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While it is true, at present, LinkedIn is considered one of the most relevant social networks, especially in the professional or work environment. Since, it is a platform oriented to professional profiles and, therefore, it allows its users connect with other experts, gain new job opportunities and gain more knowledge.

Added to this, LinkedIn it is also an ideal website for get customers, employees or suppliers in a very simple way and even to interconnect with other social networks. Additionally, this platform has a mobile application that allows you to establish direct communication, as well as create comfortable and optimized experiences.

Now, given its importance, it is essential to know what the LinkedIn Mobile App is about and what it is for, so that people can enjoy its benefits widely. It is even interesting to know the differences between the web version and the LinkedIn mobile app, so here we will explain it to you.

What is LinkedIn Mobile and what is this application for?

Basically, the LinkedIn mobile app, also known as “LinkedIn Mobile”, refers to a utility available for both devices Android as well as for iOS, all over the world. With which, users have the possibility of access your LinkedIn account, no matter where or when. Considering that, allows you to search for a job from anywhere.

In addition to this, the LinkedIn Mobile also serves for achieve your career growth, thanks to the fact that it is ideal to keep up with the most relevant open positions, based on your requirements. This app even takes care of send you recommendations of jobs suitable for you, in a personalized way.

Also, the mobile application of the most famous professional social network, constantly, issues alerts so that users can stay up-to-date on active conversations, new opportunities and the latest news. As if that were not enough, it has a functionality called “Near you” to easily and instantly connect with other users you meet on the go.

What are the differences between the app and the web version of LinkedIn?

What are the differences between the app and the web version of LinkedIn?

Now, beyond knowing what the app Mobile LinkedIn, users are also interested in knowing what are the main distinctions between the web version of this social network and the mobile application. Since, despite the fact that through these solutions people can use the same resources, the truth is that they should be used in a different way.

In this sense, not everything that can be done through the web version of LinkedIn can be done in its mobile version. Well, for example, the profile background image feature is only modified from the website, as such.

Therefore, it is worth emphasizing the major differences between the version of LinkedIn to use, whether web or mobile:


Usually, it is much more comfortable. Above all, if they are long sentences or you want to check the limits available for writing, using Microsoft Word.

It does not allow to modify the profile background image and it is not as easy to enter information as in the web version (unless they are short sentences without special characters)

Many users point out that it is easier to publish from the computer version. Whether to write a paragraph, leave an infographic or upload a photo Today, LinkedIn favors uploading content from mobile phones. But sometimes, it can be much more time consuming to do it from the app

If you need to add long content, the best option will be to use the web version. So much for write as to review, copy and paste the text

Although there is the possibility of uploading content of this type from the mobile app, not as efficient as on the computer


It takes longer see, review and connect with all the mentions received Luckily, from the application downtime can be used to visualize interactions and answer the admitted comments

It is common to do them from the computer. But, from this medium, they have fewer resources for it

On the other hand, with the mobile it is possible use voice typing to personalize invitations and thus, attract attention easily, ensuring that they accept them

With the web version, it’s very complicated view LinkedIn notifications about birthdays, day by day From your mobile phone, it is easier and more direct to congratulate other users, thanks to the notifications issued by the social network. Also, you can use templates saved in device notes

Learn step by step how to install the LinkedIn app on your mobile

Learn step by step how to install the LinkedIn app on your mobile

Fortunately, for free, you can download and install the mobile app from LinkedIn on your smartphone, tablet or iPad. In this way, you will have the possibility to stay more active in the social network, search and find a job from anywhere, take advantage of any time of the day to work on your visibility on the platform and many more benefits. But, for this, you need to know how to install the app LinkedIn on your team, correctly.

As a consequence, below, we mention each of the steps to follow to enter your social network account from its official mobile application:

  • Depending on your operating system, you have to access your app store. That is to say, if you have android, you must open the Google Play Store on your phone and if you own an iPhone or iPad, you will have to enter the Apple Store.
  • After that, through the available search bar, enter the term “LinkedIn” and start the search process.
  • Now, click on the first alternative obtained that contains the characteristic logo of the platform. At this point, avoid pressing other options like: LinkedIn Lite, LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc..
  • Once you enter the official file of the mobile app, just look for the button that says “Install” and press it. In this way, the application will begin to install and then, you just have to access your account with the data you use in the web version, normally.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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