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If you are here looking for information about the files with .key extension to know what they are and how to open them it is because you meet for the first time in front of one and you do not know what to do.

But we have thought of you and we want to explain everything to you, that is why we have made this post with the purpose that learn what you need to know about these types of files and how to open them.

Although these are only compatible with Mac OS computers, we show you the ways so you can enjoy them on Windows and Android, with little steps and simple methods. Let’s get started.

What is .KEY files and what are they used for?

files with .KEY extension

These types of files are very popular and also are widely used by different types of key file software, whose function is the process of registering a legal copy of a certain program. Too those that use the SSL protocol use .KEY files to store and export their digital keys.

Such files have various functions, but mostly they are used to store code strings or encoded keys. These do not have a standardized structure as such, so no specific program as such is defined to open it, simply each application executes commands creating its own format of what it interprets from the file.

Presentation file

Presentation files as well as PowerPoint files are also known as a .KEY extension. The difference with the classic Windows editor PPT is that it comes from Mac OS, specifically from Apple’s Keynote 5 program.

This is very famous software just like Power point, very useful for creating all kinds of presentations. It was launched on the market in 2003, and from that moment it became the main competition of the program created by Microsoft (Power point).

This type of file contains all the information sufficient to reproduce any presentation, including images, sounds, texts, XML. The disadvantage of .KEYs is that they can only be read by computers running MAC OS. However there are some methods to be able to see them in other OS.

How to open and view .KEY files on smartphones or computers?

As we mentioned earlier .KEY files are only designed to be interpreted by MAC OS, but this is not an impediment to be able to see a presentation with this file extension in another operating system, here we bring you the steps we must take to be able to view this type of presentation by any other operating system.

On Windows PC

One of the main operating systems that do not recognize files with .KEY extensions is Windows, but this is not something that causes us concern because there are methods to open this type of files.

One of the simplest methods is convert .KEY files to .PPT (Power Point) which is the one that Windows can read, the only detail for this method is that in order to convert it must be done from Mac OS since it is this that gives us this option.

To do this you must follow the steps below:

  • Open the file. We go to the file we want to convert, then we double-click on it and wait for Mac OS to open it.
  • Convert to PPT. Once the presentation is open, which we are going to convert to Power Point, we go to the tab that says “File” (File), in the list that appears we click on the option “Export to” and then we select where it says “Power Point”.


  • Save the file. It only remains to save the transformed file, and for this we choose a Name and location of it, and click on “Export”.
  • Open the file in Windows. We save the presentation on a pendrive and insert it into a computer that contains Windows as the operating system. We locate the file, double-click on it or we also right-click and select “Open”. Now we simply wait for Power Point to open the presentation and voila, we can now view it.


Using an Online Tool

The second option is to use a web tool. In this method we will convert the .KEY file from an online page, this being a highly recommended method if you do not have a Mac OS computer to view or convert it using the previous method.

  • Let’s go to the page. First we go to the Zamzar page, since this will be the one we will use to do the conversion. For that we go to the page


  • We convert the format. As we can see, Zamzar tells us three steps that we must follow. We add the file by clicking on the green option that says “Add” files, then we choose the type of format which we want our file to be converted, in this case we choose ppt, and to finish we click on “Convert now” and we accept the terms in order to convert our presentation.

On Mac computers

Well, open a .key file on Mac. This is not complicated since this operating system is prepared to receive and view the .KEY presentations which we will not need help from any program or tool external to this.

Of course when we refer to tools or programs external to this one, we mean programs outside the creation of Mac, but if we must download software to be able to open this type of files. The software that we must download is called Keynote and it can be downloaded from the Apple store.

We download and install the program on our computer with Mac OS, having this ready we begin:

  • Locate the file. We have to locate the place where the file we want to open is located.
  • Open the presentation. Once located, we double-click on the presentation, or we can also drag it to the keynote icon in the Dock or in the applications folder.

Ready we can visualize our presentation with keynote with everything and its animations.

On Android mobile phones

Android phones cannot see, even with the help of a program, those presentations with a .key extension, so for Android too We have to convert the files into .ppt or .pdf, since in the same way the views shown in the .ppt files are very similar to those shown in .pdf.

  • Enter the converter. We enter the format converter, the one we use is
  • Convert to pdf. Then there we upload our file with a .KEY extension and wait for it to load. Once we have defined the type of format in which we want it, we click on convert now.

Then with our presentation in .pdf, we run it with the reader of this type of format that we have installed on our phone.

On iPhone devices with iOS

To open a .KEY presentation on an iPhone, it will need to be converted into Keynote for iOS. To convert it and open the presentation, follow these steps.

  • Convert to Keynote for iOS. We have to open the presentation. Already open we press the button “More” whose symbol is three points located at the right corner of the program (…). Then we click on the button that says “To export”, we choose the format we want for the presentation. Finally we select by what means we want to send the presentation, we can choose between Mail, Messages and others.
  • Open the presentation. We save the presentation on our iPhone and open it. If it does not open, it is because the format is still incompatible so we recommend that you do them again from step 1, and if it does not work for you again, it is because the file is not a presentation type or has codes that cannot be converted.

List of the best alternative applications and programs to open a document with .Key extension

As we have already said throughout the post, files with a key extension are only compatible with Mac OS, so it is impossible to find an application, program or tool that directly opens or reads these types of files from Windows or Android, so the best alternative for this is to convert it.

There are online programs that we can use to carry out this type of conversions, here we leave you a list of 5 of them:


If you have read the post you should have a minimal notion of what this online application is, but in the same way we will explain a little more about it. This is very recognized for the variety of formats it works withAs well as it is highly recommended for its efficiency, which is very difficult in others that compete with it. It is very easy to use, we really personally recommend it.


Many know of this platform, but what you don’t know is that it also allows you to convert the formats of your documentsIn addition, it has included to be able to read presentations with a key extension, so it also includes export in a different format in its options. For this you must log in, upload the file, go to the section “Keynote” and click on “To export”. You clearly must have an account in order to log in.


I do not know if you know it, but that does not mean that it is not recognized, on the contrary it is very useful for the cyber community. The best thing about this application is that like Zamzar, You do not need to have a user or an Apple ID to access. We also recommend it because it fulfills what it promises, in addition to transforming documents into Microsoft formats compatible even with old versions of them, such as 2003 and below this.

Aconvert Cut Video

Not very famous but if you want more options this can help you. It is a converter not with many types of formats but in the same way it is very usefulIts use is very simple and you do not need any registration to use it, the detail of this online application is the amount of advertisements that it loads.


Other converter not very famous but equally useful, very simple, with the difference that most of its texts are in English so you must translate the page or if you understand English perfectly it will not be necessary. This page as well as the others we mentioned It has different formats to which a document can be transformed, example from key to pdf or ppt.

After you convert all your documents with the key extension you can open it as many times as you want on Windows computers or Android phones without any complications.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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