Know Router IP Address  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Our IP address is our identification in the computer worldThrough this, many pages know how far we connect.

Although to many it may not seem like something of importance, it is a fundamental aspect for any connection. Today, we will explain you in a simple way what is an IP address, and what do you need it for.

We also have special sections that will teach you how to find your IP address in a very easy way. And if what you are looking for is to change the IP address of your Router here we will teach you.

Why do I need to know the IP address of my router?


Basically the address IP is our identification on the Internet, and the interconnection of these makes a bridge from one point to another, achieving data sharing between all devices connected to the network. Know what our address is can help us identify our computer or device before a group of computer networks. The address can be very useful at the moment to identify devices when we establish a security system.

Many of the security companies ask us for the IP of our router to be able to have access to our entire network, and thus be able to monitor everything from their posts. IP functions it depends on what we want to do, although most of the time it is used to share documents. For example, if we have one or more PC’s where share files over an IP-configured network every time you tell us the IP from one of those on the network, we may or may not accept the files.

Our Router, as it is the one that emits the connection, it is the one who can clearly dictate according to IP how many devices and what types are connected. If you want to know what is your IP let us tell you that there are many web pages that give us that benefit, and among them we can find this, that just by clicking “HERE” we can see it.

Steps to know the IP address of my router and enter the control panel

Just as we can see our IP address with the help of some websites, we can also use other methods to find out.

Here we will show you two methods that you can use to know your IP immediately:

From the back of the router

East is the simplest method, because we only have to go to our Router and see the label on the back, and it will indicate the IP. Even though not all routers have the IP address on them, so if this is your case, you should look at the box or its manual. Mostly IP addresses are composed of 8 digits, this can be your reference when you look in the box or manual.

From the computer

This is the other alternative, though can be divided according to the operating system that we have. Today we will explain how to find the IP address, from our Windows, Linux (Terminal and Desktop).


Follow the steps to find out your IP with the Windows operating system:

  • To know what is our IP address, we must enter the terminal Windows, and for this we press the keys Windows + R simultaneously. This will open a small window whose name is “Run”.

we write-

  • There we write the command “Cmd.exe” and we give Enter, then we see how the terminal starts Windows. In the terminal window we write “Ipconfig” and as a result it will show us a list with all the data of our network connection.


From that list, we look for the network card that we are using, because it will indicate the IP address assigned to our team.


The process for reveal IP address using Linux system, is very similar to the previous one.

Although many of its users find it much more practical to do so through its graphical interface:

  • In the most practical way, only we must right click on the network connections icon, and from the drop-down list we choose the option of “Connection information“.
  • Then we look for the section IPv4, because that’s where it will show us all the details of the network we have in use. Among all that information we will see the IP adress assigned to our computer.


In this case we will have to enter Linux terminal, and for this we press simultaneously Ctrl + Alt + T keys, and the terminal will start.


  • Once started we write the command “Ifconfig” so that all the information about our Internet connection network appears.

ip linux terminal

From that list of data, we will only look for the parameter Direc. Inet: where the IP that is assigned to our team through that network.

Is it possible to change the IP address of my Router? How to do it?

The IP address of our Router not always it has to be the same, because we can change it as many times as we want.

Although because it is a process that requires a little knowledge, we leave you the following steps, so you can learn how to do it:

  • First we enter our IP adress (from the Router) in the Url bar of our favorite search engine. Then we will have to enter our credentials, which are “User and password”, mostly for both we must enter “Admin”.
  • At the beginning, we seek “Setting“, And we select “Network Configuration”. There we will erase our current IP adress and enter the new one, and end by giving click Save.
  • After let’s save the configuration we will have to manually restart our Router, and from now on we will not be able to access the configuration with the same IP, but with the one we just registered.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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