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For more than a decade, torrent download sites are a hit with new platforms being created and others being phased out every day. These types of websites are not legal, so there are constantly authorities trying to find and close them, since they violate the copyright of the content they share.

As much as we like it and we demand a free internet, for people to dedicate themselves exclusively to offering us they must receive compensation for it since they will not be able to live on our gratitude. That is why there are things, and especially the production of all kinds of content, which takes a lot of time and effort to carry out, has to be paid for. Despite that there are pages like Plusdede who are dedicated to pirating series, movies, animes, software and all kinds of material for free by downloading via torrent.

If you want to see multimedia without risking that the download will drop halfway, the best thing you can do is enter a torrent page, such as PlusDede. However, it is not a good idea to become a fan of a single specific portal since if one day they close it, you will be in the air. That is why in this article We present you a long list of P2P download portals that are the perfect alternative to Plusdede.

What happened to PlusDede? Not working or have they closed?

PlusDede was one of the best ways to download movies, series or videos in a simple way, but we had to forget about it since the team behind the project received a notification threatening to take them to jail to continue with the web. It is not the first time that it happens to them, remember that this portal is from the same creators Pordede, which was also closed a few months ago.

sad for Plusdede

However, not all the team was scared due to the threats from the Spanish Civil Guard and they have decided to continue with the same user base in another domain,, where even You will be able to access with the same username you had in PorDede and PlusDede. But the best thing without a doubt is to know other portals since at any time this new website can also close.

List of the best Torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to PlusDede


Now that you know that Plusdede will not return, at least in the short term, it is time for you to take notes of these ideal alternatives for keep downloading the content you want via torrent.

As the site has been closed, the founders of Pordede and PlusSede have moved to another website. When entering the original you will find a warning message that says that they have closed next to the link to the new one, Megadede. Basically the interface and operation is the same as the previous one, you can create an account or log in with the one you had and enjoy quality movies.

This platform is available since 2015. Its interface is simple and easy to use. At you can enjoy more than 51,000 links to download or watch videos, movies, series, television channels and football matches for free.

Another possible way to download good movies that you want to see is by using the portal. Its qualities unlike other platforms are that it does not include a lot of abusive advertisingThe design is simple and allows you to find titles easily, and they also have thousands of links to download torrent files, whether they are new movies or series.

A copy of, that has improved in many aspects. After it closed, a new platform came to light with a different domain and at the hands of other people who have known how to use the popularity of the site. In this new website, the design was improved and all the content that was in the previous one was added, but in addition, new download links were updated and included, all revised and working.

From the moment you enter this platform, you can realize the focus they put on make the user experience easy, there is even a message in which they communicate that they try to everything you find is Full HD, in the same way they guide you to search easily.

On the left side of the screen you will find options to filter by genre or release date, in the center are the premieres and the most popular, at the end of the site they have a section to show the next releases and in the upper right corner you can get a bar to search for what you want.

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Although it is not well known, Movies 123 is one of the best. Its design is oriented to the style of Netflix. They include good quality films and it is possible to find premiere tv shows, series or movies.

The best thing about this option is that everything is very well organized, from the moment you enter the portal you can see all the popular series and choose the one you like or you can use its sections to search by genre or year of release. It is possible to watch movies, series or soap operas in HD quality. In addition, if a problem occurs with the links, you can communicate with the founders through the social networks of the site, such as Facebook.

Not very popular, but very good., is a platform with a design that for some may seem a bit complicated, but as soon as you start using it you understand it. Ideally, create an account and access all available titles, you can choose between movies, adult programs, series, soap operas, music or software in the menu on the left and start choose from the wide range of files.

This has a 3 in its name due to the times it has been closed and has had to be renovated and reopened elsewhere. It has a lot of publicity, but if you can deal with it, you will find a large number of series 100% premiere. To search you can use the type like (Movie, series, program, music etc) or by genre.

This website is in EnglishTherefore, for those who do not have much knowledge of the language, it is convenient to use the translator to enjoy their files. At the beginning they remember that it is important when downloading from their platform use a VPN that protects your IP address. It is also possible access new content and enjoy good quality movies or series that cannot be found anywhere else but on legal and expensive websites.

More than a download site, it is a meta search engine as they say in the input message. Anyone can use it, just write the program you want, press search and torrentz2 will do the magic by analyzing information from more than 86,400,000 torrent links that it has, from there it only remains to download, always making sure it is safe, Guiding you by the comments of other users.

With so many years being a good platform, BetterTorrent has earned the prestige of being one of the best P2P file search engines. When you enter you can choose between the categories or search directly by typing in the search bar. Once you get the file you want you can download it. Remember that you must use a VPN or proxy to protect the identity of your team.

Another thing that you should know is that the brand “MejorTorrent” is also being persecuted by the Civil Guard, so it is very likely that this new portal will be closed at any time. So it is convenient that you do not get attached to it for a long time.

At first glance, the design is not very sophisticated and the amount of advertising and links that are opened when clicking in the wrong places can frustrate anyone, but with a little time you can get used to how Torlock works.

Upon entering there is a list with the most popular and downloaded in general, as well as the most downloaded in each category, whether movies or series, also allow to use the search bar for further specification. Once you have found the file you can click and you will find more information, from the date it was published, the number of downloads, the quality, and of course the options to view or download.

With an interface design very much like the sites of decades ago, Zoogle includes only verified torrent files, among which there are more than 3 million links to use. You can search as you wish, or choose from the most popular in each category and download. The best thing is that everything be part of a reliable network, so you can be sure that nothing you download will be contaminated with viruses that can damage your computer.

Tips to be careful when using these websites safely

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As in everything illegal, it is important that you take into account several things before starting to download torrent left and right. The first thing is hire a good VPN so you can keep your IP and privacy safe. It is also convenient that you have a good antivirus on your computer. Although the websites that we comment on do their best to ensure that their space is free of vulnerabilities, you never know when these care fail and cause a malware or Trojan harms your computer.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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