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Keyloggers are highly dangerous viruses, which can generate copies of all our deeds. We must take care of these and protect ourselves against any attack, that is why it is very important to know what they are and how they work.

In this post, we will teach you very important features that will allow us to quickly identify a keylogger, as well as show you what to do in their presence. If you do not take into account everything that we leave later, you can expose yourself to great danger.

Remember that computer thieves, they are not fairy tales and their purpose is to obtain income by stealing other people, and they really are experts in what they do, but if we have good protection and prudence in what we do, they will not affect any file or personal data.

What is a Keylogger and how does this type of computer virus work?


When we talk about keylogger, we are talking about a software that infects our devices with the sole purpose of registering each writing we do with our keyboard. In other words, a Keylogger is a virus that is sent or installed on hardware that allows save a file with each key pressed through our physical keyboard.

This malware is of the daemon type, and it automatically sends data, which informs other users of all our information, such as: bank password, phone numbers, credit card numbers or any other.

This type of file can be installed on our PC by means of an external device (USB) or by means of a download that we do over the Internet. A antivirus can identify it as a Trojan or a worm, although can sometimes go unnoticed.

What are the main characteristics of a keylogger file?

Keyloggers are highly dangerous, not because they can damage the behavior of our PC, but rather they steal all of our personal information. That is why we must always be vigilant when we see unusual behavior on our computer, and quickly identify a computer virus.

If you see that a program has the following characteristics, you must act quickly:

  • A keylogger is software that is designed under the visual Basic v5 programming language, and is approximately 920,576 bytes in size.
  • It is presented mainly as a software that infects our PC directly, identifying itself as a Trojan.
  • It is activated after four reboots or start-ups of our computer.
  • Generate emails with encrypted data.
  • Registers all the keystrokes that we use during the day.
  • If we look for its address, we will see that it is always hosted within the Windows system, obtaining a directory guide as follows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run
    % Trojan name% =% sysdir% % Trojan name%
    where% sysdir% is the Windows system directory.

Objectives of a keylogger What is a hacker looking for with them on our devices?

Keyloggers are created by hackers to obtain all the information that we write, and the truth is that we write much more than just a few words, and they know that. As we already mentioned the keyloggers Its main function is to record each press of our physical keyboard, so even our bank codes or credit card numbers are in danger from this virus.

We know well in the day to day, we enter our virtual bank, or we constantly make purchases over the Internet, and to make each purchase we write passwords or any other data, such as telephone number or email. This data in the presence of a keylogger they are not sure, since it generates a copy of them and sends it to its creator, which allows the hacker, withdraw our money or buy with our cards without consent from us.

How did a keylogger enter my computer or mobile? Main methods of contagion


This is a program that does not go randomly contaminating any user, it is sent or obtained via file download, or in the most common cases by clicking on emails that include really attractive offers.

Due to viruses like these, we should not rely too much on pirated pages, because if we want to download software, games, movies or photos it can also make us unconsciously download a keylogger. Another contagion method is insert external storage disks in our PC, as well as USB pendrives.

These types of viruses are very famous, so it is highly recommended to avoid downloading from the Internet as much as possible, using file transfers. via FTP, IRC channels, social networks or by peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange.

Removing the Keylogger What should I do to get rid of this malware?

Keyloggers are not very difficult to eliminate, in itself having an antivirus installed on our PC detects it, and disables or uninstalls it from our computer, although if we are not using any antivirus we can uninstall or eliminate it with the same Windows tools.

Follow the instructions:

control Panel

  • For this we must first go to “Control Panel”, there we will see the option of “Uninstall Program or Add or Remove Program”. The name of the option depends on the version of Windows that we are using.

application list

  • Then it will open a list of applications and software installed on our computer, if we see that there is an application in that list that we do not know, because we never installed it, we must eliminate it since it is a possible virus, or a Keylogger in this case.
  • To eliminate it, we just have to click on that suspicious software, and at the top we will see that some options appear, among them we will select where it says “Uninstall”, and then we will be shown a dialog box, asking us if we really are sure to delete it, we click on “To accept”And proceed to eliminate it.

We must do this with all files and applications that we consider to be suspicious. After this, we must turn off and on our PC so that the changes made are updated.

Tips to improve the security of all your computers and avoid keyloggers

In short, a keylogger is infectious software that steals all written data by pressing the keyboard. It is a threat that may appear to be not a big deal, but in itself, to be really dangerous for us.

To prevent it, it is highly recommended to do the following:

  • Don’t download any file from the internet
  • Block all spam, and avoid clicking on them
  • Don’t be fooled by some pretty flashy internet promotions.
  • Use a powerful antivirus such as Avast or AVG.

If we suspect the presence of one of these viruses on our PC, it is best to attack it, although if we only suspect and do not want to act immediately, it is better to apply the following tips to avoid information theft:

  • We must install an extension of an antivirus in our browseras it will detect any data movement in an unusual way.
  • If we enter our online banks, avoid typing passwords with our physical keyboard. Today many banks require their users to write their secret keys and passwords with a virtual keyboard that they themselves offer.
  • Use the tool of our browser that allows us to save everything we write, known as Autocomplete, so that we avoid entering a password or important data again. This advice applies if we use our own computer, since it is not recommended to do it on other people’s or public PCs.

If we get to the point that, if we want to eliminate the virus, In the previous section of this post we explain how to do it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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