LinkedIn Endorsement  What are they? + How to take advantage of them ▷ 2020

Being LinkedIn a social network for professionals is necessary validate skills and knowledge that allow to obtain a much stronger profile. This will make you find better job opportunities.

To achieve this it is necessary to use the endorsement tool, which will allow other members to validate the knowledge you have in your profile. But you must bear in mind that it is not the same as the recommendations.

If you want to know what this is about to gain relevance in your profile, you will need to know the tips that we will show you in this article. In addition, you can find the guide to endorse attitudes of others.

What are Endorsements on LinkedIn and what are they for?

Endorsements are endorsements made by LinkedIn members to certify some skill that is incorporated into a user’s profile. In this way, the community endorses that certain knowledge and skills are specific to a certain network professional. This generates greater strength to the individual’s personal brand because these Ratings are public and allow, through independent comments, to get a better view of the profile that owns a member in a specific area.

How do LinkedIn skills endorsements work?

How do LinkedIn skills endorsements work?

When you become a member of the LinkedIn network you can add skills and validations in your profile, which you will be able to choose from a list proposed by the platform. Once you’re done, these will be visible to your entire network of contacts. Then, Any user who has worked with you, or knows about your skills, can endorse them by validating them.

For this you will have to enter your profile and will attest to some ability. This will be done every time you log in, the platform (automatically) proposes you to validate some aptitude of a user who is on your network. Then, you will decide if you want these to be public or only you can see them. Every time a person enter your profile You will find that you possess distinctive abilities and that they were validated by other members.

Differences between endorsement and recommendations on the platform?

Skill validations are done automatically every time your network members log in. LinkedIn will ask if you actually have the ability to you mentioned in your profile. Therefore, endorsements are positive certifications of the knowledge that someone claims to have. The options in this case are yes or no.

Instead, the recommendations are redactions made by network contacts to members to testify about abilities they have and how is their job performance. In other words, these types of validations are more specific and therefore have higher valuation in the market.

Learn step by step how to validate one of the skills of your contacts

Learn step by step how to validate one of the skills of your contacts

To validate one of the skills of your contacts you will have to follow this step by step:

  • Once you are inside the platform you will have to go to the tab Start and look on the left side of the screen for the option Contacts Manage your network.
  • Below you will find a list with all the contacts you have in your network.
  • You can sort them by different criteria, which are recently added, by first or last name. If you prefer, you can use the search bar.
  • Once you have found the profile, you will have to click on it and go to the section Skills and validations.
  • Find the one you want certify.
  • Then click on the + icon. This will bring up a window thanking the platform for validating the skills.
  • You can also choose one note about the knowledge you have verified and explain why you know those attitudes of your contact.

Tips to get your contacts to validate your skills and gain relevance in your profile

If you want to get your contacts to validate your skills, try to follow these tips:

Contact people you have worked with

So you can get certifications quickly, you will need to send a contact invitation to people with whom you have shared jobs or studies. This will help you to be able to validate your skills more easily.

Choose the skills you really have

While is true that LinkedIn will give you a list with various skills when you upload your profile, and you probably have almost all of them, It is convenient that you choose the ones that most represent you and stand out on your profile. This will allow your contacts to evaluate you more quickly and you will have a better chance of obtaining endorsement.

Upload quality content

One of the ways to gain relevance in your LinkedIn profile it is that you constantly upload content that is interesting to your network. With this, they will show interest in certain topics that will help others to form an opinion about your abilities.

Make known the results of your research and work

Another efficient way to gain positive reviews of your profile is to upload the results you have obtained in your research or studies on certain topics. In addition to serving the community, you will also display certain skills and knowledge on specific topics.

Comment on posts related to your area of ​​interest

A good idea that you can carry out is that they turn their opinions on publications that are related to your profession. Too You will be able to answer in forums, belong to groups and ask for opinions on certain topics.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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