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LibreOffice Writer is a powerful tool when it comes to editing texts from your computer. Due to this, and in order for you to get the most out of this software, you will need to know what it is for and what its special functions.

You will find this information in detail in the following paragraphs. You will be able to find one full comparison between Writer and Microsoft Word word processor.

But this is not all you will see in this article, We will also show you other interesting tools from the LibreOffice office suite that you should know. This will allow you to get the maximum benefit. Let’s get started.

What is LibreOffice Writer and what is this tool for in Linux?

Writer is an open source word processor that belongs to the LibreOffice package and is developed with lC ++, Python and Java language. It can be used not only in Linux, but also in the operating system Windows Y MacOS.

Its use is free and it was launched at the beginning of 2011. Its graphical interface is the most similar to that of Microsoft Word With respect to other word processors, it has some characteristics that distinguish it from the others. For example, it can be exported to PDF including page marks. It is the Linux default office suite, due to all the benefits it offers to users of this operating system.

Writer Features What special features does this tool have?

Writer Features What special features does this tool have?

Among the special functions that you can find in this word processor are:

  • The spelling checker that runs in real time.
  • The auto-correct and auto-complete option which is carried out automatically.
  • His word counterlocated at the bottom of the screen next to the language identification of the text, the page style and the type of selection the file has.
  • Graphic customization of the page. This refers to the ability to include borders (and configure them for color and style), columns, and pre-designed tables.
  • Tools for drawing drawings within the same document.
  • Predesigned templates that can be used in Microsoft Word.
  • Within a document it is possible group others more, so a variety of related files can be found in a single master document.
  • Documents generated in Writer can be exported to PDF in a simple way and include a series of variants to improve the layout of the file.
  • It is possible to integrate a Writer text with databases and the documents are compatible with Word and other text computers.
  • LibreOffice Writer is one of the safest text editors, since it offers the option of encrypt by means of keys your own content.

Writer vs Word What is the best word processor to use?

Writer vs Word What is the best word processor to use?

While Word is one of the best word processors out there today due to the large number of functions it offers to users, it belongs to the Microsoft office suite. Which implies that it is not an open source and you have to pay a membership for its use. This is not what happens with the LibreOffice Writer, since it is an open source office suite with free distribution.

So, in principle, using this processor has a significant advantage when it comes to spending costs and access to its codes to improve the software permanently. Both programs have a similar graphical interface. It is divided into different tabs which offer an intuitive variety of functions within a ribbon, which in turn are separated into various tools that can be used directly.

Another similar feature that both processors have it is the possibility of accessing the functions by means of the combination of keys. If you are used to using Word, you will have no problem in carrying out the shortcuts it offers Writer, because many are alike. For example, to make a word bold, select it and then press Ctrl + N.

We leave for last the great advantage that Writer offers over Word, and not only refers to the possibility of export a document in PDF and get more alternatives or to the option of access a remote document in just a few steps.

But to the alternative offered by the LibreOffice word processor of encrypting a document through the GPG protocol. This is a very prominent benefit that this processor has, since the documents are encrypted using keys of more than 4 thousand bits. So the possibility of interception of information from unauthorized persons is relatively very low. This feature is not available to Word for its users.

Other interesting tools in the LibreOffice package that you should know

Other interesting tools in the LibreOffice package that you should know

Writer is not the only song offered by the LibreOffice office suite.When you install the suite on your computer, you can also find the following tools:


This is a spreadsheet platform, similar to Microsoft Excel. It has financial, statistical, calculation and logic functions, among others. This allows you to work with graphs, projections and obtain trends in a fast way. It includes predesigned templates which are compatible with other spreadsheets.


It’s the LibreOffice tool destined to the presentation of the information by means of the presentation of slides. You can incorporate images and graphics, as well as videos and transition effects. You can use templates that are compatible with PowerPoint and create slides in PDF format.


LibreOffice offers its users this graphics editor that is used for vectorization the images and for the diagramming of drawings. You can create your own image galleries with great ease, due to the functions it offers and the possibility of working in PDF, SVG, AI and PNG files, among others. Is similar to Microsoft Visio.


With this formula editor you will be able to incorporate in your texts, spreadsheet documents and graphics any scientific and mathematical formula, using a correct format. This way you will not have problems expressing exponents, fractions and inequalities.


This LibreOffice tool is a database management system used on computer desktops to fulfill business requirements. In this way it is possible to obtain a fast and flexible integration of all the data that are related to each other.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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