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Today we have to memorize so many things that we may at some point forget something as simple as our phone number. Although it seems a bit strange and almost impossible for this to happen, no one is exempt from it happening. Even more so if we have just bought it or if after a certain time we return to take it back.

Despite this, technology has been in charge of facilitating all the processes, and this case is no exception. It has managed to save our number somewhere on the smarphone; to mention a recovery method. Not to mention that we can do it for other traditional ones such as locating a friend, calling our operator or checking one of our instant messages.

To help you and get rid of this headache, in this article We bring you some keys that you can take into account to know your telephone code. So anytime you need to know, make use of these methods. Many you can apply even without having a balance on your line, so it is very useful if you go through a fact like this.

How to know your phone number if you have forgotten it on Android and iPhone?

Sometimes the simplest things if we don’t know how to do them, They are more complicated than we think. But, as we are always here to help you and facilitate your tasks, Here you will be able to know your telephone number in a simple and uncomplicated way in any of the operating systems you use:

From settings

It is always important that we know our number, Well, there are times when we could run into an acquaintance that we haven’t seen for a long time and who wants to get back in touch. Or that we need to fill out an important form that needs this field to contact us. As these reasons, there are others. So to avoid these uncomfortable moments let’s discover together how to know the identification of our personal line.

On Android

The first thing we are going to try to do is look for it from our own mobile. For this we will go to the “Settings”:

  • After accessing it from the app drawer, look for the option to “System”.
  • Later locate where it says “About of the phone”.

There we should find it. If not, we can contact:

  • “Settings”, successively go to “System” and press “About of the phone”.

about of the phone

  • Then go to the section “State”.

phone status

  • Finally you are going to go to “Network”> “My phone number”.

my phone number

Take into account that each Android device is different, therefore, the location of the menus may vary somewhat. In the same way, the version of the system changes, but nevertheless, they keep a pattern similar to the one mentioned.

On iPhone

In the iOS system it is quite easy to know, in fact there are two ways:

Method 1

This may be saved in your agenda.

  • Go and open the app “Telephone” from the main menu.
  • Press the tab “Contacts”.
  • When you open it, your number should appear right first.

know my phone number from iphone

Method 2

All we have to do is go to “Settings”.

  • Once you have opened the settings, look for the option “Telephone”.
  • There you will see the number at the beginning of the whole in “My number”.

gmail settings on iOS

From WhatsApp

This option will only work for people who have a single phone number. That is, for those who have the main number associated with this platform, and not with a second number. As we know to register in it and in other similar applications, such as Telegram, you are asked to use your number so that you are registered and can contact you for this.

The process to know your identification is very simple, You just have to perform a few small actions that consist of 3 steps:

  • Head to the app and tap on the “Settings”.
  • Then go to your “Profile” by clicking on your user photo.
  • In section “Telephone” you will know it.

know my phone number from whatsapp

With the help of a friend

know my phone number with the help of a friend

Another quick and easy way to find out is by asking a friend for help. You can call or text him and ask him to help you learn your number. It should be noted that even if it does not have you among its contact list, it can still provide it to you.

If for different reasons you do not have enough balance, but you have a WiFi connection and social networks, you can request by WhatsApp or Telegram to a contact who has you on their agenda, to give it to you.

Calling another mobile

Another way is by making a call to another team, it can be that of a friend, or that of a stranger who can grant it. All you have to do is dial the number and press the call or “SEND” key. Wait for them to attend and ask.

know my phone number by calling another mobile

Sending an SMS to another phone

send an SMS to know my phone number

As we know, when sending a text message to another phone, our number will be recorded on the recipient’s device. All you have to do is a process similar to the previous one, that is, write an SMS asking that person to please send you a text with your number. This way you can write it down and save it.

With USSD code

The acronym USSD stands for “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data”, and it is a protocol that sends information through the GSM, 3G and 4G networks. These generally begin and end with hash marks (#), and are followed by some numbers and asterisks

. This time we will mention a global dialing, which apparently helps you get information from your terminal.

As this you will be able to know the IMEI number, the state of health of the battery, the time of use of the applications, all the data of the WiFi connection, and even your telephone number. Just press “* # * # 4636 # * # *”

know my phone number by ussd code

know my phone number by ussd codeIn the same way, you can try another, in this case it is the “

know phone number by ussd code

know phone number by ussd code

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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