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PDF files were released in 2008 and are about a commonly used file type, so it is located among the most used to create and share electronic documents, because it is a format in which documents can be easily managed and shared. In addition, they have several advantages over other types of digital files, taking into account that they can store any combination of text, hypertext and multimedia elements, links and even page thumbnails; all without losing its original look or design. It is also a format that not lost when forwarding to other users and it is very easy to use, as well as installing the application in a virtual printer in the operating system.

For its part, this type of digital documents can be encrypted to protect your content. Indeed, they are perfect for preserving copyright and it is even possible to permanently lock your edit, printing and other actions that could be considered plagiarism. In short, they provide optimal compression without having to alter the information they have, also facilitating their distribution and publication on the web. Which can be used in the main operating systems.

Now, on various occasions it is necessary add one PDF file after another, either with the objective of complementing the information or bringing together in a single document source content, such as scanned files, images, etc. Most likely, people think this is too complicated, but it’s actually a simple task to carry out from several free and easy-to-perform options. So, Do you want to know how to combine and join PDF files? Do not miss the information that follows here.

Steps to combine and join PDF documents into one

It’s important to know how to join these types of files into one, and referring to the best ways to do it, we tell you how you can achieve it very easily. Also valuing that you do not need to be an expert for it.

Unify on Windows with Acrobat

Unify on Windows with Acrobat

While true, these file types provide users with great versatility and comfort in various circumstances. But sometimes it can be difficult to handle several of them with the same information in different files, which in some cases, can even cause confusion and make your presentations unprofessional.

That is why from this alternative, you will learn how to unify these types of documents via Acrobat, just by following the following process:

  • Once you enter Acrobat, click on the menu “Tools “ and press the option “Merge files”.
  • After clicking on “Merge Files“, You must go to the section that says”Add files”In order to choose the ones you want to include in your final document.
  • Then you need to click, drag and drop to reorder files and pages. Now, double click on a file to expand and go back to arranging the pages individually.
  • In case you want to delete unwanted content, you just have to press the key “Remove”.
  • If you have already finished arranging all the files, proceed to click on “Merge files”.
  • All that remains is to click on the button “save”To have your document finalized and unified in one.

Well, it is a very simple process with which you will get 2 or more PDFs that you want attached in case you use a computer with Windows operating system.

Join on Mac

Join on Mac

Here are the steps you must take to merge several of them combined into one, using Preview on Mac OS X v10.6 or later.

  • You must open the files you want to combine in “Preview”.
  • Show the sidebar of each Preview window and if it doesn’t appear, click the “Sidebar”Located on the toolbar of the Preview window. You can also select “View> Sidebar> Show Sidebar “.
  • It is important that you verify if the sidebar is configured to display thumbnails. Otherwise, choose to choose “View> Sidebar> Thumbnails “.
  • Take the miniature from a PDF document that would be the source, on the thumbnail of another file that refers to destiny. Then release the mouse or trackpad button as soon as the pointer turns into a green circle with a plus symbol inside. This section is the one that will copy all the pages of the source document and will insert them at the end of the destination file.
  • In case the landing pages are in the wrong order, take care to press the gray circle with an arrow located above the document thumbnail. This is so that the arrow points to the right side and drag the thumbnails of the windows one by one, inserting them in the order you want.
  • Now, when the destination file has all the pages that you have indicated and they are in the required order, you can choose “File> Save As “ to save a new PDF document containing all the pages combined. But it is also possible to use the shortcut “File> Save ” to replace the original version of PDF target with the version that the joined pages integrate.

Best free online tools to join multiple PDFs

This is another of the best alternatives to join them in a single file. Which besides being free, they are very easy to use and then we present a list of them so that you do not stop trying them, all of them with multiple editing options for PDF documents:

PDF Split & Merge

PDF Split & Merge

It is a free application available for Windows. It has the possibility of accessing in several languages ​​and is considered an optimal tool to join up to a maximum of three files at the same time (free of charge).

In case you want to remove this limit, PDF Split & Merge obliges to pay € 20. It is also important to note that this software allows you to separate a file into totally independent pages. It is part of the apps of Icecream, website that has a good sum of online tools.

To access the app directly, enter the following URL in your browser:

It is an option to install on the device that does not depend on the platform. The software it is developed in Java, whereby can be run from any operating system, this being one of its best advantages. Therefore, if you do not want to depend on a web solution, either for security and privacy reasons or for any other reason, is one of the best alternatives on the list.

It is estimated as one of the free online tools most powerful on the market, although also a web that integrates tools of different types to be able to work perfectly with PDF documents. You can see a full tutorial on how to use iLovePDF from here and discover its many possibilities, undoubtedly one of the most complete so far.


It is limited to 30 megabytes for each individual document that is opened. A disadvantage of this program is its aesthetic appearancebecause the ads appear everywhere you look. This option is part of the FoxyUtils website where, among this feature, it brings together another series of specialized software for editing this type of document, to access it directly go here:


It is a very simple web tool to use, because you just have to drag the documents and download the final result.


This option allows you to upload the files and also consecrates a Java application that manages to remove the size limit. With this, it provides you with greater effectiveness to join considerably large files.


It works similar to SmallPDF, although this alternative has a special plugin for Chrome that greatly facilitates the work of PDF files.



It allows combine one or more files of different formats into a single PDF document. In addition, it offers an effective one-touch conversion option, thus providing you with a comprehensive job of obtaining documents of this type in a variety of different ways or vice versa. Also reducing the size up to 70% of those with large volumes.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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