Invite Contacts to Facebook Live  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

You will be able invite your friends and contacts to watch a live on Facebook Live own or other users in a simple way. To do this, keep reading until the end what we have prepared for you.

We will show you the steps to share the screen in your live shows with other users without making mistakes. Therefore, you must pay attention to each secret that we will tell you.

But this is not all, you will also read about how to invite your WhatsApp contacts or Instagram followers to see your live in an easy way. We recommend you see the tips to increase the audience in your broadcasts.

Learn step by step how to invite your friends and contacts to watch Facebook Live from any device

If you want to invite your friends and contacts to watch Facebook Live, you will have to follow the steps that we will show you below on each device:

On Android

On Android

It The first thing you should do is log in to the Facebook app for Android and start with your live broadcast, you can do this by selecting the tool Group Videos.

Then follow this guide:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen to invite your friends to see the video.
  • Once they connect you will have to search for the viewers list and select a person with whom you want to share the screen.
  • After choosing your contact with whom you will appear in the transmission, you will have to click on the option Add.
  • The previous step for your friend to receive a notification to accept your invitation. When you confirm it, your live will automatically appear on the screen. Remember that if you have the video in portrait mode, a “Painting on painting”, whereas if you keep the transmission with the horizontal screen, you will have an experience “Side to side”.
  • In case your friend is the one who requests to participate in the live broadcast, you are going to receive a notification. So you will have to press on the tool Pass.

On iOS

If what you are looking for is to share a live broadcast with your contacts or groups from your iPhone or iPad, you will have to do the following process:

  • Login to Facebook with your account and password.
  • Then go to the icon represented by a video camera and press on it.
  • When the function is activated for broadcast live, you should configure the different options That is, you will have to write the title of the video and the description, then you will have to choose the location and customize if your friends can comment on the live.
  • Once you have finished invite your friends to participate in the content. You can do it through the same platform or by sending a chat through an email or a messaging app.
  • In order to add a person to share your screen, press on the viewers list and choose the user what you wish.
  • Click on Add to start broadcasting in duet. When you want to finish with the tool to share the live broadcast, you will have to click on the icon of a “X”.

As it happens in Android, anyone from your friends or group can request to join your broadcast, so you will receive a notification in which you must choose the button Pass.

On PC and MacOS

On PC and MacOS

In you computer with Windows or MacOS operating system you will have to do the following step by step to add a friend to your live broadcast through Facebook Live.

Pay attention not to make mistakes:

  • Login to your account and then go to the home page of Facebook.
  • Seeks in the center of the screen the option Group Videos and click on it.
  • Then, A poster will appear welcoming you to Live Producer, so you will have to select the button Start.
  • In the left column you will see the different options that you must configure to choose where to post the video, which camera to use for the live and choose a title and a description of your content.
  • When you have finished you must click on the blue button To transmit. This will make your friends and group in which you want to publish the live can receive a notification of what is happening.
  • As viewers join, you should search the right column the name of the person you want to share your screen with. Press on it and then click on the button Add.
  • Once you receive the notification and accept it, you will be able to watch your video within your broadcast. In case your friend is the one who requests to share the live with you, you will have to go to the notifications section and choose the button Pass.

Discover how to invite your WhatsApp contacts or Instagram followers to see your streams on Facebook Live

You can not only invite your Facebook Live friends to share your live broadcast, but you will also be able to choose your Instagram or WhatsApp contacts for a live.

