Know If You Are Blocked on Telegram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

It’s not a secret for anyone, since WhatsApp managed to rank first on the list of instant messaging apps, there were many rivals who have tried to overcome it over time. However, Among all these platforms, the best option is Telegram, due to the excellent characteristics it exhibits.

In that sense, today, Telegram it is considered an excellent service to communicate with other people online, through its different versions. Thus, in addition to standing out for the high levels of customization that it supports, it also stands out from the rest for being a secure and private app.

Consequently, all users of Telegram have the possibility of manage their privacy in the app, as they wish. Thanks to this, it allows them to block other people so that they acquire a better user experience. However, it also makes it easier to check this and therefore, it is possible to know if they blocked you in Telegram, easily. Which, we will show you below.

Why has a user blocked me from Telegram? Main reasons

Why has a user blocked me from Telegram?  Main reasons

In general terms, basically, blocking a user refers to a practice in which some person decides restrict the possibility of making contact with her, without saying words or giving an explanation about it.

Which, both in Telegram as in other platforms and in social networks, it is estimated as a tool of great help to improve the privacy of its users. Now, although some reasons for wanting to block other users seem obvious, the truth is that many are unaware what are the most substantial reasons for a user to have chosen to block it on Telegram.

That is why, in this section of the post, we will mention each of these reasons so that you can understand the reason why you have been blocked from the instant messaging app, apparently:

  • For SPAM. Whether for marketing purposes or for any cause, It is possible that you have fallen into the error of SPAMing the user in question And, therefore, to be more comfortable on the platform and stop receiving these annoying messages, he decided to block you to rest from you.
  • To avoid contact. If it is your ex partner or someone with whom you have had an incident, surely he chose to block you in order to do so not having to know anything about you. Taking into account that, by blocking yourself, the temptation to interact with you will be much less.
  • For being a toxic user in your contact list. For various reasons, many people tend to fall into toxicity on online platforms and this basically consists of make negative comments loaded with derogatory words, manipulation or deception. Therefore, for others it is preferable to block yourself in order to feel at peace.
  • For invading your privacy. If you have meddled in a user conversation and thus, you have achieved affect your reasonable expectation of being left alone; Automatically, the other person will think that you are invading their privacy and this will be a relevant reason for wanting to block you from their Telegram account.
  • For not being a victim of harassment. There are certain attitudes that can be considered harassing by other people and, especially if its frequency is constant. The reason why, many app users choose to block other people to avoid expecting these kinds of attitudes to worsen.

Learn what are the main signs that a user has blocked you on Telegram

If you suspect that a person has blocked you from Telegram and you want verify it, we recommend you take into account the following indications that will help you verify that any user has blocked you in said instant messaging app.

Let’s see below:

The messages do not reach him

The messages do not reach him

Undoubtedly, the main signal of all in these cases, is to visualize that the user does not receive the messages you send through Telegram. So, in a nutshell, these messages are left with a single “check” or “popcorn” and they are never read by the other person.

However, you must bear in mind that the fact that your messages do not reach the user It can also be caused by other reasons such as: you have your mobile device turned off, you do not have an Internet connection, your equipment has been lost or you have even stopped using Telegram In its whole.

You don’t see their profile information

You don't see their profile information

If, from one moment to another, you have stopped seeing their profile information (such as their avatar, for example), the suspicions that a person has blocked you also increase. As, it is strange that a user decides not to use any profile imageIt is common for people to show a photo as a distinctive in these apps or on social networks.

Therefore, if you stop looking at the avatar of this person, it is a great indication that He has preferred to block you from his Telegram account. But, up to this point, there is still the possibility that this user has stopped using the instant messaging application and, therefore, he deleted everything from his profile.

You stop seeing when it connects

You stop seeing when it connects

Although this depends on the privacy settings of each user of Telegram, usually, the platform offers the ability to see when a person is online And even, at the very least, it will also inform you if it was recently connected. However, when a user has blocked you, this is not the case.

Therefore, once someone blocks you from Telegram, automatically, the message “ult. been a long time ago “, regardless of whether they stopped communicating until 5 minutes ago. This being, another of the main signs to conclude that you have been blocked from Telegram. But, even so, it is not a completely conclusive condition either because also It will depend on the privacy settings that each user manages in their account.

There is no “account deleted” warning

In view of that Telegram provides the option for its users to be able to delete their messaging accounts freely when they need it, too is in charge of informing other people that this has happened (if so). Consequently, if the person does not respond, they never received your messages and aside, your chat does not show a warning of “Account deleted”, is another great clue to conclude that you were blocked from your Telegram account.

So ultimately if one of your contacts does not receive your messages, does not show his avatar, does not allow to see the updates of his status and you don’t get this warning in your chat either, He has surely decided to block you on Telegram. Valuing that, to be more sure of it, also you can choose to ask him directly through another means.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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