LinkedIn Ads  What are they? + What Types Are There? ▷ 2020

LinkedIn is one of the platforms that allows us to communicate with professionals from each country. It is not like a simple page where employees are searched, there communication is vital to hire a person.

This social network provides us with different functions that allow boost our industry quickly in this digital world, however, there are other agitators that allow us get better results from our goals.

The most common, and the one we will deal with today, is from the famous LinkedIn Ads. A method that this social network offers us, to offer our offers or services to a wider audience.

What are LinkedIn Ads and what are these advertisements for?

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LinkedIn Ads are paid advertisements that are made with the intention of increasing visits or the recognition of our profile. Depending on our intention we can get more applicants to the company, or expand its network, for our growth as a professional.

It does not matter what type of profile you have, because the Ads from LinkedIn is aimed at professionals who want to expand their networks of contacts quickly, you are: graphic designer, manager, copywriter, publicist, teacher or have any other profession. So that favorable results can be generated and the objectives set can be achieved, LinkedIn exposes us to a limited audience, where characteristics match, such as, region, country, language, or skills.

Where are LinkedIn Ads displayed?

LinkedIn Ads they are not invasivebut they also do not overlook the sight of users. Specifically, we can find the advertisements on the right side of the screen, below the recommendations of profile and trend labels (activity feed). It is shaped like a rectangle, whose size not excessively large, but not too small. It is suitable for you to capture the user’s view, without interrupting your tasks in the account.

It also offers other advertising points, such as a link at the top of the account that redirects people to a certain point, and like common social networks, it shows us some ads in the form of an organic post, with the idea of ​​attracting more attention. There are other shapes and spaces that LinkedIn offers to display our ads. But nevertheless, this depends on what we are willing to pay, and where we think it will be best displayed.

What are all the types of ads that can be created on the platform and how are they different?

There is more than one type of ad on this great social network. The results obtained, although they seem the same, depend entirely on the objectives that we draw with them.

Next, we will show you the different types of advertising that we can do on LinkedIn:

This is the most used type of ad, and it is found exactly located in the activity feed, allowing us to add images or short videos, to attract greater attention from users. When creating sponsored content, we will have to choose what the objectives of our ad are, including the population, types of profiles and others.

Text Ads

These text ads are displayed on the top right of the page, or also known as the first LinkedIn banner. In these ads, we may display images or the logo of our company, accompanied by short texts, which encourage users to click, so that it is redirected to a different website, or profile.

Although lately this advertising method is not widely used, are still active to serve us. These messages are sent directly to the network community mailbox, characterized by not sending images, but rather a key issue to sponsor.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads is the form of sponsorship more customizable and smartas it is assigned an ad type, according to the interests, skills, population, job function and other details of the profiles on LinkedIn. Each member with different profiles on this social network will receive an impression of our job offer, or company, in a different way. The purpose of these ads is to display profiles or offers, in a more interesting way for users.

When entering our LinkedIn news wall we can see, on the right side of the screen, a space where it is shown all advertisements. There, it not only captures greater public attention, but also that, by staying fixed, it can be more persuasive than the others.

What are the main advantages of using the ads on this social network?

LinkedIn is a social network that offers us as professionals or company endless benefits for our development. Your advertising method allows us get different advantages, not just for expanding our network, or gaining recognition. The greatest benefit we can get from LinkedIn Ads, are your targeting options. Through this, we can segment or divide, according to the established criteria, the people who can view the ad.

This allows obtain a suitable contact list for what we are looking for. Thanks to the fact that it is a social network where a large number of professional profiles reside, the opportunity to hire someone increases, because we get in our offers. Huge lists of postulates, and with different qualities, abilities and visions. On the other hand, if what we do is offer services or products, it is the best network to make them recognized.

According to social media marketing, the most recommended to ensure brand recognition, they are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our products can be segmented with strategic plans to achieve all our objectives, increasing the possibility according to the specific population or region. Including in this, the great opportunity it gives us to create ads, with different costs, depending on the market, ad size, and other agreed characteristics.

What requirements should my profile have to make ads on LinkedIn?

ads linkedin

Our profile does not have to meet such strict requirements in order to create an advertisement. The first thing is to keep an active profile. Although it is not a requirement of the platform, it is recommended for visitors to see how interesting the profile is. Also, it is very useful to establish an identity, and with that, we tell you a profile and cover photo, as well as choosing all the interests. We recommend that, as an identity, you take a single theme for your profile, since causes more interest and looks better.

If we already have all this, and a constantly active profile, what follows is to affiliate our cards or accounts to the LinkedIn platform, since we must make a payment per campaign, according to the daily budget. If we define well what the objective of our advertising is, our total budget may it becomes 10 euros per campaign, allowing us to save.

Although fine, there is the minimum payment, or also called minimum bid, with a value of 2 euros for each CPC or CPM. For our advertising we must choose a striking content, because we not only want our profile to be displayed, but also expand our network, or get a list of applicants for our job offers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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