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When using this type of messaging apps it is very important to know if the recipient You have already received the message and if you have read it, especially if it is something urgent.

However, in the case of Telegram It should be mentioned that he has lagged a bit behind in this regard if compares with other apps like WhatsApp, which clearly shows your users when they have been read or not.

In the case of Telegram this can not be, since I check them within this app they are the same in any case. But there is a way to know this, to do this, follow everything that we will teach you below.

Learn step by step how to know who has read your message in a Telegram conversation

Learn step by step how to know who has read your message in a Telegram conversation

If a small comparison is made between WhatsApp and Telegram taking into account this aspect, it should be mentioned that WhatsApp offers Check of different colors to know this, it is like a double blue check means that the person’s message has already been received and read by the receiver, something that cannot be known in Telegram since it does not change its color and is always in a gray color. In Telegram users will also encounter the check and double check where each of them has its own meaning.

These usually appear as soon as you send a message, keep in mind that if you don’t have one Internet connection instead of showing up the moths as they are also known, a clock will appear, which will remain so until your device has a network connection and can send the message. Therefore, in this case the courier does not offer any type of color variation in the check which makes it much more difficult to know who has read your message or not.

However, so that you can understand this a little better, here we show you the meaning of each of them:

  • A single check: When you send your message, a single check mark will automatically appear, this means that it has been sent correctly, but that the user has not received or seen it yet.
  • Double check: If your message has gone from a single check to two of them, then it means that the person has already received that message and has seen it, although keep in mind that they could have seen it through a notification, but you have not accessed the chat directly, since unlike WhatsApp it does not show you exactly when the person reads what you have sent them in chat. So in a way, you still have the doubt.

This way if you have sent a text, an emoji, photo, video, audio or anything else and it appears with a double check mark, it means that that person has already received your message and has read it or at least that is believed. Therefore, in order to know this you simply must be aware of I check them of what you have sent, this works in the same way for any device where you are using the application, either from mobile, web or desktop version.

Discover how to know who has read you in a Telegram group from any device

Discover how to know who has read you in a Telegram group from any device

Surely you are wondering how you can know if you have already been read or not within a Telegram group. Here it can be said that there is another failure of this app with respect to that of its main competition, since this time users will not be able to know who of the group members where it has been read. Since it is practically impossible to know these types of details.

In this case you can only know when the message has been sent and when it has already reached the members, in this case you will know that it has already been read because it will appear with the double check, but you will not be able to know who of the members of the group was the one who read it or how many of them have done it. Therefore, you can only settle for knowing that your message is already within the conversation and that at any moment it will be read by other colleagues.

Pitifully Telegram It does not yet have much more advanced functions that allow knowing which person in a group has read and the time or in this case apply a color that allows differentiating the chat. It is expected that in the future this type of features will be added in its new updates.

How to know your last connection and that of your contacts

  • In this sense, it should also be mentioned that it differs from that of its main rival, since this is shown in a slightly different way. In the case of Telegram users will have a little more choice in terms of their Privacy.
  • In case you want to know what the last connection of a specific person you simply have to search for it from the app’s search engine and there it will appear when it was his last access, as you can see in the following image.

How to know your last connection and that of your contacts

  • Another way to find out is directly accessing the person’s chat, right at the bottom of the name will appear when was the last time you accessed the application.

How to know your last connection and that of your contacts

  • In the event that you want to maintain your privacy and prevent this from being seen your contacts in your app profile, then you are going to have the opportunity to configure this in three ways.

But first you should know that what you choose there also conditions what you are going to see in your added contacts:

  • Everyone: When you activate this option you will show the time of your last connection to all the users who look for you regardless of whether you have them added or not. In the same way you will be able to see the connection of those people who have this also activated regardless of whether they have you added or not.
  • My contacts: If you select this option, then your last connection time will be shown only to those people that you have added in your contacts, the rest will only be able to see statuses such as “Recently”, “A few days ago”, “A few weeks ago”, You will also find the option to share this with specific users.
  • Nobody: Now if you are one of the people who likes privacy a lot, then you can select “Nobody”, As its name says, no one will be able to know your last connection time in the application, except for the most indeterminate states such as it “Recently”, among others. They will not know when you are online or not, but keep in mind that you will not be able to see any of these aspects in other contacts either.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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