Know if the Mobile is Intervened  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Knowing if your phone is tapped or punctured is necessary to keep your private data well protected. For this reason, it will be convenient for you to know what are the main methods used to intervene smartphones.

Is information You can find it in this article, where We will also talk to you about the main signals that your mobile provides when it is being intervened and spy on your conversations.

Do not miss anything because we will explain what are USSD codes and how can you use them to your advantage. In addition, you will know the tips for protect yourself and prevent your smartphone from being intervened without your consent.

What are the main methods used to intervene smart phones?

To intervene a smart phone, you need to put into practice one of the methods that we show you below:

SIM card cloning

SIM card cloning

One of the main methods for tapping a telephone is copy the chip from a phone line to another card and in this way access all the information received on the mobile. In this way you can access the call log, social networks and instant messaging, among other elements.

Spyware installation

Another of the most used methods to intervene a telephone is resorting to the installation of a malware on the smartphone. This causes the malicious file to know all the activities carried out by the person and capture the call log in an effective way. As usual this type of program is installed through tricks suffered by the victim. Fake emails, fraudulent advertisements, and websites that pretend to be the original are used.

Direct access to mobile

Do not forget that if a person can tap a phone physically, they can enter any application that the mobile has. For this reason, an efficient way to intervene a telephone is through direct access.

Through the SS7 protocol

The standardized common channel signaling system number 7, also known as SS7, is a protocol used in telephone networks to send signals used in digital telecommunications. A telephone can be intervened by accessing this protocol without the user noticing and in this way obtain all kinds of information related to the punctured mobile.

Attacks through vulnerability

The vulnerability in the operating system is a security hole which occurs when aspects of computer development are created that put the security of the equipment’s data at risk. Thus, it is possible to tap a phone using these OS deficiencies and in this way know all the activity carried out on the smartphone.

Know the main signs that your mobile is being intervened and spy on your conversations

Know the main signs that your mobile is being intervened and spy on your conversations

When you have a mobile that is being intervened, it will give you signals so you know they are spying on your conversations.

Next, we will show you the main signs that a smartphone emits when it is punctured:

Takes a long time to turn on

A characteristic signal of a wiretapped telephone is when it takes a long time to turn on and also perform the shutdown process. This is generally due to spyware that must start working and disconnect when you perform either of these two actions.

Excessive data consumption

Another point to keep in mind is the amount of megabytes you spend when you are not connected to Wifi and not that you use applications that can apparently consume your mobile data. You should not forget that telephone surveillance programs run in the background and need the Internet so that the spy can know all your activities.

Mobile overheating

We explain to you in the previous point, the software used to intervene telephones they work in the background and often require higher hardware resources for its correct operation. This causes the battery and the smartphone processor to strain to deliver all the required data..

Strange behavior.

If your mobile phone opens applications without your consent, unknown icons appears in the main menu or the courier receives and delivers text messages with unknown letters and numbers is a clear sign that your smartphone is being spied on.

You should also pay attention when you call or receive calls. If at any time you feel a click or your interlocutor hears it from a distance, it is likely that your mobile is tapped. Finally, among the most common symptoms, is the turning on the screen for no reason. You must bear in mind that there is a possibility that at those times a spy is accessing your microphone or camera.

Mobile USSD codes to know if they are spying on your phone calls

Mobile USSD codes to know if they are spying on your phone calls

The codes Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, also known as USSD, It is a protocol that is used remotely for specific information on the mobile without causing actions on the device. A good idea is use these USSD codes to find out if your phone is being spied on when you make phone calls.

The most important are:

To check the IMEI

The IMEI It is a unique number that is assigned to the phone and serves, among other things, to identify the mobile. If you want to know if they are spying on you, you should look at the last numbers of the IMEI. That is to say, if the last two are zeros means that they are listening to you and if you find that last three numbers are zeros, you will have to know that not only are they listening to you, but also spies have access to the photo gallery, call log and saved files. To know the IMEI you will have to mark * # 06 #.

When you want to know if there are call diversions

If you need to check if your calls are being forwarded to another number you will have to dial the code *#twenty-one#. This will give you information about the state of your phone to receive calls, messages and files.

To complete this action, if with the previous code it appeared that there are call diversions, you will have to dial * # 62 # to know precisely to which number messages and all private information are forwarded. What you will have to do next is disable call forwarding. You can do this by checking ## 002 # on your mobile and in this way you will be sure that your phone is not intervened.

What should I do if my mobile has been intervened without my authorization? How to solve it

In addition to giving intervention to the police and report the number to which the calls are diverted, if you can know it through the process that we showed you before, it will be necessary that you protect your mobile to strengthen your privacy. You can do this according to the operating system you have on your smartphone.

For example, if you use Android You will have to analyze all the applications you have installed and eliminate those that seem suspicious to you. To this task You can also do it by checking with the Google Play Store. That is, you will have to enter the option My apps and games and compare the list offered by the official store with all the applications you have on your mobile, especially you must control the latest ones installed.

If for any reason The problems continue, it will be convenient for you to enter Settings and then click on Factory data reset to format completely. You should not forget that installing an antivirus will help you avoid these headaches. In case your mobile has the operating system ios you will have to perform the same steps and deactivate the applications Where is my iphone and the shopping record. Also, you must prevent them from knowing your real location by disabling This function.

Tips to protect yourself and prevent your smartphone from being intervened without your knowledge

To protect and prevent your mobile phone from being intervened without your consent, it will be necessary for you to take these tips into account:

Use USSD codes

Use USSD codes

It is important that frequently check all codes Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, which we explain to you in the previous paragraphs. In this way you can quickly establish if there is any intervention on your phone.

Pay attention to all the symptoms of your smartphone

If for any reason the web pages you visit they look different than usual, you should start to suspect that your phone is tapped. Also, you don’t have to forget that the overheating, the abnormal wear of the battery and the excessive consumption of mobile data they are also worrisome symptoms.

Check SMS frequently

Currently, text messages are little used because they were displaced by instant messaging. For this reason It is convenient that you check your inbox and outbox from time to time of the SMS to find out if there is any suspicious activity.

Control installed apps

One surefire method is check all the apps you download to your phone periodically. This will help you detect if there are any strange program that you have not downloaded. You must not forget that the best is download apps from official stores, as this considerably reduces the existence of spyware.

Use ad blockers

Blockads will help you avoid seeing misleading advertisements and accidentally click on any of them. You must bear in mind that this is one of the spies’ favorite means to install malware and thus be able to know all your activity quickly and without you noticing.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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