If you want to know how to do it, see below:

On Android

On Android

Open the Facebook app on your Android device and then continue with this guide:

  • Go to the top of the screen and select the icon Create room.
  • Later, write a location and tag your Facebook friends. You can also add a description and a title to the video in this step.
  • Download Messenger from the Google Play Store.
  • When the new application you just downloaded opens automatically, you should grant the necessary permissions to share the contacts scheduled on the phone.
  • Then, a window will appear to set up the account center. This means that you will find on the screen the Instagram and WhatsApp accounts that you have on your mobile, so you must press the button Continue.
  • Next, you will see a window with the Data policy. You will have to read all the aspects because you will be able to know how Messenger treats your personal data to send you advertisements. Then choose the button Yes, finish configuration.
  • The step you must do now is to click on the icon located in the lower right part of the screen, called People.
  • Click the blue button Invite friends. This will display a menu with all your scheduled contacts, so you will have to search for your friends by selecting each of their numbers.
  • Once you have finished, you will have to re-enter the room you just created and press the button Share link.
  • An options menu will open where you will have to choose WhatsApp and Instagram and within each of these platforms, the people what you wish.

On iOS

On your iPad or iPhone do this process:

  • Enter the app From Facebook. If you don’t have it, download it from the App Store
  • Click on Create room.
  • Write the name and customize the options corresponding.
  • Then select the button Enter the room.
  • On the screen you will see a function called SHARE LINK, so you must click on it.
  • You’ll see the name of the room you just created and a share icon, click on the latter.
  • When you see the whatsapp logos and Instagram, you will have to enter each one to choose the people you are interested in sharing the direct of Facebook Live.

On PC and MacOS

Enter Facebook with your computer and do this step by step:

  • Once you have entered your password and username, you will have to go to New room.
  • Then, configure the name and activate the different functions that Facebook Live offers you.
  • When you finish click the blue button, Create room.
  • A link will appear that you must copy it to share it with your contacts from WhatsApp or followers of Instagram.

Learn about the best methods to increase your audience on Facebook Live and have more followers

Learn about the best methods to increase your audience on Facebook Live and have more followers

In order for your Facebook Live broadcasts to increase in audience and you can have more followers, it will be necessary for you to take into account the following tips that we will show you:

Maintain high video and sound quality

It is important that viewers are comfortable watching your broadcasts. Therefore, it is necessary that the quality of the images and sound be as good as possible. For this you will not only need a good Internet connection, but also a suitable camcorder and a microphone that does not pick up external noises.

Choose topics related to your profile

For you to increase your audience It is recommended that you always maintain the same line regarding the topics you deal with. But for this you must take into account the tastes, customs and interests of your audience, so it will be necessary to do a little research to satisfy these needs.

Stay active

You should not only transmit high-quality videos and topics related to you, but it is also convenient that the direct you do them frequently so that your followers do not forget about you. In addition, you must always try to deliver the best research material, trying to overcome the last alive. This will be recognized by your audience and will increase the number of followers.

Conduct interviews

Share the screen in your live broadcasts with influencers or famous people. In this way, you will make your community grow quickly, since the followers of those popular accounts will begin to know about you and will begin to follow you.

Pay attention to the comments

When you are doing the live shows alone or with another user, it is important that you read the opinions of the viewers. This will help you know if you are on the right track and also to generate empathy with your community, Take out by naming the people who think you will make them feel important.

Schedule the broadcast

It is recommended that you have the direct structured to avoid empty spaces that can distract the audience. To be successful at this point, try to test broadcasts and control timing so you know when to change the subject and how to overcome the bumps that occur.

Promote direct

Promote direct

Public in Facebook and other social networks the day and time you will perform your live shows. It is also important that you include if you are going to do interviews with famous people or you will randomly take a spectator to share the screen with you.

Call to action

A good idea that you should always keep in mind is to tell your viewers that share the transmission and follow you. In this way quickly increase your community. If you prefer, you can run raffles or give prizes to your most loyal followers.

Set the videos correctly

Facebook Live offers you options to customize your tools, which will help you deliver a video with professional style. You should not overlook the title and a good description so that followers know what your content is about.

It is important that you choose in a more convenient way, the type of camera you will use and if you want to do it through streaming software or through Live Producer. Each of these options will impact your transmission, so it is advisable to carry out tests before broadcasting the live video.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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