Link WhatsApp Business and Instagram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

One of the advantages of use WhatsApp Business is that you can sync with social networks like Instagram, which clearly allows creating a very good alliance between messaging and the social network.

Can link both accounts will help you enhance the reach of your brand, as well as improve marketing strategies, taking into account that on one platform you show your products, while on the other you carry out all your communications.

Considering that this is very useful for any company or business, here we are going to explain how link and connect both accounts in an easy and fast way.

What is the use of linking my WhatsApp Business accounts with my Instagram account?

Be able to link your account WhatsApp Business with your social network Instagram will allow you to place a button direct access to your chat so that people who access your Instagram profile can communicate with you through messaging and not through the application chat. This helps to improve the communication of customers with companies, especially since not all companies or businesses are pending all the time of their social profiles.

Whereas if they do it for WhatsApp where they carry out each of their work conversations. Therefore, being able to link both accounts will allow you to have a much more direct communication with your customers and suppliers, so it can help you improve your sales and thus reach a greater number of audiences thanks to the real-time conversations.

What are the benefits of synchronizing your WhatsApp Business account with your Instagram?

Carrying out this link clearly will offer you certain benefits, especially if you have a company or business since it allows you to have a greater reach, as well as a better interaction with consumers.

In accordance with this, here we show you the main advantages that this offers you:

  • It allows you create marketing simultaneously in the social network and application of instant messaging.
  • Helps you improve communication with the consumers, allowing you to have a much more direct communication.
  • You can use your Instagram account like your catalog or job site and you instant messaging as a communication channel to provide customer service support.
  • Instagram allows you to create a button direct access to your WB chat.

Learn step by step how to link your WhatsApp Business and Instagram account to carry out joint strategies on both social networks

The procedure for attaching a button WhatsApp on your Instagram account It is very easy, and it will also be of great help if your account in the social network is business for what you are going to create your own communication channel on the platform.

To do this, you will only have to follow these steps:

  • The first thing you are going to do is access your account WhatsApp Business and there click on the three points located in the upper right part of your screen.
  • The next thing will be to access the section of “Tools for the company”.

link your WhatsApp Business and Instagram account

  • In the new screen that appears you must go to the section of “Reach more customers” and select the option “Direct link”.

link your WhatsApp Business and Instagram account

  • There you can press with your finger on the link that appears on the screen to copy it.

link your WhatsApp Business and Instagram account

  • Once all this is done, The next thing will be to enter your Instagram business account.
  • When you are there you will go to your profile and click on the button “Edit profile”.

link your WhatsApp Business and Instagram account

  • In the section of website you are going to paste the link that you copied in WhatsApp Business and once this is done, click on the pimp that appears in the upper right part of your window.

link your WhatsApp Business and Instagram account

  • After this you will see the link of your WhatsApp in the profile of your Instagram account, In this way, your clients will be able to access a chat directly with you from the social network and thus have a much more comfortable communication with your company.

link your WhatsApp Business and Instagram account

Ideas of joint marketing strategies on WhatsApp Business and Instagram that you can use for your business

Ideas of joint marketing strategies on WhatsApp Business and Instagram that you can use for your business

If you have one company or business and manages it through your social networks and messaging application, then you will be able to create strategies that allow you to achieve a greater scope for your business and thus be able to make a larger number of sales.

To do this, follow each of the strategies that we will teach you below:

Offer real-time customer service

You can start offering customer service either through the chat, through voice calls or video calls, and this will depend on each of the companies. This will allow you to assist your consumers, as well as help them understand any questions. It is a strategy that not only allows you to improve the quality of your service, but also to retain your audience through a direct and personalized communication. So you can start optimizing each of your conversations.

Take advantage of Business groups

The messaging app allows you to create groups of conversations with up to a total of 256 members, where all the members in it can participate. So these groups are ideal to find out the opinions of consumers, as well as their needs. In this way you will be able organize sales events or promotions which you can share there.

Use Instagram as your sales catalog

Being able to associate these two platforms will allow you to use Instagram like your website where you can offer all your products, as well as publish different promotions in order to attract customers. While you can place the whatsapp button in your profile so that all those people who are interested in what you offer can get direct communication with you, either to clarify a doubt or to purchase a product.

Offer a good deal

Finally, it is important that you offer a good deal in communication for what you should be short and concise in each of the questions they ask you. Also, make sure provide a response as quickly as possible, since bad service could make customers not interested in you again. That is why you must take care of any work communication that is generated so much by Instagram as for WhatsApp Business.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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