Know If You Are Blocked on Instagram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Currently, without a doubt, Instagram it is one of the most famous and used social networks around the world. Which, remains in continuous trend and, therefore, the use that Internet users contribute to this platform is very high and, in addition, has a truly remarkable growth.

In that sense, there are many users who have this social network, today. So, thanks to that, a great interaction between these people is constantly evident. Which, despite the fact that many times it is beneficial for users, on other occasions can cause negative results resulting in a bad reputation.

As a consequence, there are also many “Instagramers” what have been blocked from other users’ accounts and this tends to generate innumerable doubts. Thus, it is crucial to know what are the main reasons why one user may block another on Instagram and the key signs to know.

For what reasons could a user block you on Instagram?

For what reasons could a user block you on Instagram?

As we indicated previously, in Instagram countless interactions take place between users from all over the world and, although this can be advantageous for make yourself known and gain a greater number of followers, sometimes not entirely satisfactory. Since, the more users access the content you share on the platform, more chances there may be that they will block you from their accounts.

In such a way, when this happens, most users wonder what may be the reasons that have generated this blockage, but they don’t always get the correct answer by drawing their own conclusions. Because, the social network does not issue notices of this situation, much less specify why it has occurred.

That is why, it is worth detailing the main reasons that exist for receiving blocks on Instagram from another user.

Next, we proceed to mention them:

  • Why you share photos and videos with sexual or sensitive content that they consider inappropriate for this type of platform.
  • Why they assume your account is fake. Due to the way you handle it or based on the posts you make.
  • Why they have received insults from you or have had certain arguments with you through the platform.
  • Why you have caused an irregular situation on this site and request that they report your Instagram account.
  • Why you generate spam in this social network. Which can translate into you send direct messages advertising type not requested by the other user, causing inconvenience to the receiver.
  • Because, through your profile from Instagram, you are usurping the identity of another person and they discover you.
  • Because you share exclusive content, without attributing appropriate rights to the author.

Learn which are the clearest signs that an Instagram user has blocked you

Learn which are the clearest signs that an Instagram user has blocked you

Block a contact on Instagram, besides being extremely easy, it is also a “silent” tool. In other words, the person who has been blocked by another user on this platform, will not be able to instantly find out about it, since the social network does not issue notices about it.

However, fortunately, there are certain signs that are very helpful to specify if any of your followers of Instagram or any user registered on this platform, has blocked you. Taking into account that, unlike other social networks, in this there is no 100% sure way to find out about it with full guarantee.

But, to give you a clear idea that an “instagramer” has blocked you from their account, look at some of the following important signs:

Search his name

Directly from the searcher available on the social platform, proceed to write the name of the person you think has blocked you and in case it does not appear in any way there (if it is a private account) or you access your profile and you find yourself with a blank page (if it is public), you will be able to sense that he has blocked you.

Thus, it should be noted that, this is the safest and most reliable way to find out if someone else has blocked you on Instagram. However, when carrying out this method, verify that you have a good Internet connection, that the platform is working correctly and that the user in question has not changed his or her name or, otherwise it could just be such an error.

Watch your followers and followed

Another of the most used, intuitive and basic techniques that exist to know if an Internet user registered in Instagram I lock you from your account, it is check the list of your followers and followed on your profile. In this sense, it begins with check if said user is still among your followers And if not, immediately proceed to verify if it is on your followed list.

If so, it means that he has only stopped following you on the social network and, otherwise it means they have blocked you. In conclusion, if the contact in question no longer appears in the list corresponding to your followers and followed, means that you have chosen to obstruct the link between the two in that way.

Access your direct messages with the user

To check if you have been blocked, too You should look for the “directs” or conversations you have had with the person in question through Instagram. In case your profile photo does not appear in that section and your name has been changed by strange numbers and letters, you will be able to discern what has blocked you.

Furthermore, to be more sure that this happened, we recommend that you try to send a new message and If the system does not allow it, it means that there is such a restriction. Also, it is possible that the chat itself disappear from your inbox without any foresight and it will be impossible to find it again, unless I unblock you.

Locate the post that the user commented to you

If, for any reason, the contact that you think has blocked you, ever commented on a photo or video that you uploaded in your Instagram feed, you can make use of a simple technique based on that data. In this sense, the method consists of look for the post that you know the blocker told you about earlier And if you can’t find this mention, it is likely that they have banned you from their account.

However, on some occasions, it is possible that if it appears, but when trying to access your profile, you will find a blank page that will guarantee that this indication is a reality.

How to fix a bad reputation crisis on Instagram and avoid losing followers?

How to fix a bad reputation crisis on Instagram and avoid losing followers?

While it is true, the fact of receiving locks can cause a bad reputation on this social network, especially when they are continuous. Which, as a result, will lead to a loss of followers and a terrible vision before the content you publish on the platform.

But, it is never too late to solve this type of problem and, for this, you would have to take into account certain recommendations or existing ways to be able to improve a crisis of bad reputation on Instagram. Taking into account that, by implementing it correctly, it will be possible to avoid future blockages by other contacts.

Therefore, below, we offer you several interesting alternatives to avoid, stop or solve a crisis with a bad reputation, effectively, on this famous platform:

  • One of the main recommendations to implement is based on analyze each of the reasons why the crisis in question has occurred. To do this, it is essential to explore the various reasons that have triggered it, evaluating whether they are internal or external to your account.
  • Also, focus on monitor each of the movements that occur on your Instagram profile. In particular, those comments that your followers write and in which your account has been mentioned. With that, you will be able to appreciate why the crisis in question has been generated.
  • When you have specified what they are the reasons why you have been blocked or the online crisis has arisen, you have to act quickly and prevent it from spreading or going viral, executing plans in a positive way.
  • It is important bet on sincerity always and for this, it will be necessary to contact the person who is dissatisfied with your account and has felt affected in any way, to try to offer you a solution that is effective for both.
  • In order to generate a positive vision of your account in Instagram, after going through a bad reputation crisis, you can choose to upload a post apologizing and explaining your next steps or reply to all the comments received on your profile from there.
  • If the bad reputation has been caused by one of your publications, even if it seems contradictory, it is advisable not to delete it from your profile, in order to assume your error with full responsibility and transparency. This, as long as it is not a case of extreme gravity that greatly affects a person or community.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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