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If what you want is gain visibility within your professional area, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to achieve it. Through it, you have access to many professionals within your niche, with which you can maintain communication and even get job opportunities.

However, for your chances of opting for a new job to improve, you require a series of attention-grabbing communication skills and make you stand out above others. To do this, a function known as LinkedIn owner.

Throughout this content, we will teach you all the tools that you can take advantage of to make yourself noticed through your LinkedIn headline. In addition, we will give you some useful tips.

What is the LinkedIn headline and what is this section of my profile for?

What is the LinkedIn headline and what is this section of my profile for?

In a simple way, it can be said that the LinkedIn headline it is a description that is located just below your name and surname of your profile. It has a maximum extension of 120 characters, in which you can describe yourself as a professional. Many experts make use of this section to capture your work experience, professional virtues, etc..

Besides, it is recommended include keywords in the text to be able to position yourself effectively on the platform. This will allow you to get more traffic on your profile. In summary it could be said that the LinkedIn headline it’s a kind of presentation letter, in which you can summarize all your advantages as a professional. The ideal is implement attractive language that draws attention positively as soon as it is read.

Why is it important to have a good headline on your LinkedIn profile?

Why is it important to have a good headline on your LinkedIn profile?

The main reason why headline on your LinkedIn profile is very important, it is because can be decisive when hiring you or not for a job. Beyond writing your position within a company or profession, it is much more attractive place the contribution that you can give to your sector.

If you belong to Google, Coca-Cola or other large companies if it is a good idea to share this information because it adds an extra value to your profile. On the contrary, if the company you work for is not really well known, it won’t make an impact to write that in your headline.

In those cases, you better combine a short description of what you do, along with the value you can give in any other company that is considering hiring you. This means that a good headline can undoubtedly be definitive for your reach in the workplace. In this section implement a professional language, but simple. It’s no use either write all unnecessary technicalities. Be yourself and creatively describe yourself as a professional.

Another reason why headline of your LinkedIn profile is very important, is that will help you position yourself on the platform if you make a correct use of keywords. Therefore, if you want to improve your visibility remember to put at least one keyword inside the headline. In this way when a person performs a search that include the keyword, the chances that your profile is shown increases. That is, the use of them are essential for better positioning.

Tips for creating your LinkedIn headline and adding more value to your profile

Tips for creating your LinkedIn headline and adding more value to your profile

There are big Differences between a well-written LinkedIn headline and one with only written information. For example, you can identify a well-written one when in the first seconds it manages to capture your attention and invite you to join the profile. If you want to have a powerful one that reflects your virtues within your professional field, there are a series of tips that you can apply.

Take note of some of the best tips below to create your LinkedIn headline and add more value to your profile:

Be direct and brief

Avoid writing unnecessary information and that they contribute little value with respect to your professional profile. One of the best tips is to learn to synthesize an entire message in a few words. Although in LinkedIn you can write in the headline up to 120 characters, we recommend you not to exceed 100.

Take advantage of the keyword

When it comes to SEO in search algorithms for LinkedIn, definitely the keyword or keyword plays a fundamental role. If you want to easily appear within the search engines, you should write one of these in your professional headline. This way, you will be a lot more visible to potential companies, suppliers, clients, etc..

Customize your headline

Avoid keeping the headline that is assigned to you by default in your profile. The best thing you can do is personalize it, placing there a professional headline that really characterizes you and that catches the attention of other users. Make yourself stand out above your competition, being original.

Don’t use little-known acronyms

There is no use writing acronyms that nobody knows, because they do not add anything of value to the information on your profile. You even run the risk that people who decide to take a look will not understand anything and prefer to leave. The only exception to the rule is that they are acronyms of recognized companies.

Avoid abbreviations

Leave the use of abbreviations aside in your professional headline to “save a few characters.” Remember that it is important to include full keywords within this section to better locate yourself in the LinkedIn search engines.

Don’t make spelling mistakes

Something that many professionals look at is the way you communicate. If you write with spelling mistakes, you project a bad image within your sector. Make an appropriate use of accents, capital letters, and dedicate yourself to read very well what you write in your headline.

Use capital letters correctly

This advice is linked to the previous one. There are many users who think that writing in uppercase some words make them stand out more. However, this is totally wrong. You don’t need to exaggerate your texts to “impress”. Use the rules of the Spanish language correctly.

Do not write words in english

There are people who consider it very professional write many words in english within their headlines. It really is a wrong decision and it can backfire. If you really must use a term in English, then put it. But don’t overdo it. Within LinkedIn there is a section to configure your profile with the languages ​​you want. In this sense, you can edit it to have a profile in both English and Spanish. But don’t make the mistake of mixing languages ​​to look “universal”.

Optimize the space you have

As far as possible, avoid using filler words. Get the most out of the amount of characters it offers LinkedIn, to write your profile headline with very clear keywords that convey a lot of information in a small space. Sometimes, less is more!.

Use the term “expert” correctly

With this advice we refer to the fact that it is very common to observe professional profiles in which the word “expert” lightly. If you are not really prepared in the area, you can have a lot of trouble using the term wrongly. Take a self-assessment and define if the word “expert” really defines your level of expertise within an area.

Don’t just put your professional title

The headline of your LinkedIn profile It is a wonderful opportunity to incorporate keywords, as well as details that make you stand out within your work environment. Therefore, a good tip to consider is to take advantage of this section not only to write your professional title, but also to include features that make you stand out or show the value you can bring to a company.

Even if you job title it does not describe everything you are capable of doing, you do not need to post it. You can write that information in other sections. Thus, Focus in your headline on writing attractive, creative and interesting information.

Avoid overloading it with bullets

Focus on writing a clear and concise headline. It is useless if you dedicate yourself to writing with unnecessary bullets or symbols that can even bother the eye. However, this does not mean that you cannot use them, but you should do it in moderation to maintain a somber and tasteful look.

Do not write “in search of employment” in your headline

This is a tip that varies depending on what you are really looking for. For example, if you are looking for a job, avoid placing it at start, because the amount of searches around said phrase is very broad, which means that your chances of highlighting are low. Most recruiters are much more career focused of the potential candidate, regardless of the fact that they are looking for work. Ideally, your attention should be focused on what you can do and what you can contribute.

Beyond what you are needing. So, if you consider it necessary to be explicit that you require a new job opportunity, save it for the end of your headline. That way, you get the first recruiter’s attention showing him what you know how to do, and then indicating that you are looking for a job. Finally, instead of writing “In search of employment” lean to place “With job availability”. This makes your description much more professional and straightforward.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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