There are several reasons why you want to group several images in a single PDF, one of them may be because this type of document manages to maintain aesthetics when presenting or printing them. This is because when they are saved they are protected and does not allow the content to move, but it retains its original structure.

This tool also supports you, combine several files and organize them in a single format so that you have them in a more orderly way. Surely at some point you have wanted to go further in order to achieve merge multiple illustrations into a single PDF document, but you don’t know how. For this, the internet provides a series of online applications so that you can do it in a very practical way.

What would have cost many searches a long time ago is now just one click away. That is why in this part we will show you all those steps to unify and create them from a platform that you even have to install, since you can use websites and export only the file. A good option if you want each image to occupy one sheet of the document.

Steps to join several images and create a single PDF without using programs online and for free

You should know that you have the opportunity to merge several images and create a single PDF document without the need to use programs, only by accessing your browser’s search engine and exploring a tool online.

In this article we will show you how you can run it using Online2pdf, a web application that offers you various options with which you can solve by combining your files in these types of formats.

With this software you can convert your content to PDF without problems, it also includes various functions such as editing, releasing, combining and exporting to other formats such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPG and much more. A very useful platform that converges different tools that you might like to use.

In this part we will reveal how you can group illustrations in this type:

  • First of all, you must go to your browser and search for Online2PDF and choose the main option that the search reflects you.

search for converter in your browser online2pdf

  • Then you will have to “Select files” from your computer, or by dragging the images you want to convert. Later you will have to choose the option that says “Image to PDF”.

select files and image

  • You must choose how you want your images to look in the file that you will convert to PDF, that is, page margin, size, orientation, among other options that appear. Followed by the previous steps you must click on the button “Convert”.

fix images to convert

  • Finally, you will have to verify that the PDF file is in the downloads from your computer and voila.

verify images

Best online apps and programs to create a PDF by joining several images

Currently there are a large number of programs online to fix the documents you want in PDF format, in this case joining several images and making them one. For their part, these tend to become a faster and more practical way for users to adapt the content, because they do not have to download any software on their computer to get it. Here are the best web apps.

This type of tool will allow you to merge your documents and images into PDF in an online way and totally free. You should know that it has compatibility with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and many others, even managing to combine up to 20 files at the same time, allowing a maximum size of 150 MB. In it you can edit, combine and unify everything you want from your team. Notably approves of removing protection for this type of format and compress it to decrease its weight.


Sejda PDF Merger

This program achieves join several images and documents into a single file, organizing them and flattening pages of different documents. You have the option of dragging and dropping to combine them in a more practical and simple way. You can access it whenever you want, since it works from the browser and is totally free, although it has a paid version for one year in case you want more extensive functions. After the server processes the information, it permanently removes them from the platform, giving the user security of what is done on it.


Among the most popular programs is “iLovePDF” where you will be able to join, separate, compress and convert Office documents to PDF, PDF to JPG and JPG to PDF. You can even combine your illustrations and files so that you can form a single document without any problem. Like the previous one, in this one you can also drag and drop for your practical development in this tool. It does not need installation and facilitates the handling for anyone to be able to use it.

I love PDF

This free online program gives you the facility to unify your images in a single PDF format, which allows you to reorganize your documents. You can use it from your computer or from your mobile device. It is a fairly complete and simple tool for users who are not used to carrying out this type of process with their files. When you are done fixing all your images by merging them into a single file, This app also gives you the option so that you can convert them to Microsoft Word.


This application manages to offer you the union of several PDFs in one without the use of any program. It has a quite excellent advantage and that is that it does not have size restrictions so you can arrange the amount of documents in text or images you want for greater comfort. It is quite practical when using it and it will be of great help when you want to use it because of the tools it offers you.

This program approves that you fix all your documents in PDF achieving the conversion of different types of files for greater ease. It admits the different modifications in each one as best you prefer, managing to correct them without the images losing their quality. In addition, it allows the conversion of PDF to Word and others, it is really comfortable and very practical.


This web application manages to merge two or more images into PDF. It has a very good advantage and that is that it is compatible with different formats to fix your files such as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF. This tool allows you to modify documents in a simple way and decide if you want to arrange it horizontally, vertically or by columns.


These are the different tools or applications with which you may not have the need to use and download additional software on your Windows or Mac computer to unify several photos and create a PDF file in a single document. But you can fix them online from wherever you are just by accessing your browser. Use the practical tools that each of these applications brings to you an effective solution for your projects.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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