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Google is the most used search engine in the worldbe it for comfort, looks or speed. Are you sure as many you wonder if there is life beyond this? You should know that if there are different alternatives to google that you can also use and that will not be a disappointment for you, it is only a matter of adapting to a new appearance to be able to enjoy other search engines.

There are various search engines such as: Yahoo !, Ask, Bing and many more, they all work very similarly. Which means that you will have no problem using a new one if you wish.

In this tutorial we are going to tell you different web search engines you can use When connecting to the internet, be it the reason why you do not want to use Google, each and every one of these search engines will be very useful to fulfill the tasks you need.

List of the 21 best search engines and Internet search engines similar or alternative to “almighty” Google

There are many search engines as useful and reliable as Google, although Each of them has different designs, the way of using them does not vary in the least. Next, we will leave you a list of the best alternative search engines to this almighty.

Duck Duck Go

Duck duck go, internet search engine

This uses the search engines of Bing, Yandex and another, which allows you to have a wide variety of options when carrying out a search. In addition to this, it only presents you as a user one advertisement for each search you perform, which translates into less hassle when browsing.

Duck Duck Go respect your privacy as a user, so you will not receive emails associated with your searches and neither will you receive advertising directed at your tastes during your web browsing.


Bing, internet search engine

This search engine belongs to the Microsoft company and It is the second search engine with the highest user share in the market. It has a little more than 19%, obviously behind Google, which has more than 65% of users worldwide.

The Bing platform has many advantages, among which are its integration with all the Office suite software, since the company belongs to Microsoft and decided to integrate this functionality into its programs. You just have to clarify that to be able to use this, you must have an active account of Outlook mail.

Yahoo! Search

Yahoo!  Search, internet search engine

Yahoo! Search works with the Bing search engine. Its interface is quite simple, but effective, it offers you the possibility of being able to access the famous “Yahoo! questions and answers” ​​forum, perform independent search for images, videos, news and purchases. Don’t worry about security, from there it is possible to access the preferences where you can specify your language options and set the security filters.


Ask, internet search engine

It was one of the first search engines to be used worldwide, currently it is among the main ones in the United States. It has a very simple design and only focuses on delivering results. Ask It is based on the original idea of ​​being a portal that provides help through the dynamics of questions and answers.

Wolfram Alpha

wolframalpha, internet search engine

It is a search engine focused on mathematical or scientific topics, paradise for some users who need to do research on these topics. The searches you carry out will always send you to websites where you can observe scientific texts and publications, or to work carried out by experts in the field.


Yandex, internet search engine

It is the Russian search engine that acts as competition in Russia of Google, East offers all the services that this can deliver, even with the same reliability and accuracy. A great option if you want to use another web browser with the same characteristics.


Gibiru, internet search engine

Gibiru, is a search engine that will allow you to enter censored material, They are websites or information that for some reason other search engines block their users. So this allows you to know everything you want on a topic of your interest and access those sites where another does not let you enter.


ecosia, internet search engine

It is a search engine that has achieved great success, since it promises its users to plant a tree for each search performed, an eco-friendly method, if it is actually done. It works like Google and gives you the same search results, unlike that with each search you can protect and help the environment, a good alternative if you want to help the planet.


dogpile internet search engine

A search engine that is practically 3 in one, because the same performs exploration using search engines Google, Yahoo! and Yandex, inquiring and selecting the closest or similar information to the terms you have decided to search for. A good alternative if you want a wide variety of options when looking for data or information.

Ixquick (StartPage)

Starpage, internet search engine

StartPage (it also has a browser called “Ixquick”), this search engine is not interested in storing your previous research or the things you like to sell you “personalized” advertising, so it’s perfect if this is what you are looking for.


exalead internet search engine

This commercial search engine has managed to change Google’s algorithm, offering results in a totally different way on its platform. This focuses on allowing organizations to collect, align and enrich Big Data, which means that the Companies must select the way in which they can present the information and the user can receive it in the same way. When entering the interface, it shows some filters to set a category in the search engine, these are by languages, blogs, news, educational centers, art, technology, directory, video and others.


factbites, internet search engine

This is a very simple search engine, Fatbites only analyzes the quality of each content and in this way it presents its users with the best option that fits each search carried out.


Kiddle, internet search engine

This search engine it has been specially designed for children, In particular, it is responsible for filtering all misleading pages of content that is not suitable for the little ones and not relevant or inappropriate advertising. As explained on its page, it works through Google’s safe search, but it must be borne in mind that its creators are not affiliated with Google Inc.


Lycos, internet search engine

It is a fairly old web browser. It emerged in 1995, about four years before the Internet was widely used. Despite this, it has remained in force today, since it is presented as a web search engine that offers all kinds of services such as free games, email, videos, movies, weather and more. It also offers its users an email account for free, although this is pretty basic.



It is a search engine that links to Yahoo! and Google in one place, it all depends on what you decide to search for. Meta Crawler will use the results of one or another company. It also incorporates the Truveo video search engine, which increases searches, offering more results.



It’s very simple, this search tool will offers the advantage that you can see what the website you want to enter offers before you click on it. Allowing you to save valuable time on those sites that do not contain the information you are looking for.


Qwant, internet search engine

A search engine of French origin, You can classify the results of different web pages, whether they are news, reactions on social networks or sales products. In the words of the company itself, it respects the privacy of its users.


Webcrawler, internet search engine

It offers a similar service, if not similar to other search engines like Google and Yahoo! Something that should be noted is that offers a very precise search filter service, even allowing you to find adult content on the net. An option that many search engines do not include.


Yippy, internet search engine

A great tool if you want to get great results with a single search, since it provides a lot of relevant data to its users, which they can take advantage of in any way they want, a very comfortable tool to use, highly recommended for new users.

Wayback Machine (

Wayback Machine (

Although it is not a conventional Wayback Machine web browser, provides access to a large number of high-quality books, pictures, videos and sources that can help you find what you are looking for.

The main function it has is that it can analyze and show how a web page has evolved or changed over the years (as long as it remains active, otherwise it will only show the last data obtained from it). Practically functioning as a time machine, quite interesting if you want to know how the webs have been changing, during all this time that the internet has existed.

MetaCrawler UK

metacrawler UK, internet search engine

Similar in name to the other options mentioned above, Meta Crawler UK is owned by a UK company that uses a simple search engine. It does not obey the positioning of web pages based on SEO strategies, nor to the payment of high amounts of money for a better positioning, but it implements a positioning that is controlled according to the stay on each website by the people who carried out a search, something similar or equal to the one you are doing. The only detail is that the search engine prioritizes the results of their own country and in your own language.


Baidu Chinese search engine

Google is “banned” in China and the millions of Internet users in the Far East use Baidu, there are many others but this is the most used. Perhaps the most well-known advantage of Baidu, which other search engines like Google do not offer, is the ability to search for audio files (MP3, WMA / SWF …).

It is used primarily for Chinese music search, and the search results are very accurate. Baidu can perform these searches because the laws of the People’s Republic of China they do not prohibit putting music on the Internet, and Baidu is under Chinese jurisdiction.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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