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The search engines are tools that are currently consulted in a permanent. By simply entering a few words, all related information can be accessed in just a few seconds.

There are different types of search engines that are characterized by the way of exposing the results. This is due to the amount of financial and technical resources they use to work.

In this article we will show you what a search engine is for and how the results are displayed in these tools. If you want to know which are the most important search engines, you will have to read to the end.

What is an Internet search engine and what is it for?

A search engine is software that is used to search web servers for information related to different topics, which are found on different Internet sites.

This is possible thanks to the process that is done through an indexing method, which is automatic and it is done in a way periodic. It consists of the search engine taking a page copy collecting information, images and videos so that they are taken into account when users search through keywords.

Because of this, the search engine provides the user with information related to the words or images that were being searched, after analyzing your directory indexed with all the web addresses in which data of interest is found. This list is presented to you through sections, called “Results pages”. It is ordered in a numerically and decreasingly.

By this we mean that, the result in the first place that appears in the search engine is because people have searched more on that site than on the second and so on. It is also because contains more keywords than its successor.

Types of Internet search engines. Which ones exist and how are they different?

There are different types of search engines, which we can classify into the following categories:

Hierarchical search engines, also called spiders or spiders

Is class of seekers they take care of review web pages through programs that collect databases that they have the same and that are comparable with what the user needs.

They are characterized by using a large amount of technical resources so that they can function properly. This is because they have the alternative of store homepage or all the pages that belong to the website.

In order to update your databases, every certain period, go through indexed pages. In this way, they deliver an order or relevance in the presentation of the results to each website. An example of these kinds of hierarchical search engines is Google.


They are characterized by not be automated, since they need a human support so they can function properly. Its maintenance requires a permanent upgrade to update the links.

These types of search engines, unlike the previous group, They do not store the data that the pages have, but they are responsible for creating a directory of the links or links of each of the websites and classifying them by date, category or by relevance according to the search carried out by the user.

That is, the directories do not offer their results through content, but through thematic that have the pages. Yahoo is a clear example of this type of search engine.

Metasearch engines

They work together with others search engines, since they send the data requested by the user to the different search engines to deliver in an orderly manner related links. If you want to know a good metasearch, you will have to choose Dogpile.

Anatomy of search results How are searches organized?

Anatomy of search results How are searches organized?

When a search engine finds the results, it does not present them randomly but under a certain structure, which we will analyze below:

The first thing that will appear when the search engine gives you the results, are websites that have paid for you to find it first. You will see the word “Ad” followed by the Url address. Below, you will find a Title followed by a description which may or may not have extensions.

Recommended results

This type of results refers to those pages that didn’t pay for an ad, but have the most keywords and that they have authority over others regarding the subject of the search.

As with the advertisements you will find the address Url, followed by the title that will be accompanied by a description.

Related questions

This group of results is located in a window with 4 drop down questions, which contain keywords that are related to the data sought.

If you click on the arrows located at the end, you will find the answer to the question. Then, you will see the domain of the page that answers that question followed by the Location or route of the article within the web in general. Finally, you will find the result title.


When looking for topics that are included in content from YouTube streaming or from another platform, a list of results with the title Video will appear below the ads.

You will be able to see a group of 3 videos that will have a main image, then the title of the content and below it the name of the author, the platform and the date of publication. If you prefer to keep looking you should press the arrow at the end of this group.

Outstanding news

Outstanding news

As with videos, you can also find a newsgroup that will be highlighted in a window. In this you will see 3 news so horizontal, related to the keywords you are looking for.

You are going to see a image, which could be a video or a photo, then you will have the name of the article and below it the name of the web page and the time elapsed since its publication. It is usually expressed in hours.

Side window

Search results can be divided into two columns. Right now we will analyze the second column, located on the right of the screen, and which is intended to highlight additional information about the searched words.

This way you can find Commercial information, from where you can know the schedule opening and closing a business. You will also see the geographic location of your search through Google maps and any other information sheet that is important, according to the searches carried out by users continuously.

At the end of this window a section called “It was also sought”, in which you will have a logo and the name of the company or business that is related to what you are looking for.

Related Searches

Finally, you will see at the end of the page a section called “Searches related to [palabra clave]”.

This tool will be useful when you have not found what you were looking for. Different links will appear that have other types of keywords that will help you to increase your search according to what you were looking for in the beginning.

List of the best internet search engines you should know

List of the best internet search engines you should know

We will present below the best search engines that you can find on the Internet:

Google is

It is the leader in the search engine segment ranks first with more than 75% of total searches followed far behind by your competitor Bing, with just 8%. This is due to the quality, speed and efficiency of the results it delivers in each search, whether performed on computers or mobile devices.

The philosophy of this company is impregnated by the ideas implemented by its two founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, since your beginnings. This means that, to this day, Google seeks excellence, honesty and joy in all its work that it carries out.

It has a significant amount of tools that help improve the user experience. In this way the search engine is related to Gmail, Maps, Business and Calendar among many others.

This search engine belongs to Microsoft and emerged as a measure to compete with Google.

As we said before, occupy the second place in total searches, but many detractors say that these numbers come up every time users of Office work with the tool Smart search in which they show the results of Bing. It had its origins in Windows Live Search, Live Search, and MSN Search.


It is considered the largest technology company in Russia and has more than 60% share of the search market in that country. In this way, it turns this tool into one of the most important search engines that exist in that part of the world.

It was created in 2000 and currently has more than 1,900 employees. Is dedicated to multiple tech tasks, has different offices in Asia and part of Europe.

It was bought by Google in 2006, the year after its creation. This platform of streaming ranks first in video searches covering more than 80% of the search market of this type of content.

Near 1500 million people they enter this platform per month. It is integrated into the search engine of Google in which the results of videos are appreciated when there are searches related to certain keywords.

It is one of the pioneering search engines that exist in the history of computing, since it was born in 1994 by a group of university students who needed to do a job for a class. After a few years of success, appeared Yahoo! and finally with Google. It occupies a relegated place in search participation.

But this does not mean that it is not an efficient search engine. It is characterized by your speed and accuracy of results, as well as the simplicity of its graphical interface. It had a step as a company dependent on Terra, the Spanish portal that revolutionized a part of Internet history.

After the financial crisis the Puntocom was sold and currently belongs to multinational companies.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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