Know the Real Consumption of RAM in Windows  Guide ▷ 2020

Surely on many occasions you have noticed that your computer is running slower than usual and you do not know what the reason may be. Do not despair the vast majority of the time the problem is that your RAM memory is touching the limit. The solution? Know how much RAM your computer uses and act accordingly.

You don’t have to have any broken components; your computer is simply telling you that the space dedicated to supporting the data required by each program at all times is running out and you need to close the one that is consuming more memory.

This may sound like Chinese to you, but before you get nervous and consider the option of going to a technician. In this post we are going to teach you how you can check the level of RAM your computer is consuming, in order to know which program is the one that is slowing down your system.

What is RAM and what does our computer use it for?


The RAM memory of a computer is that volatile memory that a computer uses to store part of the information of programs and data during the time period in which you are running them. Its acronym stands for “Random Access Memory” or Random Access Memory in our language. It is the one that is used while the computer is on and is responsible for preserving all the data of the software that changes during the execution of the same.

The moment the computer shuts down, the RAM memory stops working and the data to be kept must have been saved on the hard disk or storage memory (which can be internal or external). It is a volatile memory.

Is improves the response speed of programs since when one of them is executed, the most relevant data is loaded, the data necessary to function at the moment, and the most important instructions are exchanged with the processor. Thanks to its effectiveness, users can save time in the execution of the programs.

For this reason, it is very important to make the decision very well when choosing the amount of volatile memory that our equipment should have. In desktop computers it could be expanded by modules attached to the motherboard.

A laptop this is not so simple and choosing the right amount (in addition to a graphics card that complements the use of graphic data) will mean the difference between having a large paperweight, a bolide with which to run everything, or something in between, of course. .

How do I know which applications are using my RAM and how much of it are consuming it?

apps are using my RAM

The easiest way to monitor resources of this type on your computer is to use the “Task Manager”, since in addition to being a native Windows tool, the data that you can get is more than enough for the purpose at hand, which is none other than seeing what applications you have running and which ones are making greater use of the Random Access Memory.

Although, a little more sophisticated programs can also be used that can perform a more interesting analysis to know the state of the RAM memory of our equipment at all times.

Steps to know how much RAM your Windows computer is using in real time

Let’s see, with the two main methods that Windows offers us, how to analyze volatile memory consumption on computer:

From Task Manager

As we have advanced, the first tool that we are going to comment on is the one that Windows includes in its operating system for this management, the “Task Manager”:

  • This can be open from the Start menu itself or by pressing “ctrl” + “shift” + “escape” or “ctrl” + “alt” + “delete”.
  • If you have never visited this menu on your computer, it might be opened to you in a smaller size. If so, you can expand it by clicking on the button “More details”, Which is located in the lower left corner.
  • Then, Search among the tabs for the one called “Performance”.
  • There you will be inside the your team’s performance control zone. You can see the evolution of the use of the CPU, RAM, hard drives, graphics cards and other installed connections. In this case, you would have to click on “Memory”.

It has very interesting graphics. In addition, it shows you a section where you can go reviewing in real time what you consume each execution of a certain program on your computer.

We will see a section where it indicates the programs that are being executed and the RAM memory assigned to each one of them. Even if we see an exorbitant figure, or some task that we think should not be running, we can also eliminate it from this area. We just have to right-click on the task and select the delete option.

As you can see, this very simple application is very interesting. A compact display can be activated by double clicking on the left column, the one on which you can see a summary of the data related to PC performance. You can even compact the graphic of the element you are interested in reviewing.

With RAMMap

RAMMap is a free tool that Windows makes available to its users so that they can know how the RAM memory is managed, how Windows physically allocates that memory and how much is used by the drivers and the computer’s own kernel.

This program is designed for a user with any level of technical knowledge in computer science can use it without problem. Its interface is very similar to the Windows “Task Manager”, but offers a greater amount of information.

It is made up of two tabs:

  • In the first you can see a summary of memory usage based on different types: the memory that is actively used and the memory that the system has in Standby (The latter is the one that some programs reserve for operations at the time the software is opened and does not have to be used at that time).
  • In the next tab memory can be freed by clicking on the “Empty” option of the application that interests us. Next, you must click on “Empty Stand By List”.

We recommend using the memory dump of this program, especially in the case of video games or video editing programs; since both can reserve even 1 GB of total volatile memory without ever using it.

List of the best programs and tools to know the RAM consumption of your computer

Within the world of the PC, each user looks for the most optimal way to maintain a good performance for their equipment, always considering uses and budget. Strengthening and knowing how to choose a good RAM memory is key if we want to avoid annoying delays and to be able to execute the programs that interest us the most on our computer.

As each one has a particular interest, the one that a gaming equipment may need will not be as adequate as one designed to perform office automation tasks or another to work editing and designing in 3D. Made this decision, the best we can do is stay informed on how we are consuming RAM, so that, if we need it, we can remedy it.

Next, we recommend the following programs:



Novabench is a very specific program that doesn’t get lost in complicated graphics or data. You just shows all the information that it considers interesting regarding the performance of your computer and gives you a score so you can compare yourself with similar equipment.

The section that may interest us the most is where it tells you how fast (MB / S) your RAM is working. By clicking on “Compare these results online” we managed to make a comparison between your results with those of teams from all over the world. Is this last point useful?

Not too much, unless you are very curious, because, as we have already indicated, what matters is the performance in relation to the use that we need to give our machine.

Download Novabench Windows

Download Novabench MacOS



This program is very complete and, without a doubt, it will clear up your doubts about everything related to the performance of your team. Everything you need to know about RAM, which is what interests us, you can check it in the “Memory” tab.

This application can also be downloaded on Android mobiles to know the data of the device, something that we love since mobile phones, over time, start to work worse and we never know why.

Download CPU-Z Windows

PCMark 8


Its about The world’s best-known program to analyze the performance of a team. It is made up of several internal programs that analyze different sections focused, as we say, on performance in all its facets.
In this case, it works by running a test, after which it gives the computer a score that is compared to other computers around the world.

Download PCMark 8 Windows


It’s about a very interesting program that is responsible for loading the memory core of the PC to the total capacity. What it does is stress the memory for a period of between 12 and 24 hours to see how it reacts.

Download Prime95 Windows



The acronym for this program correspond to OverClock Checking Tool. It is a complete software that can be downloaded from the Internet and is used to check the stability of the system. For themYou can choose between the options “CPU only”, “RAM only” or “CPU + RAM”, so that the data of your interest are measured and recorded. In addition, it offers us the option of being able to show the results in an interesting graph.

Download OCCT Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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