Know if I was Blocked on Twitter  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Today, Twitter is one of the most used social networks worldwide. Which is defined as a communication service bidirectional with which it is possible to share information of various types simply, quickly and for free. Taking into account that, mainly, it serves to get information immediately in headline format.

Consequently, it is a platform that it is characterized by its immediacy, simplicity, universality and brevity. Thanks to this and all its other advantages, currently, Twitter has more than 145 million active users, which enjoy various tools to manage and control your experience to the maximum.

One of those tools is based on the possibility of block another user from the social network. This being an option that helps people restrict certain accounts to prevent them from contacting you and seeing your updates. But, Is it possible to know when a person has blocked you on Twitter? Here, we present the clues more common.

Know the clearest signs that other users have blocked you on Twitter

Know the clearest signs that other users have blocked you on Twitter

Globally, the fact of being able block a user in a social network, it is completely advantageous for people. Since, in view of the fact that these platforms are classified as an indiscreet window, it is considered very useful to prevent the access of some people to certain profiles in order to do so, acquire greater privacy and security.

However, when the user is in the other part of the story and is blocked by a certain member of the site, he cannot treasure any benefit. As, automatically, you will lose access to communication with the person in question.

But, as in the case of Twitter it is not so easy to know if you have been blocked, it is valuable to know the clearest signs of this:

A message on your profile

To find out if a user has blocked you from Twitter, the first step to follow is visit his profile to be able to check it. Given that, in general, when this occurs, in the portal of the account in question a message is displayed informing that they have restricted you from there and, in effect, you will not be able to read their tweets.

This message basically indicates the following: “Is blocked. Can’t see or follow Tweets “.

Search other users’ followed list

Although it is a very trick Handbook, it certainly works to know if a person has blocked you from their account Twitter. Which, consists of looking for the member that blocked you within the followers or “following” of another person who has it in their profile.

For this, you simply must access the profile of the account of the friend in common between both and enter your list of followers and following them. In case it is in that list, you can enter your profile and verify that you have been blocked.

It is no longer on your followers list

Another thing you have to do to suspect that a user of Twitter I have locked, consists in check your list of followers, if before the person followed you on the social network.

Thus, in case it is no longer there or in your list of followed, surely it has locked for what don’t see what he publishes.

Find via URL the profile that has blocked you

If you can’t find the user from the search bar on the platform and you want to continue checking that you have been blocked, you can also proceed to locate the user via the site’s URL. Which works perfectly to find a specific person who has locked.

In this sense, the trick consists of entering your account on the platform and go to the Twitter URL at the top of the browser. From there, proceed to enter the Username of the person in question without the corresponding at sign or, following the following format: “”.

That way, you will find an account that has you restricted, unique and exclusively.

Learn step by step how to block any user on Twitter

If you feel like it block the same Twitter user who blocked you from their account or do you want restrict access to your profile from any other member of the social network, you can do it with total freedom.

Yet you wonder what are the steps to do it correctly and that is why, we teach you in detail to carry it out through the mobile and through the computer.

Let’s see below the steps to follow:

On mobile

On mobile

Today, most people prefer manage your social media profiles through your smartphone, for convenience and simplicity.

Consequently, we begin by explaining the steps you have to follow to block a certain Twitter user from your mobile:

  • Directly from the mobile app of this social platform, proceed to open your account with the data correctly.
  • Once login to your account, using the search icon at the bottom of the Home screen, find the user you want to block. This, you can also run through your profile, in the list of Following or followers.
  • Now, enter the profile of the person in question and press the options menu in the upper corner of the screen (with a three dot icon).
  • There, select the “Block” option.
  • In conclusion, confirm the action by clicking on “Block” again and ready.

In the web

Now, if you are one of the users who chooses manage your Twitter account from its web version and specifically with the computer, we will also show you how you can block a certain profile on this site in a satisfactory way.

Taking into account that, it is very similar to the process specified above:

In the web

  • Through your preferred web browser, find the official website of Twitter Y access your account with the corresponding data.
  • Later, in the Home section, go to the upper right corner of the panel and search for the user you want to permanently block. Although, this can also be carried out through your profile, from the list of followed or followers.
  • When locate the person in question, you have to access your profile and click on the three-dot icon that is right next to the “Following” or “Follow” button.
  • Finally, once the options menu is displayed, click “Block @username”. To confirm the action, you simply have to select the “Lock” button again.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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