LinkedIn InMail vs LinkedIn Messages  Which One Is Better? ▷ 2020

One of the advantages of LinkedIn is that it allows you to contact any member of the social network. In this way you can have a conversation with the industry leaders.

The problem arises when the person you want to send a message to is not part of your network of contacts and you haven’t had time to send him a contact request either. You can solve this with InMail.

This tool is paid, but if you don’t want to spend money you can use Messages, which has similar functions. If you want to know more, keep reading to grow your personal brand.

What are the differences between InMail messages and LinkedIn Messages?

LinkedIn Messages is a native tool of this social network that allows you to send private messages to members belonging to the sender’s network of contacts. Instead, InMail is a function with which you can contact any LinkedIn user, regardless of whether it belongs to the network of the member sending the chat.

Messages is a free tool and can be used by anyone, while InMail is a paid feature with which a certain amount of messages is contracted that can be used in a month and that are accumulative up to 90 days. These messages are renewed on a monthly basis, there are different plans that can be chosen according to the amount needed.

LinkedIn Messages vs InMail Which tool is more effective?

LinkedIn Messages vs InMail Which tool is more effective?

By being able to contact any LinkedIn user, InMail is a more effective tool. Because it is not necessary to previously have the receiver approval to be part of the network of contacts. You must not forget that if the user has disabled the function of receiving private messages, you will not be able to send them with either of the two tools.

Tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn InMail messages

If you want to get the most out of InMail messages, pay attention to the following tips:

Write in a friendly tone

Do not forget that the objective you have is to carry out a business or work for the person to whom you are writing. For this reason it will be necessary for you to find a wording that is friendly avoiding imperative verbs and giving a negative opinion of the company in which the recipient works.

You should also not beg for counseling work. or to get the position they are looking for. What you should do is speak in the most sincere way possible showing your human values ​​that will help you show why you are the one for that business.

Create a conversation

The message you send should contain phrases that inspire the recipient to continue the conversation. For this it is necessary that you include ideas and that you leave opinions or any other information of interest in your charge that I may be willing to ask you.

Try to be precise

If what you are looking for is to start a conversation it will be necessary that in the first paragraphs the reader knows why you wrote to him. This will have to be concise and very clear in what your intentions are to contact him.

Mention their profile content

Something that is pleasant in the people who receive a message, is to read that they are being contacted due to the profile they have. For this you will have to use motivational phrases that will help you to generate positive expectations in the receiver and therefore will arouse their interest.

Use images

LinkedIn allows you to incorporate files to InMail. For this reason it is convenient that you accompany your message with motivating stories that excite the reception of the contact. You can also include corporate or brand images to build more trust.

Learn the best tips to get the most out of LinkedIn messages

Learn the best tips to get the most out of LinkedIn messages

To help you get the most out of LinkedIn messages, follow these tips:

Ask the opinion of the technical referents

If you think that the person to whom you are writing is suitable in the professional sector in which you work, you will have to introduce yourself, inform them what your question is and then ask for an opinion about your problem. This will help you establish more fluid communication that you can use for future business.

Introduce yourself briefly

You should not forget that these messages are addressed to members who belong to your network of contacts. Therefore, they will have quick access to your profile and they will know why they have connected with you. Because of this, it will not be necessary for you to make an extensive presentation of your professional and academic experience. Go as directly as possible, without falling into unpleasant tones, to the core of your intention.

Try to keep an active dialogue

If for any reason you have received a negative reply to a message that you sent, don’t give up and keep having an open conversation with that member. This will help you to be considered in the future before other candidates.

Be interested in availability

In case you need to fill a job in your business venture and you see in your network of contacts a member who can fill that vacancy, do not directly ask your intention. First find out what their availability is. This will save you problems in the future that are related to the company where you currently work, with members of your organization and also with the same candidate.

Show what will be the benefit they will get

For a message to be successful, it is necessary for the recipient to quickly understand what benefit they will get if they contact you. This means what is will receive from you and that will produce a benefit to your organization or brand. You can achieve this through real data expressed in graphs or statistics concrete that are verifiable and that are related to the sector of the recipient of the message.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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