JOKE My Computer Updates By Itself!   Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

In office jobs there are always Two types of people: On the one hand, those who love computing and are always inquiring about technological developments and who hate technology and they have serious problems working with it, doing it because there is no other choice.

If you have companions of the second type, it can be very funny to troll them with the Update Faker website and make them think that their computer is updating at the most inopportune moment.

Throughout this post we are going to show the necessary steps to give you a laugh and we will indicate other similar jokes that can be done to the most denied colleagues with computing. Read on if you want to have some fun with some innocent pranks!

Steps to trick your co-workers with “Update Faker” into thinking that their computer is updated

Update Faker

The great fear that users of any operating system have is that of be working and that a sudden update finish the effort they’ve been putting in and paralyze them in their activities for a certain time. Therefore, the joke of simulating an update on the computer can become very heavy if we choose the moment well in which we carry it out.

Next we are going to show all the steps to run Update Faker and leave our colleagues touched with the simulated update:

A joke for the clueless

The developers of this site have created it precisely to teach absent-minded users a lesson, so that they know that they must lock their computer when they get up from their position, even if only for a moment.

Everything is done from the web

In order to use Update Faker, you do not need to perform any expert steps. First of all, it must access your page from the person’s computer to which we want to give the great scare.

Select operating system

The algorithm is designed to simulate different operating systems from Windows XP, 7, to Windows 10, MacOS and even through Windows 98. You just have to select the one the user has installed and wait for the magic to start.


To make sure that your “friend” sees the trolling, click on the button “F11”; the fun will take place big screen.

The dreaded blue screen

Prepare your poker face because, in addition, you can click on the button “Enter” to bring up the dreaded blue screen of death. Yes, yes, the one that indicates that your team has passed away and that you have lost all that work in which you have been immersed all day.

Your partner’s face will be a poem. Be careful because, depending on the configuration of the equipment, it is possible that this does not come out but that the window of “Pop-up window”; you just have to allow it, but it has to be done!

Protect yourself!

The creators of the web make it very clear that they are not responsible for the level of anger that your colleagues may reach. Therefore, take responsibility for your actions, hehe.

What other pranks can I make to my co-workers with their devices?

Of course, there are other types of funny jokes that can be made to those colleagues who have little command of computers and mobile devices.

Here is a list of the ones that seem funnier to us:

troll loading page

If you want to steal a few minutes from your friends or colleagues, you can send them a link to this website. The funny thing is they will never get me to carry anything.

It all depends on the way you decorate the link, but if you mask it by telling them that it is in reference to something very important, you will get their attention, keep their interest and enjoy those minutes in which the victim is waiting and only sees a bar load that does not advance.

Broken mobile screen prank

This joke is very typical and depends only on a small download. Take advantage of that moment when your friend leaves the phone out of his sight and accesses his application store. Download an application that simulates that your device has a smashed screen; this is nothing more than an image to be used as a wallpaper, quiet.

It is easy to see, but it is a joke that, in principle, will make even the eyelashes of your friends tremble. You can also do it with the screens of their personal computers. There are websites that even simulate gifs to give the joke more truth.

Monkey, an app for celebrities

This is an application that will make you feel important for a moment. In fact, thanks to it the user you can pretend you are talking to celebrities.

You must install it in your terminal and you can make FaceTime calls with your favorite character. In fact, you will cheat on your friends for at least a few minutes, until the conversation loses its meaning, something that you can avoid if you practice.

fake omatic airline tickets

Omatic is your application if you want to give your friends plane tickets to unusual places for free. Of course, they are not true (something you could already imagine). Follow the next steps:

  • Sign in to your website
  • Tap on “Start now!”
  • fill the form With the data
  • Hit “Done!”.

Your tickets will be generated so you can print them. Now you just have to show them to your friends to see the face that remains. You can even give them a trip to the moon!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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