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Today These online photo tools are very useful, as they can help you in those moments when you are in a hurry and do not have time to download applications and be creating accounts, or you do not have the device to make a collage or one of those comparative images. You may also be looking for a page that allows you to create your username and save your creations.

That is why a great diversity of websites and specialized programs for photo editing, either from one or more photographs. Mixing images has never been so easy with these websites and apps, because in addition to facilitating the task of making your montages, they help you improve the finish adding filters, effects, frames or whatever else you want.

The mounting design will always be a great detail to surprise your loved ones or a good ingenuity for your works. That is why here we recommend some tools which are excellent for what you want to do. We will also explain how you can use them and how to download them at no cost, even those that can be used for a quick occasion.

Steps to merge two photos into one online and free image

Portraits have now become an indispensable tool, either for a task or to share it with your friends. With them you can get to express and show a great variety of content without having to write or say something in them, they have the peculiarity that they speak for themselves.

Next we will show you how to dock illustrations online and for free, with a simple, easy and free program, Pizap:

It is one of the most used pages for the elaboration of grouping of images, this you can use it without having to register in it. You will be able to create fun collas, edit portraits and add all the effects that are to your liking. It is a very comprehensive and easy to use page. To discover how to create a cluster read the step by step:

  • When entering the page you only choose the function of “Collage”.

Create collage pizap copy

  • You will see several default shapes so you can locate your photos.

Pizap collage

  • Once choose the function that you like, it only remains that select the photos you want to add, from your computer or social networks.

Select photo pizap

  • Once you have selected the photos, It only remains to choose the filter you want to apply and the touch-ups you like to do. You can also enter text or stickers.

Create pizap collage

  • Then you will have to download the image and you’re done.

Save collage pizap

Best online apps and programs to join photos and make photo collage

A photographic collage is an artistic technique that consists of coupling elements in a single structure with a personal touch. It seems difficult to do but, imagine all that you can achieve with a photo that is perfectly optimized with the help of programs and applications.

For this reason we will leave you some tools that are easy to use and fast for editing photos online. Although some are more complete than others, you will see that each of them will help you in a different way for what you want to do. Maybe in some of these you will find everything you need to be able to combine the way you want.

Best apps and programs to make collage


This page is very simple to use, since it does not ask you to create a user account. Particularly, it has various functions where you can edit the photos you want to merge, It also brings you other options that allow you to change the color, invert the tones, place filters, among other details. If you want to get creative and come up with a collage, this is perfect, Because it is not only useful for editing but also helps you with other things in your daily use.

Photo effects

On this platform You can make groups joining several portraits photos at a time. In it you will find a series of templates as a base to make your images, you can also directly apply filters and texts to give an original touch to your creations, either something personal or a memory that you want to find with the comparisons you are working on.


It is a special tool for edit photosIt is super full and a bit complex to manipulate time. But in general lines provides very versatile instruments when it comes to correction. It brings incorporated a catalog with a wide variety of options that you can use without any problem And the best thing is that it is totally free, you can use it without an account or by synchronizing it with a social network.


This page does ask you for a record, this so that you can have a visualization whenever you want of your compositions, as well as to correct them and save them again, in case you want to redesign something. For its part, it is a tool that helps you draw what you want to another level. In it you can create your images, infographics and multiple graphic content, which will help you give a more professional touch to what you are devising, whether for a web page or for personal use.

You can use it online or on your mobile device by downloading the application. You can unify your captures, crop them, apply filters and effects of all kinds with just one click. Canva is one of the most recommended tools if you want to perfect quickly and without complications.


Designing your collage photo has never been as comfortable as it is with Photofancy online. This you will allow you to customize your own portraits with unique and high quality details. The good thing about this page is that it uses a format only for the collage, with multiple model templates for your montages for free and without creating a user to make use of them.


It is a very easy and online tool to make your groupings of captures. It previously requires a registration to be made, but if you want to synchronize it with your google account you can do it. In it you can not only create your collas, but you can also make slides, videos, photo montages, among other things. When you have finished your creation, you can save it on your computer or send it by mail.


It is very useful when you need to create montages of photographs, the interesting thing is that it is completely free and you do not need to register for it, You just have to choose between the spectacular pre-assembled templates that FotoJet offers to start thinking. If you want a template that has a special theme, you can choose it and then edit it to your liking, you can even change the font that it has and even what it says in it.

Not only is it very complete when it comes to joining, but it also allows you improve the composition of these, such as contrast, exposure, color and brightness. When archiving what you have done, you can choose the format of your preference either JPG or PNG.


It is one of the most used applications at the moment, so it could be one of the most complete apps out there. This has a great similarity to what Photoshop is, the difference is that it is completely free and it has all kinds of functionalities, both for people who want to do something simple and for those who want to use it more ethically.

Among all the functionalities that it brings you, it should be noted that the file browser, the effects editor (the combination of images, templates, frames, compositions, among others) They comprise a simple and minimal handling.


It is a graphic editor specialist in digital image editing that has a wide variety of options that place it almost at the height of Photoshop. This program is basic in the design and composition of images, although they include some very practical tools such as brushes, filters and instruments that cover any possible need. It can make drawings by hand, gradients and much more. The best thing is that it is free of charge.


It is an editor that works very well, it has a great versatility of fonts, stickers, effects, colors and frames. Its function is very similar to that of Adobe, however the difference is that it is completely free. At first it can be complicated, but once you find the tools it will be very practical.

It is a good option if what you are looking for is a quick edition, it is easy to work with it since as you use it it becomes more enjoyable to be able to design. You will be able to perform your imaging functions without any problem and you will get a clean and better job than expected. It has a version for mobile devices and computers.


The reason why this app is so outstanding is that it has a great warm options to perfect your photos and personalize them, You can freely draw on the image to give it your personal touch or to highlight the areas of your choice. You can apply the effects you like the most, group images, crop them and everything you can imagine. You can use this without having an internet connection and it is totally free.

Photo Collage Creator

Photo collage Creator, is a special program to make combinations of photographs, you can get from a simple grid to a perfect fusion with background illustrations. It comes with a series of default templates, where you can change the distribution of the photos without any problem.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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