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When a user begins to use a social network, they will find different actions that they can perform, the most popular of them all is upload content so that it can be shared with other members of the platform, but with it comes what are the likes and comments, as it happens in networks like Instagram and Facebook.

And is that uploading content is not enough to be able to interact with other users in the community, but to this we must add the possibility that other people can indicate if they liked the publication you have uploaded and the opportunity to leave you a comment if they wish. All this allows the interaction between users of social networks is much higher.

Currently it could be said that there is a very big dispute between all the members of a social network when uploading content, well the more likes and comments are achieved, everything will be better. For this it is important to be able upload interesting and high-quality content. In accordance with all this, here we are going to explain a little more about what are the comments and likes and what are they forTo do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

What are Comments and Likes on social networks and why is it important to generate them?

What are Comments and Likes on social networks and why is it important to generate them?

Comments and likes on social networks They are nothing more than the interaction that one user has with another at the time of upload a post to your profile. In the case of Instagram this type of interaction can be seen very easily just like on Facebook, as it has become very common for other users to leave comments and likes in the publications of other members of the network. To do this every time upload a post to Instagram it will have the options of comment and like.

As well as that of share with other users or save to your collection. To get comments it will depend on the level of interaction you have on the platform, the more popular it is in it, the greater it will be the number of interactions you get. It should also be mentioned that in this type of network it is very important to be able to generate both likes and comments, especially if you are driving a profile of a brand or personal business.

That is why here we show you some of the reasons why it is important to generate them at all times:

It allows you to keep your profile active all the time

If you are one of the people who has a profile on a social network but you don’t share many photos or videos, a good choice to keep it active is commenting on other posts or indicating that you like them. Therefore, power comment, receive comments and have a conversation continue with your followers will help you have a active appearance despite not making so many publications.

In the event that do not constantly upload content and do not interact with other members of the platform, your account will appear to be inactive so many of your followers may unfollow you. Also, if you have a trading account, to be able to keep all this in a very high level will be very beneficial, since you can constantly make yourself noticed.

Helps you increase the chance of getting new followers

When there is a publication that has many comments, it is usually draw attention, so a large number of members usually access it to read comments from other profiles, so it is a very good alternative to leave yours and thus make others Members of the social network can see you and are interested in following you.

Commenting on celebrity profile posts or recognized pages is a very good option for what your list of followers grow rapidly. It should be mentioned that likes are also shown in the activity log of the publication, but generally these tend draw much less attention, since it is easier to get a like for a person to comment on you.

It allows you to get a closer relationship with your followers

This point is essential for everyone business and brand profiles, Since the interaction with followers is essential and necessary in these cases. Having a very good relationship with them is having a good relationship with your potential customers. Also, if you have a commercial account you must comment and like constantly as this will indicate to your followers that you are very active, which can provide security.

Also, all this will help your image is much better for the public, offering a feeling that you are very close to them. It should also be mentioned that this is very important both for celebrities and singersas it allows them to get very close more to his followers. If you are a normal user, perform this type of action will help you gain popularity on the platform and turn to have a very active profile and with many interactions.

On Instagram, comments have more value than likes

It should be mentioned that likes are very important in publications, but when comparing them with these comments carry much more weight. As the number of comments on posts and speed with which they are carried out will directly affect the popularity of your profile.

Therefore, it is preferable to have higher volume of comments What about likes in a publication?, since these are more complicated to achieve and will also provide a greater confidence for the person who visits said account. In the case of business profiles be able to get a lot of message in your publications is essential, as New customers will look at the opinions of other people before making any transaction or business.

How to generate likes? Your content must be of quality?

How to generate likes?

It is no secret to anyone that all users of social networks like likes and comments, and who is not He likes to share a photo or video with his followers and that a large majority of them respond to it. Getting likes is not considered a difficult task on these platforms. However, many of the users they fail to get the amount of reactions they want on their posts.

For these cases the first thing to keep in mind is that you must increase the number of followers, While The more people follow you, the more opportunities there are for them to react to your content. It is also important that you have a constant interaction with all your followers, this will make you gain popularity on the platform and a more profiles will surely respond to each of the content you share with them.

In the same way, it should be mentioned that the content you publish there must be very good quality, that he is capable of do not let the followers pass you by. For it upload photos with very good backgrounds, colors, striking and attractive images. You can also make a study of which of your posts have more likes, this will let you know what kind of content your followers like.

Learn how to stimulate comments on your posts to gain relevance

Learn how to stimulate comments on your posts to gain relevance

There are many forms of power stimulate comments on your posts, This is a very important factor mainly depending on the type of account you are managing, whether it is a personal profile where what you are looking for is to gain popularity on the social network and make yourself known.

Too if it is a business profile where do you need what other users get to know you and interact with you. Therefore, there are different alternatives that you can apply yourself to try to improve the statistics of comments you receive in each of your publications.

That is why here we teach you different methods that can help you stimulate these actions in each of your uploaded content and thus gain more relevance:

Ask for comment

The first method you can apply and perhaps one of the most common and basic is to ask your followers to comment on you, at least to your group of closest friends and family. It is important that you bear in mind that a Posting with a certain number of comments will make or encourage other people to comment on you as well.

Something that won’t happen if your post didn’t get a single one of them. Therefore, it is not bad that your closest friends help you interact through your content. If you start to apply this you will realize the positive results which you will get quickly.

Start discussions with your posts

Another very good technique that you can start use in your profile is to upload content that they allow you open discussions that attract attention so that your followers can participate in them. In these cases it is recommended to do debates or surveys on specific topics, this will make some of your followers motivate to answer them. You can too upload a collection of images and ask your followers to choose the best of them or respond certain questions about each of them.



One of the most common ways to get feedback on social networks like Instagram Its the create a giveawayIn fact, this method is used by the vast majority of business profiles. In these cases they ask their followers to comment on a post and tag a certain number of friends to participate, when doing this type of giveaways you will surely get a very good amount of comments. Keep in mind offer quality awards.

Post constant content in your Stories

Post constant content in your Stories

Even though this content only will last 24 hours available, it will help you to be much closer to your friends on the social network, this will also allow them to be viewing your profile and perhaps many of them access it to view your posts. A good tactic for this is that everything upload to your profile also publish it in your Stories plus you add a Stickers or some text so they can interact with you.

Add relevant hashtags in your posts

Add relevant hashtags in your posts

The hashtags they are always one very good alternative so you can get one greater visualization in your publications, therefore, if you reach a higher Number of users the possibility of receiving more comments increases. In these cases it is recommended use content that allows or facilitates the interaction of people, either asking questions with easy answers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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