Audio tracks are frequent in our day to day, even when we are making a video and we want to personalize it with our own music. Sometimes it happens that we want to combine several audios or songs in a single piece and we do not know how or what are the best tools to do it. That is why at some point we have or will have to look for an app that helps us carry out this task.

Even without knowing or having a broad notion about editing of this type, Anyone can combine files in this format to create one. For this we must bear in mind that the easiest way to do it is with certain programs that can facilitate the fact of obtaining a totally clean and organized material. Therefore, we must know which editors are currently the most popular and practical that we can use from any device.

In the article below, We will explain how you can join or combine several fragments online and for free, without having to install external software on your computer. In the same way, we will show you the best apps to do the same on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac.

Steps to join audios and songs without using programs online and for free

In this opportunity we will show you how you can join audio fragments and songs without using programs, doing it online and for free with an application that will allow you to maintain its quality. It is very practical and simple to use and you can do it in a few minutes, you can find it from your browser like “Joiner”, a sound editor that works without losing the quality of the tracks.
audio joiner

Enter Audio Joiner

Is a free online program that facilitates the union of several tracks in a single composition and you can include the amount you need since there are no limitations in it. The most relevant thing about this is that works with most sound formats, in turn automatically converts them to MP3 so you can work faster and more comfortably.

  • The first thing you will have to do is go to the search engine of your browser and choose an online application to be able to join audios, in this case we will explain you with “Audio joiner”.
  • Place in the search engine “Audio joiner”And when you click on search, it will give you several results, you will have to choose the first alternative that will appear.

Search Audio Joiner

  • When you proceed to enter the application You will have two options, the first one will be to add tracks and the other will be to record it.

join tracks into one or record in Joiner

Add tracks

This tool will allow you merge all the files you want and the best of all is that you can handle it without having to install it on your computer, Instead, you can do it by going directly to the web to unify your audios.

In this opportunity we will reveal how to add the audio tracks to the application, so you should be attentive to the steps that are presented below.

  • When entering the application you must select this time “Add tracks” and later a file folder will open that is on your computer.

add audio tracks

  • Then you will have to click on the option that says “Open” and click to proceed to upload to the program.
  • You will have the option to enter the other track or song and wait for it to load. This will depend on how much the file weighs, but it won’t take long to get started.

enter another audio track

  • Once you have chosen the audios, an option will appear at the bottom that says “Link”, click to combine them and get a single one.

Record tracks

This platform also gives you the option of incorporate a third track, but this time recorded from the microphone of your computer. Here we show you how you can do it.

  • The first thing you should do is select the option where the microphone icon appears.

record audio in Joiner

  • Later you will get a window that asks you if “You want to use the camera or the microphone”, you will have to click on “To accept” to start recording what you want.
  • Followed by the previous step, when you finish recording with your voice you will have to press the microphone again but to stop the recording and start coding it.
  • After the sound recording, A third track will appear to join it with the previous two that you chose from your files.
  • Already having the three reproductions, you can press the option of “Link”.
  • Next, you will have your tracks merged into the same audio.
  • You will only need to download them, for this a window will open that will indicate “To download”, click and go.

download attached tracks

You must take into account that you can play with the three tracks to raise and lower the audio, and swap the position of each one. In order to move them around, an option will appear next to them in the shape of an arrow, there you can modify them. In this way your reproductions will become one thanks to this web tool.

Best online apps and programs to combine songs on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac

You should know that there are several applications online to join audio fragments and songs on your Android and iPhone mobile device, as well as on your Windows and Mac computer, achieving that these are unified. It is for this reason that in this segment we will tell you which are the best tools to combine tracks. Among them stand out Audicity, Wavepad, Ocenaudio and others.



It is a free to use tool that allows you to cut intervals of audios, join sounds and edit them with a wide variety of effects. This is a type of program that will help your merged audio look like it was made by a person who has extensive knowledge in the world of editing. Reaching that it fits you in a more professional way, since It has several instruments that include the creation of sounds and videos.



Among the main apps for track design we have the following called “Ocenaudio”, a very powerful and very practical program to use. capable of accepting various audio formats. Besides that it has a very essential advantage which has to do with the editing of several files at the same time, even allowing you to create tones for iPhone. Is really very easy to use for people who do not have much notion of what the sounds are and their editing.


Wavosaur Audio Editor

This type of program is very practical to handle, the only disadvantage of this tool is that noor handles all types of formats, but works with specific ones such as MP3, OGG, WAV and others. The best thing about this is that it is ideal for those who want edit an audio from Windows.



WavePad will also allow you to edit music and sound files. For his part manages to support several files where you can cut, paste and join all those audios you want fix, and of course it has a very good amount of effects. The biggest advantage of this is that it is compatible with Windows, iPhone, Android and Mac, being a multiplatform.



This program is very easy to combine tracks, which makes it an excellent advantage, because what you do in a space does not affect the other party, as in many other tools. At the same time, has the ability to support a large number of formats for editing songs or audios. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.



“Wavesurfer” is a platform that is valid with Windows, Mac OS X. It is essential that you know how to manipulate it, since it is extremely practical and versatile for all users, that is, for those who know about audio editing and everything related to that, as for beginners who do not have any knowledge about combinations and everything related.

Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate

“Video converter ultimate” is not as easy to use as other applications, but you offers highly competitive tools for combining songs or audios. For its part, it achieves convert video and audio into different formats and it has advanced options for multimedia editing, which will allow you to have an excellent application so that your videos have a very good quality.

Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor

This application is compatible with Android and as an app for Windows, allows you to cut, paste, edit and the elaboration of audios to arrange them and merge all the ones you want. It will also allow you to change the speed of the audio as you like best.

Currently there are many apps and programs online to be able to join or combine audio snippets and make song editing is less complicated, so that users can adapt to the different tools more easily.

HTML5 Audio Editor

HTML5 Audio Editor

“HTML5 Audio Editor” is a good option when you need to cut, copy and paste several audios to form a track. The only downside apparently it is known until now about this tool, It is because it cannot undo or eliminate the effects applied to it by editing the files.


iMovie APP

This type of program achieves combine videos and access your files, it makes the audios you fix look more professional even if you don’t have extensive knowledge the tool is so simple that you will be able to do it well and at the end of the editing of your video you can send it through the different social networks for transmission and so that you can appreciate how your audio was with this application.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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