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IP (Internet Protocol)We have surely heard this term in countless texts, the reason is that it is widely used on the Internet, and basically it is a communication protocol. But, if we join this and complete it with IP adress, we say that it is a registry of the network. This means that all devices are assigned a number of this type. Well, it is with which they connect and interact in the virtual world.

As we well know, the world of technology has advanced and with it devices, thus linking them to digital and facilitating all processes. When printers come with network connectivity, This address is used to make a direct or wireless connection with other equipment, making its functionality easier.

To explain more about this and the steps you need to know this identification in the different operating systems, We invite you to continue reading to find out.

What kind of IP address is that of a printer?

private network and public network

The IP is the address that the different devices adopt to be able to connect to each other or to the Internet. If this is not acquired, they could not communicate with others, or link to the network, so there would be no way to exchange information.

There are two types of IP, public and private:

  • The Private IP are those used to identify different computers within a private network, either your home or business. That is, the devices that are in your home (computer, printer or mobile), are connected through a WiFi connection, so each of them has a private IP address.
  • On the contrary, a Public IP It is the one used to identify computers within a public network, such as the Internet. Routers have such an address, since they are linked to the public Internet network.

As usual, printers work on private IP addresses and for security measures that is the most recommended. This is because it is not a device that feeds directly from the Internet, unlike a computer which usually works with a public IP.

It should be noted that this is generated automatically when they are connected to a network and the connection is made through installation programs that they bring.

Why do I need to know the IP address of the printer and any hardware?

Knowing the IP addresses of your printer or of some of your hardware devices that work with the Internet is very important to be able to access some parameters of their configuration.

Particularly in the case of printers, It is used to connect from other computers to the same network in which it is operating.

Steps to find the IP of my printer and other hardware of my computer

If you can’t find any way to know your IP address, today we will show you how to do it with these simple steps, basic in any operating system.

In Windows 7 and 8

The path to follow is the same or similar in the 3 Windows. However, the 10 menus vary because they are a more up-to-date system, therefore, the entries have different names. Consequently, we will only focus on the first 2 here.

  • The first thing will be to go to “Control Panel” > “Hardware and sound “>” View device and printers “.

view windows 7 and 8 devices and printers

  • Once you follow these menu, it only remains to identify the connected printer, and with the mouse we will right-click on it and click on “Printer properties”.

windows 7 and 8 printer properties

  • Then we must go to “Ports”> “Configure port”. There you should see if the number indicated is within the private IP.

windows 7 and 8 printer ports

On Windows 10

In this case we will use the printer properties:

  • The first thing will be to go to “Start”> “Settings”> “Devices”.

access windows 10 devices

  • Once you access these menus you will see that here are all the devices that you may have or have. In this case you should go to “Printers and scanners”.
  • There you must find the name of your device and select it. Click on this to open the options, which are: “Open queue”, “Manage” and “Remove device”.

access windows 10 devices

  • Click on “Manage” and then in “Printer properties”.

windows 10 printer properties

  • In the tab “Ports” we will see the type that has been assigned to this.

ports assigned windows 10

On the contrary, if what we want is to add a new printer and know its respective IP, we must go back. In the option of “Printers and scanners” we will click where it says “Add a printer or scanner”.

  • In the wizard that was displayed we will select “Add a printer via TCP / IP address or hostname.”

add printer windows 10

  • Then we press “Next”, and in the other window we choose “Web service device” in the countryside “Type of device”.

web service device

  • We follow the instructions they give us and finally we will be able to know the type of port assigned to the Web Services Devices, and In the left column we will find the MAC address of the printer.

ip address of a printer

On macOS

On a Mac, the procedure is a bit simpler:

  • We enter the Apple menu.
  • We go to the section “System preferences”.
  • We choose the option “Print and scan”.

Print and scan

  • Finally, we choose the printer of which we need to know the IP address and We enter its configuration to see this data.


On linux

To know this information in Linux we must follow the following steps:

  • Having the printer turned on, connected to the computer and the network, we will go to “Printer management control panel”, in “Systems settings”
  • Click on the option “Printing”


  • Then, we will select the name of the printer model to which we are looking for the address, and in the management of this in the section “Net” we will find the IP.

Five different methods to find my printer’s IP

In case the mentioned was not enough, Here are 5 other ways to find your ID:

Print a report

Another common way to do it is printing the configuration page from the printer itself to know the address it has:

  • For this we must turn it on.
  • Subsequently, we must hold down the button for at least 10 seconds. “Feed & Cut”.
  • This will automatically print a sheet with all the information.

From the printer screen

know ip from the printer screen

Currently, most of these computers have a screen where we can see different things, including the IP address. So it is appropriate to use it to see what identification number it has and also to connect it to the WiFi if necessary.

Although each of these is different, many times We can see its properties by accessing the settings or its configuration from its buttons. Once there we can find it near the option of connection to the Internet network as shown in the image.

From the printer software

know ip from the printer software

All of these come with configuration software, which is the one used to install it and later to configure it on the computer. From this part we also have a way of knowing it.

From the router’s DHCP

If it has a connection to the router, one of the ways is to do it from its configuration. In consecuense, we must enter it in the browser, we look for the DHCP server and we can see the IP.

Keep in mind that this IP may vary depending on the server, Therefore, the best way to adjust it so that this does not happen is by establishing a fixed IP. How do we do this? Manually. From where?

  • From the software.
  • From the screen you have.
  • From a computer.
  • From the router configuration.

With an app

pretend to know ip address of a copy printer

Fing is an application used on Android and iOS to know which devices are connected to your WiFi and to help you identify them. It is in this way that it has managed to position itself among the best network scanner tools. Which is why this software also makes it easy for us to find the IP address of a printer, locate it, and get all the important information from it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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