Know Who Follows You on Facebook  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Privacy on social media is a sensitive issue. Look after “What” and “who” can see our publications is important.

Facebook is the platform with the most users today. This implies that many strangers can observe the content of your publications. With so many profiles that exist in this network, it is possible that you do not know who some of your contacts are. If so, more likely still, is that do not know many of your followers.

The route to get there where your followers appear and their configuration can be tedious. That is why we offer you these steps, so that you can see who is following you, in a simple and safe way.

Is a follower the same as a friend on Facebook? Main differences

The answer is no, They are different. In the same way that you can follow public figures, celebrities or popular artists, without the need for them to be “friends”. Other people have the option of doing the same to you. That is they can see some of your posts without sending you a friend request.

In the same way, a contact can stop following you. You can do the same with a friend you don’t want to hear about. The difference with “Delete from your friends” is that no notification will arrive.

If you want to do the above, you must enter the person’s profile. In the drop-down menu (on the cover), you must change “Following” by “Stop following”. In this way, their publications will no longer appear in your news (to reverse this action, perform the reverse process).

When a person has sent you a friend request and you, without blocking it, denied it, it will automatically start “follow you”. If you need to change your settings so that no one except your friends can follow you, please do the following.

Configure who can follow you on Facebook web

  • Enter the menu “Setting” located in the upper right corner of the page.
  • In the left side area, you will find a section called “Public publications” (forgive the redundancy), enter there.
  • The first option, “Who can follow me”, will define if people who are not your friends have the option of following you.
  • If you want profiles other than your friends to see selected posts (by you), choose “Public”.
  • If, on the contrary, that only your friends can follow you, press “Friends”.

Easy and fast steps to know who follows you on your Facebook account

You have already configured the above options or you are simply curious to know which users follow your (global) posts, you must follow these steps:

From the phone

Facebook offers two types of applications (not counting Messenger), Facebook App Y Facebook Lite. The process to visualize the followers is different between the two. The first is simpler than the second.

We will start with the easiest:

  • Enter the Facebook application.
  • Sign in if you haven’t done it before.
  • Enter the menu (symbolized by three horizontal bars). You will find it in the upper right.
  • Tap on your profile name. It is usually the first on the list.
  • Find the button “Information”. Press on it.
  • Within the list that will appear, you will find information about yourself. Among it a section with the number of followers.
  • Press and you will know which people are following you.

The second option, on Facebook Lite, it’s a bit tedious. But taking into account that many users choose it as it is faster and lighter than the previous one, we will show you how to do it.

Access your information on Facebook Lite

  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Select the drop-down of the three horizontal lines, located in the right corner.
  • Go to “Setting”.
  • Next to the key icon is the section “Access your information”. Enter there.
  • In this section you can access the information that the site has about you. Among this, is “People / pages you follow and followers”.
  • Pressing it will open a window with two options.
  • Choose “Followers”.
  • A list ordered by date of the people who started following you will be displayed.

From the computer

If you can access the PC, knowing who is following you will be very simple.

If you know your public username, you only have to do one step.

Otherwise, it is not complicated either, follow these steps:

  • Login to the site.

  • Under the Facebook symbol you will find your profile name. Get in there.
  • At the bottom of your cover go to the section “Friends”.
  • On the left of the contact search bar, you will find “More”.
  • Pressing it will display a list.
  • Choose followers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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