Lenovo Legion: gaming laptops with news from Intel and NVIDIA

They feature NVIDIA GPUs up to GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER, with Max-Q design and 10th generation Intel Core H-Series processors.

It is a good time to be a player. With the arrival of new desktop consoles and the renewed gaming notebook market, we have a very juicy technological scenario ahead of us. We will deal with the new consoles in due time, because today what we bring to you is the new line of Lenovo Legion laptops, designed specifically for the most hardcore gamers.

Higher refresh rate, no distortion of the screen and a good photo in fps

Lenovo Legion 7i It is the first model in the new range. They provide higher clock rates and new levels of realism, something also offered by their “little brother”, the new notebook. Lenovo Legion 5i, which features GPUs up to RTX 2060. The new Lenovo Legion laptops also include support for NVIDIA G-SYNC, that facilitates more fluid games without the dreaded screen tearing, capable of ruining any technical section, however remarkable. Both Lenovo Legion devices feature Intel mobile processors up to the latest Core H-Series 10th generation.

They are also the first to have the new technology NVIDIA Advanced Optimus, which improves battery efficiency. Developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, Advanced Optimus detects GPU workloads and automatically connects the NVIDIA GPU (for more demanding workloads) or the integrated one (for lighter workloads) to the monitor.

This does nothing more than help to extend battery life when running applications with light workloads and offers maximum performance and FPS to enjoy your entire game library.

This new range of Lenovo gaming laptops with RTX 2060 GPUs will have a starting price of 1,599 euros, and those of RTX 2070 GPUs will sell from 2,999 euros. You can find all the information on the official Lenovo website.

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