that criminals can take taking advantage of the failure, is the possibility of transfer your money by SMS to an account number that is not yours.

This kind of fraud it is not one of those that abound, since although it will not be necessary for the scammer to have a hardware especially expensive, yes you will need many technical knowledge To be successful, not to mention it also takes luck and a lot of patience.


This form of fraud becomes possible when an Internet user commits a error typing url in the address finder of your computer. Of course, so that to materialize the action the offender has already been in charge of creating websites with names very similar to those of high traffic sites.

The fraud consists of taking advantage of some unwary to make purchases on these fake pages of course without receiving any product. They also serve to make a profit by monetizing the sites through advertising, in which case they are ripping off companies that pay for place banners on one of these illegal sites.


This is one of the most common methods of Internet scams. To do it the scammer starts a plan to get the data from your account through a false sales campaign, for example making you believe that they sell you any product with a price exaggeratedly lower than the one that exists in the market. If they can trick you, they will use your credit card details to make charges and operate quietly until the moment you realize it.

Cryptocurrency theft

While cryptocurrency trading is generally considered safe, scammers can set up pyramid-type schemes Ponzi, with which in fact several victims have already been recorded. Something that they also tend to try to steal crypto assets, is making you visit fraudulent pages where they put as an entry requirement that new users provide their access code to digital wallets.


It is perhaps the most used method by online scammers, and with which they have managed to deceive more users. The scammer send an email message under the guise of being from your bank, a social network or some company that you usually use for online purchases.

In the email in question they ask you to update your data or to enter new ones, for which they indicate a link where you must send the information, which, of course, It has nothing to do with the entity of which you are a clientOn the contrary, what you do is provide key information to scammers.


It is a method by which the attacker uses malicious software to divert the domain name to a server or computer other than the one the user believes to be connecting to, that is, to a fake website. In this way collect personal information, and especially financial information of the user that will later be used in the impersonation of identity. That is, impersonate the user to subtract assets from their accounts.

Vishing or SMishing

In this case, the offender designs an automated voice system to search for victims randomly through phone calls. To achieve this they inform you that you have been benefited to receive a gift or that you have been selected to participate in a raffle. They also do it by SMS. What follows is to ask you to contact a phone number, and once you do request information about data which they will then use to try to scam you.


Most of us name spam just to refer to a form of intrusive advertising and recurring, which is the same as taking it for something that does not go beyond the annoying. But watch out, That this is a method that many cyber scammers often use to achieve your goals.

For example, advertising messages abound that come to you through your email offering products at gift prices or miracle solutions for whatever evil you may suffer, and you only realize that it is a robbery when you pay and never receive anything in return.

Nigerian letters

It is a form of scam where the scammer uses the Internet to send random messages to different emails. They usually pose as an African personality down for whatever reason, and you need to get large funds out of your country without getting caught, so they request your permission to do it using your bank account in exchange for a commission.

If you accept, the next thing you will see happen is that you are asked to transfer a small amount of money to face any eventuality, but that will be returned to you along with the commission for having lent your account for the operation. The rest you can already imagine.

Fake gift vouchers that do not arrive

This modality usually uses the social networks to offer money coupons with which to obtain products of very popular brands. Incredible as it may seem, many users have been victims of this type of online scam by accessing to ease their bank or financial details in exchange for something that will never reach them.

Internet apartment scams

In the real estate sphere there are also cases of fraud attempts, since there may always be someone around trying to scam users publishing supposed offers of apartment rentals at ridiculous prices. Of course, they need an unsuspecting person who ventures to pay for something through money transfer services. low anonymity, which is the preferred way for this type of scammers.

What to do in the event of suffering a scam or Scam on the Internet?

You must be vigilant regarding scams

In this case the first thing is to check that you have been victim of internet fraud. We say this because many times we can confuse a delay in the delivery of a product purchased online, and making a hasty accusation can backfire. For that you must use the channels that the Marketplace makes available to you, which as you well know usually only act as intermediaries between the customer and the seller, and this they let know in their Terms and Conditions.

As a relief you should know that if a seller repeatedly incurs these faults, the Marketplace will sanctions deleting your account in it. But if you are sure that you personally or your company have been victims of an Internet scam, the most advisable thing is to report to the respective authority, in our case the Civil Guard or the National Police, which in both cases have specialized departments to deal with such an eventuality.

Of course, to facilitate the work of researchers you must try to collect as much evidence as possible, for which you need to gather all the data about the scam, such as the web address from which you received the email or message. And for nothing in the world forget change all your passwords, with which you make sure that the scammer will no longer have it so easy if he wants to profit continued of the information that has managed to steal you.

List of fraudulent websites and that are or have been a Scam scam

Below you will see a list with some pages that have become part of the blacklist of the fraudulent sites in recent times, but not before thanking you in case you can make your contribution in spreading them through your social networks.

Sometimes you can even add some of which you have information:

  • Advuze
  • BuxWorld
  • Smuckls
  • FanporFan

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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