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Today you can see how more and more information is used in the digital world and is closely connected globally through the Internet. However, increasing centralization in this area has become a major problem. computer network.

Being a virtual space that is used to transmit data simultaneously, it is necessary to have the appropriate security, in such a way that it is not being controlled by large organizations.

For this reason, we present you IPFS, a very peculiar network with different services and functions for safer and more open browsing.

What is the IPFS network and what is this technology for in computing?


The IPFS network (Interplanetary File System) is considered as an improvement method for Internet and storage, which works with a P2P network and blockchain technology in order to achieve a website that is totally secure and distributed. Currently the web uses a protocol called “HTTP” that in addition to executing all the operations and uploading all the information to the cloud, is known for being a centralized server with multiple security disadvantages and restricted content access.

IPFS aims to change this, through security technologies and applications that help to form a network and decentralized communication, so that any device can be globally connected with the ability to freely store and provide information, becoming a distributed file system.

In this system, the files are immediately identified by their cryptographic hash, in this way, it can simply be achieved that all the content is totally original and does not repeat itself more than twice. Categorizing IPFS as an efficient network where any type of file can be preserved and rescued.

On the other hand, IPFS also uses SFS, a file system that can spread data without the need for any special permission. The data that is sent is authenticated by the respective file name, which is why it is considered a self-certified system. One of the most striking qualities of this system is the ability to find, view or download a file, since the network is in charge of looking for the connection points that save said content after its own hash.

What are the benefits of using IPFS to store information?

A IPFS network It offers a wide variety of benefits, and this is due to the fact that its development is based on a content delivery protocol that manages to counteract the major problems that are implemented on the Internet.

Let’s see some benefits that it brings us below:

Decentralized network

One of the main advantages that we can find in IPFS is that it is a network that is made up of multiple connection points. This guarantees the system and its functions, in addition, it avoids the commercialization of our personal data and expands other browsing options. By not relying on a single node, it makes the network much more efficient. Since centralized networks depend on a single connection point, and if it has a communication failure, it would immediately affect the system.

Efficient and fast web

It is important to mention that this network was created to provide higher performance. IPFS offers unmatched speed when processing and storing large volumes of files, at the same time on different computers, and without duplication.

File preservation

Another problematic aspect that should be highlighted is the constant disappearance of web pages. The service of this tool allows feasibly save information that is stored all over the world, so that the huge archive can last several years.

Better connections

IPFS Its main basis is to overcome any obstacle that affects the Web navegation, for this reason, it ensures that in any situation you can have high-quality connectivity through several robust networks.

IPFS applications What can we do with this cryptographic network?

As we mentioned earlier, IPFS is a protocol which can be used not only to deliver data safely to the web, but also to improve the productivity of many services that can be interconnected. With different applications you can upload files to the Internet from your computer through IPFS., Through its services we can improve our navigation and make it much more accurate and stable when sharing information or safeguarding.

When installing this tool, you can choose a range of options that will facilitate its use. For example, it allows you add the app as a shortcut to your menu bar or your inbox, to easily start developing. Also, you can get a IPFS extension to your browser so that you get better support and personal experience.

On the other hand, it has IPFS cluster, a distributed software created for different servers with the objective of conferring automated data globally and in excess, through the nodes that are in IPFS. The protocol in turn has implementations such as go-ipfs, which is basically used for the construction of source codes for computer programs, and js-ipfs, another peer-to-peer extension that is written in JavaScript to support IPFS in the browser and be able to manage files from this network.

Likewise, they include some new features and functions for the browser, in such a way that power web applications. Among its supplements is PubSub, used for the transmission of topics online. IPNS is another add-on, which helps to locate each file by a readable name, in this way, the process of remembering the hash is saved and updates of certified data can be entered.

Learn step by step how to upload files to the IPFS network safely

With IPFS you can achieve optimal results for the distribution of your information, which will also allow you to view it from anywhere in the world.

Therefore, we bring you a series of simple steps so that you can upload any file to the web without any problem:

With Orion

In Orion you have the benefit of accessing and uploading your files easily and competently. This open source application is known for being a client IPFS multiplatform, which you can also include in Windows as a tool. To upload your files to IPFS you just need to download Orion, install it and press the (+) button and it will immediately start to climb. Similarly, you can also go to the file and execute various options, right-clicking and “load with Orion.”

Download Orion Windows

Download Orion MacOS

With IPFS-Desktop

Another free client is IPFS-Desktop. An open source software that can be deployed in the browser and can be incorporated into Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. When you install the code you can go to the “files” section where you can add a file and transfer it to the IPFS network.

The upload process is very simple, you just have to create an IPFS node from your computer and then upload the file through the icon in the tool tray. IPFS-Desktop brings with it several functions, such as displaying the different users connected to your node, along with their hashes.

Download IPFS-Desktop Windows

Download IPFS-Desktop MacOS

Know the best applications and services to use the IPFS network that you should know

Many projects today prefer the IPFS communication protocol, due to its numerous benefits with respect to prosecution and the accumulation of data for your convenience and to be able to provide your users with a better service.

Take into account some of them:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Chrome has “IPFS Company” an extension that grants users access to the Ipfs.io URL. This add-on was developed to form a much safer and more active website, and can be downloaded from the official website.

With the distribution protocol IPFS you can create applications that are fully distributed and their properties allow to display the current IPFS pairing status, information about the gateway, among others. In addition, you can access a pop-up menu where you can review the statistics and alter the redirection of the node IPFS and other options that will allow you to customize different factors of the network.

Download Google Chrome Windows

Distributed Web Gateway

Distributed Web Gateway

This distributed web gateway is run by CloudFlare where any type of content can be provided on IPFS and accessed without requiring software. With the help of this implement you can explore files that are accumulated in IPFS, and this is because, if a file is uploaded to this network, someone else can view and download it within it.

To access copy the following link “https://www.cloudflare.com”. These functions can be executed from your computer and anywhere, and since it is a distributed file system, you can ensure the correctness of the content that is added or requested.



It is a social network that uses blockchain and IPFS technology to be able to carry out all kinds of activity, be it sharing, publishing, reacting to content. It also acts through a decentralized network to supply said content.

Akasha It was created and named as a project which can build a fixed warehouse integrated into the Internet, where all the data and content generated in real time can be saved. One of the advantages offered by this social network is that in addition to being open source, combines different smart contracts based on Ethereum and IPFS, therefore, it makes it a reliable tool.


Brave Browser

This browser brings with it in the configuration the option to enable “IPFS Companion”. Brave started working with this extension from 2018 in order to obtain higher performance, improved functions and establish a decentralized merchandise store. On the other hand, Brave has been in charge of including an application programming interface so that it can be used in IPFS Companion, in order to introduce new processes and services regarding the peer network that the browser has.

Download Brave Windows

Opera for Android


Software gives virtue to users to have input to the data found on the IPFS network, through the ipfs: // communication protocol in order to enter an open web. Opera also presented updates that facilitate the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies. Buy and sell BTC: Based on the blockchain, Wyre and Opera came together to allow mobile users to buy and sell Bitcoin with the use of Visa or Mastercard debit cards from your wallet integrated into the browser.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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