Know Who Follows You on Instagram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Instagram It is one of the social networks that has grown the most in recent years. The short videos, short descriptions and volatility of his publications grew the interest of young people mainly, who tended to move from Facebook.

Both platforms share, in addition to being an owner, the same tracking system. It is assumed that while The more followers an account has, the more popular it will be.

There are two types of profiles in this network: first is free and allows any user to follow you, observe, share and save your publications. The second type of profile it’s by requestIn this case, the follower will only be able to access the account of the followed if he approves his request.

Steps to know who and how many people follow you on your Instagram

Who follow me on Instagram

Taking into account the types of profiles that exist, you can have more or less control over the privacy of your publications. That is, if you have a private account, you will know who is following you in real time.

Instagram can be used on different devices. With slight differences, the application runs on smartphones and computers:

From the phone

It is the most widely used version of the two. To know who your followers are from your phone, you must follow these steps:

  • Enter the application.
  • In the lower right corner, next to the “Heart” your profile picture thumbnail is found, tap it.
  • Once there, at the top and next to the profile photo, three main data will appear: the number of publications, followers and followed. Tap on “Followers”.
  • A list will be displayed, ordered from most recent to least. They are your followers.

Within the possibilities offered by this segment, we can choose to enter each profile, remove it from our list and even continue as well. In addition, we have the option of the search engine, where we can write the name of a specific user that we want to search among our followers.

If you want to change the privacy settings to make your account public or private, do this:

  • Enter your profile, as we already saw.
  • In the upper right menu (three horizontal lines) is the item “Setting” (at the end of the list).
  • Get in there.
  • You will find several options. Look for a lock, this is the privacy option.
  • On the button “Account privacy” you can activate the mode “Private account”. If your profile already is, the slider will appear in blue.

From the computer

If you use Instagram from its web version for computer and want to see your followers, follow these directions:

  • Login to
  • The site has an adaptive design. This means that its buttons and boxes are rearranged according to the size of the window. To simplify the explanation we will maximize it.
  • In the top bar appear three symbols: A compass, a heart and a human silhouette. Press the latter.
  • There it will direct you to your profile page, which is where our public data is listed. Among them the number of followers.
  • To find out specifically who they are, click on that number.
  • A window will pop up with the list of people who follow your account.

As in the mobile version, you will have the possibility to follow them or enter their respective cover. But nevertheless, if you want to block a particular user, you must do it from each profile. In addition, the search engine option that we find in the mobile version does not appear either, so it will not allow you to search for a particular user, but you will have to scroll through all of them, searching one by one.

Tips to increase the number of your followers and grow on Instagram

Follow user on Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the most used social networks, therefore, having many followers implies a good level of popularity. To achieve this it is important to follow certain guidelines that will allow you to add followers.

Connect your profile with other social platforms

Your profile can be linked to other networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, and thus disclose your account to add followers of those sites. From option Settings> Account you can access “Linked accounts” and there link it with the different options.

Consider using hashtags (#)

These tags are very useful to reach a greater number of users, but you have to be careful with their use. Always use the ones that are really related to your content or image and avoid excessive use.

Establish a constant presence

Being an active user allows have visibility on the networks that is important to your followers. It is useless if your content is very interesting if you only post or reply to comments once a week.

Pay attention to the hours you publish your content

By analyzing the statistics of your profile you can see when there is the most traffic of followers and so you can choose the ideal time to do it.

Think of the message according to the target audience

It is important that you study your followers, understand their characteristics and see what they expect of you to analyze what content can you offer them.

Interact with your followers

Through Instagram stories, you can establish a link and an interaction with your followers that will make them value you more. You can use surveys, questions and various options that also allow you to know who is following you.

Also, try to interact with other accounts. This also helps increase the number of followers:

  • Analyze the results and statistics offered by Instagram.
  • This way you can know what your audience likes and what didn’t interest you so much, so you can plan and organize your content.
  • There are several applications to be able to think future content and even publish on different social networkss at the same time.
  • Take care of the quality of images and content that you will share.
  • Instagram is basically visual information, therefore, it is important that you take into account aesthetics as well as the quality of photos and videos.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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