Know if I have been Blocked on Skype  Step by Step Guide 2021

Skype is part of the range of most valued communication tools in the world, so there are many who have a presence within this platform. Inside it you can write texts, call or make video calls with both cameras from Skype, among another series of very interesting functions.

But, as with most communication platforms, here you have enabled the option to block a contact in Skype and thus avoid any type of inconvenience on the part of the other.

However, many times we do not realize the moment in which we were blocked, so it is convenient to learn to distinguish it. Therefore, in this post you will know everything about How do I know if I have been blocked on Skype and get back in touch with that person?

Learn the main signs that you have been blocked on Skype to know when they do

Learn the main signs that you have been blocked on Skype to know when they do

Block or restrict to a contact is an action that allows users to avoid bad times or unwanted communications. But sometimes You may be the blocked person and you don’t know how to distinguish it.

To find out, you only need to pay attention to a number of factors:

You can’t send them messages

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to recognize if you have been blocked by someone in Skype, since it will help you to get out of doubts immediately. To be able to do it, you just have to search for that user within your contact list and send you a message by private chat.

Place the text you want and press the Enter button to send your message. When it ships, you can appreciate that the same is not sent. If your Internet connection is not showing failures and the message is still not sent, it may be an indication that you have been blocked.

You don’t see his profile picture

Another alternative for check if a user blocked or deleted you from Skype, it is through the profile picture. If you enter that person’s profile and their image is not displayed, it may be a sign that he no longer wants to contact you. Generally, within the security settings of this platform, it is specified that if you do not have a specific contact in your list, you will not be able to access any type of personal information such as photos, connection, messages, etc.

You cannot call that user

This method of checking is pretty much the same as when you try to send a message to the other. This means that, if you try to call that user and it is not possible, may have decided to block you on Skype. Simply locate the contact, enter the chat and try to establish a call. If your Internet connection is working normally, but you still can’t call the other person, you may no longer be in their contact list.

Your status is not displayed

Another clue that will help you decipher this question is check the status of the person. For that, the first thing to do is locate the user within the Skype contact list. If it is in it and it has not blocked you, you can see that it has a green icon in its name. It should be noted that it is possible that the user appears with a yellow color icon. That indicates that the person has time without registering some type of activity, so it is not necessarily a sign of blockage.

In case you appreciate a red icon, it means that this person does not want to be disturbed by any other contact. In addition to that, another clue that can help you is if a question mark appears next to the person’s profile picture. If this happens, it can mean two things: on the one hand, that said contact is still you have not signed up for Skype, or that you have been blocked.

We show you how to get in touch with a user who has blocked you on Skype quickly and easily

We show you how to get in touch with a user who has blocked you on Skype quickly and easily

If you actually verified that someone blocked you on skype, you can use a series of resources to get in touch with the person and try to know the reasons why he did it. Before doing so, we have to clarify that you can use any means of communication other than Skype, or at least not from the account that has been blocked.

Once you are eliminated by someone, it is not possible to establish contact any. However, it is possible to do so by resorting to other methods such as making a phone call, writing from another Skype account, communicate through another platform, etc.

For possible solutions, read on:

Write to you from another account

A possible solution to talk to someone who has decided to block you on Skype, is to choose write to him from another account. Ask a friend to lend you theirs and send a message from there. But if you don’t want to resort to third parties, you can create another account, add the person and send them a text or call them.

Contact by another platform

After what someone blocks you, you cannot establish communication from that account with the person. Therefore, in those cases a good idea is contact by other means or communication platforms. For example, you can write through a social network that you have in common, send an email, text message, etc. But make sure it hasn’t blocked you on them.

Call the person

By last, the most obvious, efficient and quick solution to talk to someone again is to resort to the classic phone calls. If someone has decided to remove you from their networks or has blocked you on Skype, it is a good idea call her on the phone to clarify the situation and try to find a solution.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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